Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Really Sleepy

     Guys, I am really tired today. Like, I woke up two hours ago and I'm still so tired that I may or may not pass out while writing this post. I'm hoping I don't because that would defeat the purpose of sitting down and thinking, "I am going to write a post right now, just like I said I would yesterday." But if I do fall asleep, I'm sure a jumbled mess of letters from where my face hit the keyboard would be fairly amusing for you.

     Also, I'm listening to music right now. That means that this post is going to take me forever to write. Even though I cannot sing, I still love it. By listening to music, I slow myself down because I have to sing along with it. I also have to skip the songs I don't know well even to sing along to. I don't know why.

     I'm sure nobody is wondering why I haven't posted in a couple days, but I'm going to tell you anyways. I have been working. Actually, that's only part of the reason why I haven't posted. The kids have been great. (Well, The Youngest was really grouchy on Monday. I got kicked in the knee, bitten three times, and listened to at least four temper tantrums that were so terrible that it sounded like somebody was torturing her.)

     Monday, my mom, Mom's boss, and I went to a small town near here. We were looking at a trailer that they were going to tow that was jam packed full of stuff. It was locked by a chain from the inside and there were too many wasps to get in. However, I was promised first dibs on anything good and useful for my house. That meant I had to go back with them and two people that work for them, to claim stuff.

     Yesterday morning, I had to get up at eight in the morning. Now, I know that doesn't seem so early, but I don't get up before noon unless I have to. My brain doesn't fully function if I have to get up early, no matter what time I go to sleep. I also get grouchy and short(er)-tempered. That's just not a good combo and usually makes me a little reckless.

     Well, we all went to look at the trailer. I regret not getting pictures. The trailer had two big bedrooms, a huge bathroom with a spa tub, and an added room half the size of the trailer. All full of windows. Want to know why that is fantastic? I have to replace my windows and there's little to no chance I won't find at least one to fit. There was no floor, between all of the furniture and rolled up carpet (and windows).

     I said, "With all this junk, I wouldn't be surprised if we ran into a snake." Not even thirty seconds later, one of the employees called from another room (the same room I had just exited), "I found a snake skin!" At this point, I began to get a teensy bit freaked out.

     My dad used to keep a bunch of little black snakes that looked a lot like worms. Since we knew a bunch of people who lived out in the country, my mom was always being called to shoot the heads off of copperheads. (Disclaimer: I do not encourage or endorse the harm of animals. These are very poisonous snakes and with three little kids [me and two girls younger than me] running around in the yard, it was not a good idea to let them roam free but they were too dangerous to risk catching.) Other than that, trips to the zoo, and a few animal handlers showing up at school/camp over the years, my experience with them is limited, even though I actually do know a lot about snakes in general.

     Well, I got out of the trailer and waited as they started to bring stuff out. I ended up getting two really nice tables, an ugly lamp that will work until I can get it replaced, and the possibility of windows. Even so, I kept myself outside because I didn't know what kind of snake had left its skin behind nor where it had gone.

     Eventually, my mom made me go back inside because she heard her boss say something. I got halfway through the living room when I got a leaf stuck to my shoe. I looked down to get it off and guess what I saw? Another snake skin. Yet again, I was out of that trailer before anyone could stop me.

     I did learn that it was a small snake, which is good because it wasn't a boa or something. However, that's also bad because younger snakes cannot control their venom and are usually more likely to kill you if they bite you. (Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on snakes. I'm only repeating what I've been told my whole life. I do not encourage you to mess with a snake of any size. Size doesn't always matter in the danger of snakes. If you find one, get away from it and call animal control so it can be safely removed without you getting hurt.)

    By the time we left, the bed of a truck and a transport trailer had been entirely filled and not even half the trailer was empty. We got home, then we had to run errands when Momma got off of work, and then I was supposed to go to work but Boss Lady canceled because The Youngest had just fallen asleep and nobody wanted to wake up the banshee.

     Oh, I'm not done yet! I have one more reason why I haven't been posting lately! I bet you can't believe that, can you? Well, it's true. There is one more reason and I think I've mostly fixed it, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

     There are two version of roleplaying. The first version is a perverted thing, where people pretend to be other people/things to uh... make their bedroom life more interesting. The second version is when two or more people make up story characters and write a story, post by post. I am not a pervert. I do the second version; making up stories with different characters. (And no, creepers, they are not perverted stories. Get your head out of the gutter.)

     I'm almost positive you've never heard of the second type of roleplaying, but if you have (or want to try it out), then you should check out two different websites. The first is Brother's roleplaying forum. You can find people to roleplay with there, in groups and one on one. The second is a site that Sissi is an admin on. It's specifically to help people find other people partners, to do a one on one roleplay.

     Well, I used to roleplay on a different website, but I don't think I can advertise the name on here. Anyways, I spent the last couple of days apologizing to the people I accidentally ditched (it just means that I haven't replied and they probably thought I had abandoned them) and telling them that I had to move everything over to email so that I wouldn't lose replies and could access it from Boss Lady's house.

     So yeah, that's why I have been MIA lately. I plan on getting at least one more post up by tomorrow, but maybe I'll get a few more done if I'm inspired by comments. (Wasn't that a subtle hint?)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Crying Wallet and A Happy Baby

     Yesterday, I spent the entire day running around town. Why, you ask? Because I had to replace my bathroom sink. The first place we went is a giant warehouse building with all sorts of junk stuff that people might need (such as doors, windows, toilets, etc.). They had nice sink bowls. They had one nice sink stand. The problem? Nothing fit each other.

     After an emergency that wasn't really an emergency where my mom works, we left again. We went to a big name store but I didn't hold much hope for it, since everyone knows big name stores will break your wallet and make you cry with how much money you just spent. Go figure I got everything I needed there for a hundred bucks cheaper. I think I'm still in shock.

     Then we went to another big name store. I only planned to buy a new pair of earrings. I have my ears pierced twice in each lobe, my right ear cartilage pierced, and my nose pierced on the left side. The nose and one set of the ear lobe piercings were done right after Thanksgiving last year. I never really had any problems until recently.

     I have this skin condition called psoriasis. Basically, you make too make skin cells and it builds up. I don't actually have it that bad and I am very lucky because it's on my head and ears, where it's hidden. (As opposed to being on my arms or legs.) I also dye my hair different colors and the chemicals in the dye helps keep it under control since I'm immune to all of the shampoos/medication I've taken for it.

     This is the reason I don't have my left ear cartilage pierced. Skin grew over in one night and it got severely infected (ironically enough, around Thanksgiving about five years ago.) It took my medic aunt, my dad, half a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and two pairs of pliers to get it out of my ear. My ear actually still hurts when I think about it. But guess what? I didn't even cry.

