Friday, March 2, 2012

Cyber Jerks Are Jerks

     Ironically enough, this took place on Self-Harm Awareness Day. It's only taking me until now to post it, because I had to get permission from two sisters that I'm friends with. As always, they will go unnamed. To tell them apart, you will know them as Younger Sister and Older Sister.

     The three of us use a website called Tumblr, which some of you may have heard about this blog from. It's another form of blog website but it's a lot different than this one. If you're interested in photography and humor, I suggest you check it out. Even though some of you may know me from there, I won't put my name up, as to keep the anonymity for Younger Sister and Older Sister.

     There's a way to send anonymous messages on Tumblr. Usually, things are pretty nice. Nearly everyone I have ever spoken to there has been absolutely sweet and kind. However, the anonymous messages are often taken advantage of and that's what happened last night.

     This is a message the anonymous person sent to Younger Sister. (Please note from here on out that people who use the anonymous messages on Tumblr are called "anon" or "anons", if it is plural.)
[It reads:
Anonymous asked: fuck all those people who say your 'beautiful' your NOT your ugly your nose is crooked and your lips bug me change your WHOLE personality and turn around your looks and MAYBE JUST MAYBE you will look alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Younger Sister replied with: at least i have enough confidence to even show my face on here, unlike you, come off anon and maybe we'll talk]

     One thing about me is that I do not handle people insulting my friends very well. I know that they can all take care of themselves but I do not like it. When somebody even thinks something negative about my friends, I turn into a PMSing mama bear with rabies.

     This is a reply to the anonymous person that I sent to Younger Sister. Even if she didn't post it, I knew she would at least see it. There's no real way to comment on Tumblr so it was the only idea I had to reply to the jerk.
[It reads:
Rachel asked: To the anon who insulted my BEAUTIFUL friend Younger sister: It's people like you that cause suicide and self-harm. You sit behind your computer feeling like a bad ass because you insult somebody who's never done a thing wrong to you. You know what that makes you? A coward, a bully, a liar, and a complete asshole. Grow up and get a heart.
Younger Sister replied with: thanks :) ]

     Something that I tend to over look when sticking up for people is that usually seem to attack me next. Brother and I have a lot of stories about when somebody was messing with one of us or one of our friends, then we were targeted because we had the guts to stand up to the person who attacked us.

     This is what the anonymous person decided to send to me. The layout is different because Younger Sister and I don't have the same background on our accounts. Also, tying every message the anonymous person said was physically painful with their grammar skills. I'm not even kidding.
[It reads:
Anonymous asked: im the ANON! that called Younger Sister ugly, she is!!!!! and you probably dont show ur face cause ur ugly to LOLOL.
I replied with: Younger Sister is gorgeous. At least she has the courage to show her face. At least both she and I have the guts to let people know who we are. You're sitting there on anon, acting like a little cowardly bitch. You want to insult me? Fine, go ahead, but at least have the balls to show me who you are. (By the way, only imbeciles use grammar as poorly as you do.) ]

     During all of this, several other people who follow Younger Sister's account started sticking up for her and reminding her that she is, in fact, quite beautiful. I would screenshot those but I don't know those people so it might be a bit awkward asking for permission. "Hey, I don't know you but I'd like to put you on my blog. Okay? Thanks." Yeah... I don't see that going too well.

     One of the people who complimented her was a nice anonymous person. Younger Sister replied to that but I can only show you about half the message. She included a picture of a young man sobbing underneath, but it's a copyrighted image and I'm not allowed to show that. I can post the other part and you can imagine it though!
[It reads:
confusing moment when i get an anon saying i'm like the most ugly thing ever, and then the next second i get an anon saying i'm really pretty. WHICH ONE IS IITTT D: ]

     During all of this, I was talking to Older Sister. We were keeping each other updated on what was going on and ranting to each other about how some people are jerks. She told me to wait because she was going to write me a message. Tumblr has a character limit so she sent it to me over Yahoo Instant Messenger instead.
[It reads:
Whoever you are who is insulting Younger Sister and Rachel, they are both beautiful. You have no right to call them ugly, you have no right to call anyone ugly, no one does, and I'm not going to say your ugly, because your not, no one is.
Inside and out, I'm not going to stoop to your level and call you ugly or tell you what I think about your nose, or your lips, or tell you anything negative about your face, not only because your anonymous, even if you weren't. I don't have a picture up, because I don't want to have one up, go ahead and make fun of me for that, I don't care. But I am just telling you, you have no right to call anyone ugly. I only go on tumblr because it's like a big family. Everyone... Well, almost everyone is nice, and helps eaach other out when they need it. Maybe you should try to give compliments instead.]

     Older Sister probably handled it a lot better than I did. She was much nicer when telling the anonymous person (well, trying to) just how rude they were. It's easy to forget that you're a nice person when you're trying to stick up for somebody but she managed to remember it (unlike myself).

     Right after that, Younger Sister posted two different things. The first one is something that she just realized and the second was when she saw my response to the anonymous person.
[It reads:
hey i just realized
that anon must have stayed on my blog for a long time staring at my face to point out my flaws
thanks anon i hope you liked my blog <3 ]
[It reads:
to the pathetic anon:
really? come on, pick on me all you want, but my friends? really? back off, if you really need to bully someone to make yourself feel better, come at me, not my BEAUTIFUL friends.]

     Earlier today, Younger Sister had one last thing to say about the anonymous person. It also contained a copyrighted image so I have to cut it in half. At the bottom, imagine a girl grinning and giving a thumbs-up right after the message.
[It reads:
hey, no anon hate today so far i must be doing something right]

     If none of this proves that I have amazing friends, nothing will. I know I talk about Brother and Sissi the most, but all of my other friends are amazing and sweet. I don't know what I would do without them. I love them to death and anybody who messes with them will face the PMSing mama bear with rabies.

     One of the main points of this is to point out cyber bullying. None of us know who the anonymous person was. We have absolutely no idea what provoked them into attacking Younger Sister, but we do know that they attacked me because I stood up for her. As I mentioned when defending her, stuff like this can cause suicide- it can cause death.

     Not everybody can handle it like we did. Not everybody has somebody to defend them or make them feel better. There are so many people all over the world who are absolutely convinced the world hates them because somebody insulted them into believing that they were worthless. The only thing that's worthless are the insults that people use to bully and hurt other people.

     Older Sister, Younger Sister, and I are a few of the lucky ones. We can find humor in the fact that they had to hide their identity just to throw some lame insults. Not everybody can do that- too many people take it to heart and actually believe it. Let's take some of Older Sister's advice and pass out a compliment instead. Maybe you'll save a life.

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