     Why am I babbling on about this? Why, dear reader, I am simply trying to explain that my wasted money on earrings wasn't actually wasted. The newer piercings in my ear lobes are trying to overgrow the stud earrings that were put in when they were pierced. The good news is that this means they are fully healed (even though I was told six weeks). The bad news is that, to avoid infection, I needed to get something that won't be grown over as easily. Plus, I don't like how gross it is to poke the earring through skin every day.

     So, yeah, I bought pretty earrings. They're really small silver hoops. I also bought a tiny little wire rope thing, so that The Stud Dog can play outside when I take him over to Boss Lady's house. It'll also be helpful when I do yard work on my own house. I just can't leave him alone because a cat might beat him up.

     I also found one more thing. I don't really like the floor pattern that I got, but it saved me a few hundred bucks, so I'm really not complaining. I can put down rugs and stuff to make things all prettier. One thing I realized, is that I would need a vacuum in order to do this, since I don't want to live in a gross house. I found one for like forty bucks. For those of you who don't know, vacuums are usually in triple digit price ranges, which makes my wallet cry.

     Well, despite my best efforts, my wallet is still crying. Especially because I have to buy new windows for my house and I've already mentioned that in front of the poor, empty wallet.

     On the bright side, The Youngest actually likes me now! Yesterday evening, the entire family picked me up on their way to the park that her birthday party was at. They even brought me a soda, which is really nice. Anyways, we went to the park with a plan.

     Boss Man and The Middle Child would walk with me and The Youngest, who I would be carrying. Then when I had her distracted by the swings, they would sneak off and see how long I could last. Boss Man had his phone for if I needed to call him because I couldn't calm her down.

     For a while, The Youngest was content on the swing. Too content, actually. She was falling asleep. While this would be great on a normal day, I needed her awake so that I could play with her to teach her that I'm not going to steal all her toys while she's sleeping or something. So I took her out of the swing contraption and over to this whale thing. I don't know what it's called. You sit on it and rock back and forth.

     Well, The Youngest didn't like that idea at all. I dropped my soda and her bottle on the ground so that I could put her down, and she decided to cling onto me and do this quiet "Put me down and I will never forgive you" screech. After a few minutes, I discovered she only wanted me to hold her and that I would not be able to coax her onto the whale, even to pick up the drinks. That was a difficulty all on it's own.

     All of the benches surrounding the playground were full and I couldn't take her across the parking lot to the volleyball area, because that's where her family was. Instead, I took her to the picnic area by the bathrooms that nearly made me vomit from the smell. (Note to self: Never, ever go in those bathrooms again. No matter how badly you have to pee. The smell may put you into a coma.)

     The Youngest was very happy and content just sitting in my lap. Boss Man called to check in, just when I felt something on my leg. "How are things going, Rachel?" "Pretty well. She hasn't started cry-... We need a diaper change." Would you like to guess who's diaper leaked and who the diaper-leaker was sitting on when it leaked? Yep. I got peed on.

     After getting a new diaper and getting all cleaned up, Boss Man and I took her back to the playground. Things went pretty well. She was happy just running (or attempting to) around in the grass and I was able to rest my arms from carrying around a thirty pound baby, a soda, and a bottle. Once Boss Man was able to sneak off, things continued to get better.

     The Youngest was absolutely fascinated by the gate that surrounds the park. The fence would move when she pushed it but she got very upset when the gate-part wouldn't. She wanted to make it open and close like everyone who walked through it. She also enjoyed painting the ground with the juice in her bottle. She accidentally dropped it and was very interested in how the juice would change the color of the concrete.

     A few times, she even reached up for me to pick her up. This was pretty freaking awesome, especially considering that she wouldn't even go near me two weeks ago. She even hugged me, drooled on my shirt, put my hair over my lip like a mustache, and tried to eat my hair.

     Boss Lady and the boys joined us not long after that. They played on the playground and I was put on picture duty since I was the only one who had brought any form of camera (my phone- her's was in the truck). When it was time to go, The Youngest started off holding my hand and Boss Lady's hand. Then she jerked away because she only wanted me.

     Then, in the truck, she spilled some of her juice on me. But hey, at least it wasn't pee.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Need A Nerve Pill

     This post isn't going to be very long at all, considering it is now 2:28 and I will be picked up for work at 2:45. Gotta type fast but I just thought I would leave with a little bit of what's going on in the life of Rachel. Mainly the fact I still feel bad about not posting and I actually have something to say.

     The person who asks me all those questions is at it again. She now expects me to tell her everything. Again. She was not to the things I did tell her so I had to repeat myself. Again. Not to mention the fact that apparently, four pages of text message "aren't that much" because she wants to know every detail of my new house. I would gladly brag but I'm on a time limit, have things to do, and do not want my thumbs to fall of from texting too much. (Click here if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

     The second thing I had to say, is that there was a spider on me. I have a phobia of spiders. Not just a fear, but a freaking phobia. I have had panic attacks because of those darn things. I do not have luck when it comes to finding spiders but they seem to  love finding me.

     It must have been in the hairclip I just used to pull my hair up, because it was hanging down and tickling my neck when I was trying to eat. I swatted at it twice and the next thing I know, the damn thing was on my stomach. I thought about smacking it but considering my stomach already hurts, that didn't seem like a wise idea. So I reached behind me, grabbed a handful of tissues, and squished that bitch.

     He was still alive so I squashed him live five more times and then threw the tissues away. Then I proceeded to panic. My hands are still shaking. I really don't like spiders. The only good thing? That's not the worst place I've ever found a spider.

     I need a nerve pill.

P.S. It is now 2:35.

UPDATE: I went to my house next door right after I finished this post. I walked face-first into a spiderweb. Then, when Boss Lady picked me up, the first thing I saw on her seat was a spider. Lovely, eh?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What A Great Party

     I just got back from The Youngest's first birthday party. Both my mom and I were invited and I was even allowed to bring The Stud Dog, since it was at a public park and he's too little to be left alone. Shorty and her husband were invited too but they were running late so we took the pinata for them.

     I've mentioned before that I'm not very good with meeting new people or holding conversations. I never know what to say, no matter how badly I want to speak to the person. I'm much better over text (this includes phone and computer) than I am talking to somebody on the phone, in person, or even over a webcam. Why is this? I do not know. I'm just a very quiet and shy person, nearly all the time.

     When I'm with my second family or my mom, I do not shut up. I become the loud girl that makes everyone for the next two miles turn and stare. The same thing happens when I am angry. If I am mad, all hell will break loose. I am not afraid to stand up for myself and I am an over protective mama bear with a bad case of PMS when somebody messes with anyone I love.

     The point of all that is that I was actually speaking to people at the party. I was trying really, really, REALLY hard to make good impressions. I smiled. I held conversations. I let people play with and pet the puppy and thanked them when they called him cute. I offered to help with things where I could. When Boss Lady stood up and announced, "THIS IS THE NEW BABYSITTER. HER NAME IS RACHEL.", instead of freaking out and getting shy, I smiled, waved, and said "hi" to everyone. You get the idea, I'm sure.

     One lady, who I may mention in a future post but I could possibly never see again so I won't give her a name yet, pulled me aside to talk to me. She asked me if I was still in school (an online school) and if I was babysitting full time (yes and whenever I am needed). Then she asked if we could trade phone numbers before one of us left so that she could call me to watch her three kids on a weekend sometime.

     Being very freaking excited, I said yes. She disappeared like half an hour later but her kids were still there. I spent over an hour looking for her but without any luck. Her kids were still there when we left and I'm hoping that she'll ask Boss Lady to get in contact with me because even watching her kids once a month would help me a lot.

     Not long after that, Boss Lady was trying to eat so I offered to help with The Youngest. She passed the baby to me and several people at the party were like, "WHO IS THAT?" and "IS SHE EVEN ALLOWED TO HOLD THE BABY?" Boss Lady was quick to say, "This is the babysitter" to the people she overheard but there were still people questioning me.

     Thank you for your concern, but considering that the baby's mother handing her to me, I'm going to have to go with a "No shit Sherlock" answer. Thank you, dear assholes, but I have more authority over the baby than you do. I didn't go for the cake and food that you were hovering around. I didn't go to gossip or brag about the gift I got.

     I went to celebrate The Youngest's first birthday and feel very fucking honored to have even been invited. I tried hard to impress you and all you could think of was if I, the babysitter, would be allowed to hold the child I babysit. Please explain your logic to me. And next time, if you want to say something about me, grow a pair say it to my fucking face.

     To my readers (if there are any?), I apologize for the large amount of rants and anger lately. I try to make happy posts but this place is sort of becoming a public journal to me. I get to say whatever I want and I get to let the anger off my chest instead of bottling it up. I would also like to sincerely thank you for reading. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to see that I have had more page views or a new comment. Comments make my whole week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pet Peeves (Part Two: Stupid Drivers)

     Welcome to the second part of my pet peeve rant post things. I'm not really sure what to call it yet. If you haven't read the first part, please click here to read about questions that drive me insane. This one is a little bit different. Stupid drivers. Anyone who has ever been in a car has most likely encountered them. I'm pretty sure they drive everyone mad.

     The main thing about this stuff is that people can be seriously injured or killed because of idiots. I know a girl who recently lost one of her very best friends. He pulled over to check on a car wreck. On his way back to his car, he was hit by another driver. He spent a day in a coma but it was too late to save him. If people just pay attention, a lot more people would survive.

The Dumbass Daredevils
     These are the people who will sit at an intersection and patiently wait for a chance to turn into the lane. Then just as you're coming up the road, with nobody ahead of you for two miles, they decide that there is no better time than that exact moment to slam their foot down on the gas and swerve in front of you. A lot of this times, this can cause you to swerve off the road to avoid them hitting you. Other times, this can cause you to get T-boned.

     Let me explain something about these outcomes... THEY ARE VERY BAD. It is not good when a car wrecks. I don't care if you're looking for an adrenaline rush or whatever. Go do something that won't cause potential harm to somebody else. Watch what the freak you're doing and look out for other people.

The Indecisive Idiots
     These are the people who just cannot make up their minds with the thousands of possible options for driving on a road. Do I slow down? Do I speed up? I should be in the right lane. No. Wait. Left lane. No.. Right. Shit, I don't know! Please, let me explain something to you. There are signs that tell you where you need to be and what you need to be doing in order to get to the destination of your desire.

     Of course there are the people who are new to town or just passing through. It's understandable if they have to swap lanes a couple times because they have no clue where to go. When you're just going back and forth like a ping-pong ball, though, it gets ridiculous. Make up your mind before you cut somebody off or run somebody off the road.

The Stupid Speeders
     These people include people who pay no attention to the speed limits and tailgaters. They are the people who will go forty miles per hour in a school zone. They're the people who will ride your tailgate so that when somebody ahead of you slams on their brakes, leaving you no choice but to do the same, they run into you and cause a wreck.

     Two weeks ago, I was almost T-boned by a speeder. I looked both ways, didn't see any traffic, and proceeded to go across the intersection in my mom's car. Then a speeder came out of no where when I was halfway across the road. I'm a new driver so I actually stomped on the brakes instead of the gas (I know, that was stupid, I should have moved) but luckily, they also stomped on the brakes. This was my first real near accident so it was scary as heck for me.

The Oblivious Imbeciles
     I have a little story for this one. Last month, my mom and I were coming out of a store from grabbing dinner. We only had like three bags so we left the cart inside and went into the parking lot to find our car. I don't remember what we were talking about, but we were having a (probably amusing) conversation when we saw a large SUV-type vehicle with the engine running but it was still in park. We stopped to see what the driver was going to do and after the brake lights didn't come on, Mom led the way in front of her.

     Mom was about halfway behind the SUV and I was a little behind her. (If I remember correctly, I was wearing heeled boots that were hurting my feet and caused me to walk slowly. I could have also been replying to a text and not realized Momma was walking yet. I'm not entirely sure. The point is I was about eight feet behind her.) Then the brake lights on the SUV lit up and the driver started to back up.

     I yelled for my mom to look out, loud enough that the driver actually heard me and slammed on the brakes. There were only a few inches between my mom and the SUV. She could have turned around and leaned against it, if she had wanted to.

     Considering this has happened more than once, I was not going to just sit by and let this happen. (The same thing happened to my dad's mom only a couple weeks before and that was still really fresh on my mind.) The following is a conversation/argument/screaming match between myself and the driver, starting as I crossed the parking space she was still occupied in.

Me: Watch where you're going next time!
Her: -angered and stunned look-
Me: YOU ALMOST HIT HER. -points at my mom-
Momma: -just standing there with a 'wtf do I do' sort of look-
Mom: -starting to drag me away from the scene since everyone in the parking lot was staring at us-

     Other people who fall under this category are people who are too busy with their cell phones or iPods or radios or applying make-up or reading a book or shaving their dog or writing a novel on a grain of rice using only a sewing needle. Then there are the people who just don't pay attention. It doesn't matter what causes it; pay attention when you're driving or either pull over to the side of the road or get in the damn passenger's seat instead.

Introductions To Work

     As I have mentioned about a billion times, I work as a babysitter. This job is still so new that The Youngest, who turns one this month, hasn't even been left alone with me for more than a few minutes. That is because she has never really had a babysitter before and has spent her entire life with Boss Lady. She does not like it when her mommy leaves, even just leaving the room.

     I was supposed to go to their house to get to know The Youngest over the past month, but I wasn't able to until Thursday, because Boss Man had been so sick. But I was finally able to go over there Thursday and Friday (yesterday).

     On Thursday, Boss Lady texted me and said that she was waiting outside of my mom's office, where she was going to pick me up and also meet my mom. They got to meet and I got to show Boss Lady my new home, which she said she was very impressed by. We (read: she, since I couldn't get the bug spray to work) killed a wasp that had wandered in.

     We hung out in the office with Momma and Shorty for a few minutes after that, so they could all talk more. Once it was decided that Boss Lady is not an ax-murderer who had plans on eating me for dinner and that Momma was not a psychopath who had recently escaped prison to teach me the ways of doing bad things to good people, Boss Lady and I went to her house.

     Boss Man was back on his feet and it was actually his birthday, even though I only found out on the way to her house. When we got their, Boss Lady and I had lunch (sandwiches and yogurt, in case you were wondering) and she showed me how she feeds The Youngest. (Basically, she just says certain things to get The Youngest to pay attention and understand that it is time to eat.)

     After that, Boss Lady and I tried to get her to warm up to me. I played with her, tickled her, and stuff like that. Unfortunately, she had missed her afternoon nap because she refused to go down, so she was super-cranky. Every time I tried to pick her up, she started screaming.

     On Friday, the routine happened very similarly. Boss Lady picked me up at the office. We couldn't leave because Mom's Boss was bringing her dogs to the office. Why in the world would she do that, you ask? I don't have any fucking clue. What I can tell you is that she brought my new puppy, The Stud Dog. (I haven't had him a whole day yet, so I can't say anything based on his personality, but I'm going to eventually breed him.)

     I got to play with the puppy and the other dogs for a while before Boss Lady and I really had to go. Things went much, much better with The Youngest. I had her giggling and laughing and running and playing and all that stuff. Peek-a-Boo, tag, tickle monster, and stuffed animals were all involved. Plus, she let me feed her some of her sandwich. And she actually asked me for some of my chips, which is pretty freaking awesome.

     We played outside for a little while and the only time that The Youngest started crying was because she fell down. Even when I had her in my lap with a bottle, she just crawled out of it instead. That may not seem like much but it's awesome. Instead of screaming and trying to squirm, she gave it a few seconds before getting up. It's a huge improvement.

     Boss Lady and I left when it was time to pick The Middle Child up from school, so we swung by to get him on the way to my house. I guess he must have told his friends about me because one of the boys he was sitting with stood up and yelled, "HEY RACHEL!" just as The Middle Child was getting into the car.

     On the way back, it was discovered that he is too shy to really talk to me unless I speak to him directly first. (Which can be a problem considering I suck at starting conversations, but we'll figure it out.) He kept asking Boss Lady why we were going to my house (answer: Because Rachel doesn't live with us and she does need to go home.) or what Shorty's husband was doing to my house (answer: Fixing everything.) or if I would be at The Youngest's birthday party tomorrow (answer: Sweetie, you do know that I won't bite you if you talk to me, right? You don't need to ask your mom to ask me.)

     We stopped at a store across the street from where I live (where some creeper tried to pick me up as a hooker last week) and got some sodas. As we were leaving, some guy kept waving and grinning. We're not sure what exactly what was happening, but we think he may have been a couple cards shy of a full deck, so I'll be nice to the guy.

     We got back just as Momma was locking up the office. She got all happy that I was back because she didn't want to introduce The Stud Dog to The Little Dog and The Big Dog without some help. Momma got to meet The Middle Child and speak with Boss Lady again. Then I was told a few things I did not expect from Boss Lady.

     "You can bring The Stud Dog with you when you babysit. To stay, not to live. As long as he's potty-trained, he can come. To stay, not to live."

     "Right before I start back full time, I'm going to pick you up and take you grocery shopping. You can help with The Youngest and I can judge by your face if you like something or not. And if you don't speak up, you'll be eating shit you don't like, but I'm going to try and get you stuff you actually want to eat."

     The next one was actually a conversation, which I really didn't know how to handle. I was invited to the birthday party tomorrow and even got The Youngest a singing toy thing and a couple of cute summer dresses. I was going to go to celebrate the party, not to be paid.

Boss Lady: If you can play with her for about half an hour like you did today, then I'll pay you for your time.
Me: I'm not taking money for playing with her at her party.
Boss Lady: Yes you are.
Me: But it's her birthday party! I'm not going to-
Boss Lady: You will take the damn extra money and you will be happy about it!
Me: ...
Momma: When your boss tells you to take the money, you should say yes.
Me: ...(in a tiny little voice) okay.

     That's basically how things have gone the past two day and why I have been too busy/tired to post.  By the way, Momma was right to be worried about introducing the new puppy to the other two. On site out of fear, The Stud Dog pissed everywhere outside. Then The Big Dog tried to attack him inside. I was up half the night trying to keep them all calm. The Stud Dog wouldn't even go on the floor this morning, except to use the puppy pads really fast and then cry and run back to me. Poor thing; as soon as he set foot on the floor this morning, The Little Dog barked at something outside and he got so scared he pissed everywhere again. I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of cleaning up to do until he mans up or I move out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Le Blog

     So, like I knew I would, I managed to run out of things to post about for a few days. I could always write about something that happened a while ago, but that would require certain inspiration and less laziness. Considering the fact that I only really did something yesterday (I bought four movies at the store; does that even count?), I don't really have anything to say. I did go to lunch with my mom and we ended up with four plates of food between the two of us, but that's not really, "I can make a whole post out of that" material.

     Anyways, since I don't have anything else to talk about today (well, there is one thing, but that will come towards the end), I figured I would talk about the blog. Why did I call it "Le Blog"? Am I French? I don't think so, but I cold possibly be. It's just because Brother and I replace the word "the" with "le"... for no real reason what so ever. For example, "Rachel, I need le sleeps." or "Brother, I am le hungry." Yes, I am aware that we are weird.

     After playing around with the layout, completely screwing it up, and playing around some more, I finally decided I like the way my blog looks. It took me a few hours (if you put the amount of both times together) and a pretty big headache (since I had no idea what I was really doing), but it was well worth it.

     If you look under a little section called "Check These Out!", you will find many links. You should click those links. If I like a blog, I will add the link to it. Brother and Sissi also have their websites on there, but those aren't actually blogs. If you like writing (which I'm assuming you do, since you probably have a blog of your own), you should totally check it out though. Feel free to ask any questions about them and I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

     You should also keep an eye on that little section of my blog, because I've been updating it quite often. When a blog I read gets an award, they usually have to link to several other blogs, which I then go check out. Like I said, if I like it, I'll add it to the list.

     If you just so happen to be one of the blogs I linked to, I can't believe you're here! A lot of the people on that list have a bunch of followers and I think they're kind of famous, so I can't believe any of them would check out my little blog. Anyways, if you are one of those people and you would like the credit changed, feel free to ask me. I tried to put everyone's name with their respective website, but I just didn't know everyone's name.

     Onto a different topic now. I have noticed that I seem the be the youngest person running a blog. Don't get me wrong, I know there are a bunch of people out there who are younger than me, but I have only found two blogs run by somebody younger than their twenties. These two blogs may have actually been the same person, due to the similar layouts and names. But hey, whatever. I just hope you don't see my age and think, "Oh gosh, this is just a kid!" or something, since I really am trying to be an adult.

     Last night, I discovered, I have basically no idea how to use Twitter. I set up an account and was even able to hook it up to this blog. I posted status updates (which I'm pretty proud of because I at least vaguely remembered I had the account). Then I was playing around with it and realized I had messages from people, which I should have gotten an email about but didn't. Only one person proved not to be a spambot. I know I apologized already and he might not ever see this, but to the nice guy who sent me the link about ear infection symptoms: I am very sorry for ignoring you; I honestly didn't know that anyone knew my Twitter account even existed.

     I think that about covers everything, except for one little topic today. Today, is my big Sis's twentieth birthday. I don't think she'll see this for a while because her internet connection is very bad, plus her computers have a serious case of PMS, but I just wanted to take the time to post this anyways. (Warning, if you do not like family/friend mushy stuff, you may not want to read the following few sentences.)

     Sis, I know we can't celebrate your birthday together, but I still hope you have an amazing day anyways. I love you to death, even though you're a teensy bit crazy. Happy Birthday. <3

     That's about it for now, but maybe I'll have something new to talk about later. After all, I am going paint/furniture/other junk I need shopping today. Plus, I'm supposed to go to Boss Lady's house tomorrow morning. If all else fails, I'll try to write about the old lady who nearly ran Momma over in a parking lot.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Burger Place Ever

     Yesterday, Momma and I went to the best burger place ever. Actually, it's a burger and taco place but I've only had their burgers. I never order anything else because it's just that amazing.. Plus, we rarely go. I have no idea why. It's not like we could get sick of food that tastes that amazing. Guys, I was actually sad when I finished my burger.

     The thing is, I'm absolutely stunned that my mom and I haven't gotten kicked out of places. I mean, she was even kicked out of churches when she was fifteen (it could potentially be because she snuck out of the church sleepover for a cigarette but she's not sure), sixteen (her mom started an argument and she fought back but when the story came out, she was allowed back and her mom wasn't), and twenty-two (for wearing holey jeans, the story is here). But some how, I have never been kicked out of any place. (I almost was once because I was accused of spilling a drink but I didn't.)

     We tend to cause trouble wherever we go. Usually, it's pretty funny. Sometimes it's embarrassing (like the time she picked me up from my CPR classes two years ago in a florescent pink and orange sweat suit, stood on the car, waved her arms, and screamed "RAAACHEEEELL. MOMMY IS HEREEEE TO PIIIIICK YOUUU UUUUPPPP." right in front of a guy I knew from my old school), but hey, I am not that easy to embarrass anymore so I guess that's a good thing.

     You're probably wondering what my point is by now, so I'll get to it. We caused trouble at the amazing burger place. They had one of those quality question card things on the table and I had a pen in my purse. I handed them to my mom.

     "I dare you to fill this out for my blog."

[It reads:
Service - Comments
Promptness - Still waiting.
Attitude - I am good.
Courtesy - Yes I did.
Follow-Up - Follow-Down.
Food - Comments
Quality - Yum.
Flavor - Yummy cooked.
Quantity - Bunches of fries and burger.
Value - Valuemart?
Is this the first time you have visited __? - Nope.
Other comments. - I'll be bach! Yummy!
EMail Address: -]

     Also while we were there, my mom decided to take some of the jams that they have. Why do they have jellies in a burger and taco place? I have no idea. I would love for you to comment and tell me, because both my mom and I are very confused. (Plus, comments make me smile. Just sayin'.)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Feet Still Hurt

     As I mentioned here, Boss Man has been really sick and is in the hospital. He has pleurisy and double pneumonia, so the house needed to be scrubbed from top to bottom just so he could go home. Don't get me wrong, their house is crazy clean, but it was cluttered and they needed to be positive that there wasn't any dust left in the house at all.

     Boss Lady asked me to help clean, which I was glad to do. She also asked Mom's friend (the one who got me the job and the one who has helped me clean my house and the one who works with my mom... from now on, I'll call her Shorty [she laughs at her own height]). Since Shorty can drive and I can't, it was decided that she would drive me the next morning.

     Upon arriving, we discovered the living room was half done and both boys had been excused from school so that they could help clean too. I was sent to organize and clean The Youngest's nursery because I'll be spending a lot of time in there when I start full time on April 1st. The Oldest was sent to the bathroom to clean and The Middle Child was put on laundry duty. Shorty stayed in the living room to clean and we basically kicked Boss Lady out of her own house, with The Youngest, so she could go visit Boss Man in the hospital.

     The nursery was a disaster. There were clothes in there from when The Youngest (who turns one this month) was still three months old. Boss Lady also buys clothes on sale, so she has clothes ready for when The Youngest is four and five. I had to go through everything and pack up the clothes that were too small, while hanging or folding the ones that fit and the ones that will fit within the next couple of months. Meanwhile, I kept finding toys that had to be put away. It took me roughly five hours. I only sat down three times, for about ten minutes each. My feet hurt so bad already that I took my shoes off.

     The Middle Child and I were then sent to the kitchen/dining room. This room was probably the worst one, but that's because Boss Lady had bought more food and it was also a storage area for things that either didn't have a place or Boss Man was supposed to put away, before he got so sick. Other than that and some dust on the dishes hutch (you know, like a display case for fancy stuff?), it was rather clean.

     Despite how clean it was, I took bleach wipes (I don't know if I can drop brand names on here with my AdSense account- if anyone knows, I would love for you to tell me haha) to the table, counters, stove, and basically everything else I could reach. Then I dusted the hutch. With everything that had to be put away and the boys running all around to help Shorty and I, it took me roughly another five hours.

     During all of this, Shorty and The Oldest cleaned the living room. Unfortunately, The Oldest didn't know that you have to mix bleach with water or it'll be too strong. Shorty didn't even realize she was using bleach (I still don't know how she didn't know) when she mopped the walls to make sure there was no bleach. I was called in to rescue them by dumping out the bleach, rinsing the bucket, and refilling it with a different cleaner and water. Everyone who arrived after that staggered back at the front door, from the smell alone.

     I spent ten hours on my feet, cleaning and organizing. I had my shoes on (heeled sandals) for about seven of those hours. I did not eat until I was finished. I only had six hours of sleep the night before. I was loopy from bleach when I got home, after spending two hours in the living room. It's two days later and my feet still hurt, along with my arms and the back of my legs. I didn't get paid. But you know what? I still feel good about it. I got to help bring Boss Man home to be with his wife and kids. That's something to be proud of, I think.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pet Peeves (Part One: Questions)

     Brother suggested this post for me to write about but I haven't been inspired or angry, thus, it has gone unused. But tonight, I am annoyed and irritated because somebody keeps hitting some of my pet peeves.

     I have a pretty short temper when it comes to the pet peeves and there are a lot of them, but I'm also rather forgiving and patient (unless I'm hungry; then I just want food). There will probably be several posts about my pet peeves or things that angered me, but I hope you don't think, "That girl is psycho!" because I'm actually not. I'm kind of bitchy, but that's almost always provoked.

     Despite what you might believe after reading this, I welcome you to ask me anything you want to know. I don't bite and I'm really not a mean person. There are just certain things that bother me. I will not snap at you or turn into a Chupacabra because you asked me something.

Excessive Questions:
     This one doesn't always drive me crazy. I usually don't mind answering questions. I'm a very honest person and I don't mind telling people what they would like to know. The thing that bothers me are when the questions are repetitive to the point you have given the same answer ninety-two times and the person still doesn't understand anything.

     Then the person will asked you another question and continue to ask it while you give the same answer ninety-eight times, just to make sure that they know that, "Yes, I have a job, because I searched for one and am willing to work." or "Yes, I will be able to pay my bills, because I have a job and that is a source of financial income."

     I have been dealing with this all day long. It would seem that the person needed to know every single aspect of my life. I'm pretty sure that the only question I wasn't asked was when the last time I had to pee was. I think I gave my entire life story otherwise.

     Even though I desperately wanted to scream and hit something, I continued to answer the questions. Admittedly, I did have a few snappy moments, but I think I behaved myself pretty well. Why? Because this person could not be more oblivious to my, "I do not wish to continue this conversation any further" signals.

Stupid Questions:
     "How do you make friends?"

     I was literally asked this. I was not asked this question today nor was I asked this question by a young child. On the contrary, I was asked this by somebody older than I am. Not all questions are stupid. There are many questions that you may think sound stupid, but are actually very good questions. This post-rant-thing should not discourage you from asking questions that you have, to me or anyone else, but hear me out.

     The thing is, today, I was asked many more stupid questions. Along with the millions of questions this one person felt the need to interrogate me with, at least seventy percent of them were just dumb. There is no reason to ask me, "Why do you make a different amount of money every week?" First of all, it is none of your fucking business how much money I will make, nor does it make any sense for you not to realize that by doing different things each week, I will have a different profit.

Overly Nosy Questions:
     As I just mentioned, there are certain questions that people should not ask other people. These questions include anything financially related (such as: How much money do you make?) or anything of a private nature (such as: When was your last period?)

     There are many people who can get away with asking such questions. Doctors need to be nosy to discover your ailment. Therapists need to be nosy so that they can help you feel better. Lawyers need to be nosy so they can throw the bad guy in jail. All of this is understandable. I have no problem with any of this.

     Some people ask nosy questions because they are concerned for you. I am one of these people, even though I try to respect boundaries. Sissi, Brother, and Sis all ask me questions to make sure that I am okay. This is perfectly okay. It makes me feel very loved, and not at all awkward, because we are family who trust each other 100% and are looking out for each other.

     Then there are people who you never talk to, the people who don't even know your favorite color, and the people who feel the need to pop up out of no where despite being unwanted. These are the people who have no right to ask about your finances or other intimate details of your life (such as: Are you on birth control?)

     To all of this, I only have one more thing to say: Thank you for the interest in my life, but seriously, please learn how to socially interact with people. For the sake of my sanity. Please.

Everything And Nothing

     I've been terrible about posting again; I know this. I'm sorry. I just haven't really had anything going on to write about. Of course I could come up with something random, but I haven't been inspired to do so. It's a little hard to be inspired when all I want to do is sleep because of the ear infection medication.

     Speaking of the ear infections, I took the last of the pill-form medication today. All I have left is the ear drops. This makes me very happy, but I'm slightly concerned because my ear was hurting today. I took the cotton balls out for a little while to see how my hearing was doing and the left ear started throbbing, so the saga may continue.

     I don't have a segway (what the frick, spell check? how is that spelled wrong?) to continue this, so I'll just move along in what else has been going on lately. In reality? Quite a bit. How much have I actually been doing? Not as much as I would like to think.

     My new home has had a lot of progress. The living room and kitchen have been painted. A lot of wood has gone down on the floors, but I need to supply more plywood. The back of the house, which was being renovated anyways, will probably have a different layout than I thought. I'm not even sure what's going on yet but I trust the people and it needs to be done, else one of the walls may collapse.

     I'm going to be getting two of the cats fixed, within the next month. The Loud One is the cat I have yet to mention. She's black and white and oddly tiny. The thing is, she is a lunatic. She runs around crying and begging for attention, but if you get close, she runs away. She also purrs and tackles things, only to attack them, and then beg for forgiveness. All of this is done while meowing louder than the TV, on full blast. Hopefully being fixed will calm her and The Kitten down.

     So, how has my job been? Is there any news on that? Why thank you for asking! I do actually have news on that, for the first time since I became bedridden for the second time in a month. Why did it take me so long to get news on my job? I'm getting to that part.

     I discovered, last night, that Boss Man has been terribly ill. Nobody told me this and I was getting concerned I had lost my job, but it had more to do with the fact that Boss Lady was simply too busy to tell me. Boss Man went to the hospital two nights ago with pleurisy and pneumonia. Needless to say, none of that is good at all.

     However, he is doing much better! Mom's friend (the one who got my job for me to begin with) and I are going over there tomorrow. Boss Lady asked for help to completely disinfect the house so that Boss Man can go home, hopefully tomorrow night. That's pretty great, right? I'm really excited that he'll be home soon and that he's going to recover.

     Um... I don't think there's really much else to ramble about. I'll try to get up another post or two soon, from a series of posts that Brother suggested. Pet Peeves. I'm not really sure how it will turn out and may just be really long rants, but maybe you'll find my colorful language and phrases amusing? I guess we'll see.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

People Think I'm Deaf

     I have managed to get an ear infection every six years since I was six. I've grown to accept this and even though I don't understand why I get them in such a way, I can just go with the flow. I mean, there's nothing I can do and at least I know ahead of time what year to expect one instead of an ear infection popping out of nowhere and being like, "SURPRISE. I'm here to ruin your week!"

     I was given three medications, plus an allergy medication. That's not really a problem. I haven't even needed the allergy medicine. (I would like it noted here that when a doctor says that you should take medicine, I am not advising you to question them. I was not prescribed the allergy medicine and since I have been sneezing and coughing on my own, we thought it was best not to add to that.)

     The medicine for my throat, to make it stop hurting, has been awesome. My throat hurt for almost two weeks and today, it finally went away, completely. The pills for my ears have been great too, since I can usually hear pretty well, as opposed to when I first got the ear infection. Combined, they do make me really sleepy, but I am not complaining because it's working.

     Then there are the ear drops. I dislike the ear drops quite a lot. They're really cold so it makes my whole head hurt. They feel disgusting and greasy, which makes me want to scrub my ears clean from it. Not to mention, I have to hold my head at awkward angles three times a day. Even so, I can deal with all of this because it's helping. I can hear almost as well as I could before I got the ear infection.

     There's a problem though.

     In order to keep the ear drops in my ears, instead of dripping into my hair or on my shirts or something, I have to use cotton balls in my ears. I never thought that it would be a problem, since I had to use them before and I was fine. I mean, sounds are a little muffled, but it's not too bad, over all.

     The really weird part is that I never realized that I have to heavily rely on lip-reading while having cotton balls in my ears. I made it a habit when I was little to look at the people speaking to me because that's the polite thing to do. Today, when I was in the car with my mom, I was staring out the window and I didn't even know she was talking at first.

     When we got to the store, I figured out the problem. It wasn't that the radio had drowned her out (well, not completely, at least) but my hearing hasn't recovered enough to add the cotton balls so I can still hear normally. I can still hear a lot of things, but it was really hard to hear when somebody was speaking to me. In order to feel like I wasn't screaming, I've been half-whispering all day and I didn't even know until my mom told me.

     At the paint counter, two people seemed to think I was deaf. One was a lady asking me if I knew where the paint-mixer-person was and if I was waiting to have paint mixed. When I stuttered over my own words because I couldn't hear what I was saying, she seemed to make sure to look right at me while speaking and raised her voice a little bit.

     The paint-mixer-person spoke really fast and ran his words together. That's kind of difficult to understand in general, but especially when your hearing isn't as strong as you're used to. I had to ask what he said and then when I still didn't get it, despite him slowing down a bit, my mom had to explain it by raising her voice and speaking much slower.

     Since the paint-mixer-person couldn't even help us, the manager was called. He seemed to catch on right away and just spoke to my mom, who then told me everything, along with some hand motions to help illustrate it. I'm pretty sure they thought it was legit sign-language (which I want to learn) rather than something she was making up.

     Due to all of this, and the fact that people have been speaking really slowly and being sure to look at me, I'm pretty sure that my current hearing loss is obvious and that at least half the people I saw today think I'm deaf. Guys, I always knew that it would be a hard thing to deal with, but I'm just now understanding that unless I actually go deaf, I'll never fully be able to understand how anyone has the strength or energy to manage it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cyber Jerks Are Jerks

     Ironically enough, this took place on Self-Harm Awareness Day. It's only taking me until now to post it, because I had to get permission from two sisters that I'm friends with. As always, they will go unnamed. To tell them apart, you will know them as Younger Sister and Older Sister.

     The three of us use a website called Tumblr, which some of you may have heard about this blog from. It's another form of blog website but it's a lot different than this one. If you're interested in photography and humor, I suggest you check it out. Even though some of you may know me from there, I won't put my name up, as to keep the anonymity for Younger Sister and Older Sister.

     There's a way to send anonymous messages on Tumblr. Usually, things are pretty nice. Nearly everyone I have ever spoken to there has been absolutely sweet and kind. However, the anonymous messages are often taken advantage of and that's what happened last night.

     This is a message the anonymous person sent to Younger Sister. (Please note from here on out that people who use the anonymous messages on Tumblr are called "anon" or "anons", if it is plural.)
[It reads:
Anonymous asked: fuck all those people who say your 'beautiful' your NOT your ugly your nose is crooked and your lips bug me change your WHOLE personality and turn around your looks and MAYBE JUST MAYBE you will look alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Younger Sister replied with: at least i have enough confidence to even show my face on here, unlike you, come off anon and maybe we'll talk]

     One thing about me is that I do not handle people insulting my friends very well. I know that they can all take care of themselves but I do not like it. When somebody even thinks something negative about my friends, I turn into a PMSing mama bear with rabies.

     This is a reply to the anonymous person that I sent to Younger Sister. Even if she didn't post it, I knew she would at least see it. There's no real way to comment on Tumblr so it was the only idea I had to reply to the jerk.
[It reads:
Rachel asked: To the anon who insulted my BEAUTIFUL friend Younger sister: It's people like you that cause suicide and self-harm. You sit behind your computer feeling like a bad ass because you insult somebody who's never done a thing wrong to you. You know what that makes you? A coward, a bully, a liar, and a complete asshole. Grow up and get a heart.
Younger Sister replied with: thanks :) ]

     Something that I tend to over look when sticking up for people is that usually seem to attack me next. Brother and I have a lot of stories about when somebody was messing with one of us or one of our friends, then we were targeted because we had the guts to stand up to the person who attacked us.

     This is what the anonymous person decided to send to me. The layout is different because Younger Sister and I don't have the same background on our accounts. Also, tying every message the anonymous person said was physically painful with their grammar skills. I'm not even kidding.
[It reads:
Anonymous asked: im the ANON! that called Younger Sister ugly, she is!!!!! and you probably dont show ur face cause ur ugly to LOLOL.
I replied with: Younger Sister is gorgeous. At least she has the courage to show her face. At least both she and I have the guts to let people know who we are. You're sitting there on anon, acting like a little cowardly bitch. You want to insult me? Fine, go ahead, but at least have the balls to show me who you are. (By the way, only imbeciles use grammar as poorly as you do.) ]

     During all of this, several other people who follow Younger Sister's account started sticking up for her and reminding her that she is, in fact, quite beautiful. I would screenshot those but I don't know those people so it might be a bit awkward asking for permission. "Hey, I don't know you but I'd like to put you on my blog. Okay? Thanks." Yeah... I don't see that going too well.

     One of the people who complimented her was a nice anonymous person. Younger Sister replied to that but I can only show you about half the message. She included a picture of a young man sobbing underneath, but it's a copyrighted image and I'm not allowed to show that. I can post the other part and you can imagine it though!
[It reads:
confusing moment when i get an anon saying i'm like the most ugly thing ever, and then the next second i get an anon saying i'm really pretty. WHICH ONE IS IITTT D: ]

     During all of this, I was talking to Older Sister. We were keeping each other updated on what was going on and ranting to each other about how some people are jerks. She told me to wait because she was going to write me a message. Tumblr has a character limit so she sent it to me over Yahoo Instant Messenger instead.
[It reads:
Whoever you are who is insulting Younger Sister and Rachel, they are both beautiful. You have no right to call them ugly, you have no right to call anyone ugly, no one does, and I'm not going to say your ugly, because your not, no one is.
Inside and out, I'm not going to stoop to your level and call you ugly or tell you what I think about your nose, or your lips, or tell you anything negative about your face, not only because your anonymous, even if you weren't. I don't have a picture up, because I don't want to have one up, go ahead and make fun of me for that, I don't care. But I am just telling you, you have no right to call anyone ugly. I only go on tumblr because it's like a big family. Everyone... Well, almost everyone is nice, and helps eaach other out when they need it. Maybe you should try to give compliments instead.]

     Older Sister probably handled it a lot better than I did. She was much nicer when telling the anonymous person (well, trying to) just how rude they were. It's easy to forget that you're a nice person when you're trying to stick up for somebody but she managed to remember it (unlike myself).

     Right after that, Younger Sister posted two different things. The first one is something that she just realized and the second was when she saw my response to the anonymous person.
[It reads:
hey i just realized
that anon must have stayed on my blog for a long time staring at my face to point out my flaws
thanks anon i hope you liked my blog <3 ]
[It reads:
to the pathetic anon:
really? come on, pick on me all you want, but my friends? really? back off, if you really need to bully someone to make yourself feel better, come at me, not my BEAUTIFUL friends.]

     Earlier today, Younger Sister had one last thing to say about the anonymous person. It also contained a copyrighted image so I have to cut it in half. At the bottom, imagine a girl grinning and giving a thumbs-up right after the message.
[It reads:
hey, no anon hate today so far i must be doing something right]

     If none of this proves that I have amazing friends, nothing will. I know I talk about Brother and Sissi the most, but all of my other friends are amazing and sweet. I don't know what I would do without them. I love them to death and anybody who messes with them will face the PMSing mama bear with rabies.

     One of the main points of this is to point out cyber bullying. None of us know who the anonymous person was. We have absolutely no idea what provoked them into attacking Younger Sister, but we do know that they attacked me because I stood up for her. As I mentioned when defending her, stuff like this can cause suicide- it can cause death.

     Not everybody can handle it like we did. Not everybody has somebody to defend them or make them feel better. There are so many people all over the world who are absolutely convinced the world hates them because somebody insulted them into believing that they were worthless. The only thing that's worthless are the insults that people use to bully and hurt other people.

     Older Sister, Younger Sister, and I are a few of the lucky ones. We can find humor in the fact that they had to hide their identity just to throw some lame insults. Not everybody can do that- too many people take it to heart and actually believe it. Let's take some of Older Sister's advice and pass out a compliment instead. Maybe you'll save a life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Every Six Years

     When I was six, I got a terrible, horrible, awful ear infection. The result was my little self sitting in my mom's lap and crying in pain while waiting to be seen in the emergency room. Then my left eardrum exploded. Doesn't that sound fun? Yeah, I didn't think so. I couldn't make it sound any better than "Oh hey, a part of my body once went kaboom".

     I had to have a surgery to reconstruct my eardrum and for tubes to be put in both ears, to help prevent any future ear infections. I don't remember a whole lot during that time, partially because I was heavily sedated and partially because that was so long ago. I do remember eating the best ice chips ever while I was in the hospital and water and ice has never tasted as good since.

     Eventually, the tubes came out of my ears. The doctor said that wasn't was a big deal, so it didn't really matter. Sadly, my ears would always have slight hearing damage so I will most likely never become a singer. I thought all of the ear infection stuff was behind me.


     Right after my mom and I moved to the state we live in now, I turned twelve. Almost right away, I was in this severe pain that I couldn't explain. If I had ever been stabbed in the ear with an electric knife (you know, the kind used to cut turkeys) that was short circuiting, I would probably say the pain was pretty darn close.

     Needless to say, I went to the emergency room that night. Since I was crying and screaming in pain, they got to me pretty quickly. But of course, it felt like forever before I was finally given medication that numbed the pain, even in the slightest. Then I was given a prescription and we were sent on our way.

     I made a stupid choice. When I was asked if I wanted the medication in liquid or pill form, I chose liquid. Guess what? It looked like chunky milk, smelled like a garbage dump full of rotting skunk bodies, and tasted even worse. The smell made me gag and you can guess how I reacted to the taste.

     Eventually, I recovered from the ear infection. The thing is, I had already realized something. "Hey, Momma, didn't I get an infection when I was six? Does that mean I'll get an infection when I turn eighteen because it's every six years?"

     Yes, little me, yes it did.

     I was really sick earlier this month. Perhaps you remember me writing about it here? I was stuck in bed and felt absolutely horrid. It was not the most fun I have ever had. About half way through being sick, I woke up to my left ear popping and then the hearing going all weird. Put a finger in your left ear and then talk. That is what I have heard the entire week. A dull pain has randomly appeared, but other than that, no pain at all.

     Since the beginning, I just knew it was an ear infection. I told my mom that I needed to go to the hospital. Due to things being different (i.e. no screaming and writhing in pain, no fever), she thought that it could just be water in the ear. I tried ear drops and there was no affect, so she took me to the doctor today.

     Guess who has a double ear infection? Anyone? Ah, yes, that answer is correct, my dear reader. I am the one who has the double ear infection.

     I'm on three different medications that the doctor gave me, plus an allergy medication. I have to take it all for a week. Since I have no idea how it will affect me, I will potentially have some wacky and strange things to say. I don't know if I should apologize for this so I'll get back to you in a week.

     Wish me luck the year I turn twenty-four.