Monday, August 6, 2012

Pictures and Shit

     This is another one of those posts where I throw a shitton of pictures together and call it a day. Why, you ask? Because I'm tired and my head hurts and don't want to think and I have a really huge random collection of pictures that I might as well do something with now. I took a video, from when I went to the mall last week when I was birthday shopping for Brother and my boyfriend (who shall, by his request, be known as Wolfy or any variation of that). Unfortunately, I lost that video.

     Basically, it was a guy who had his pants down to his knees and was walking back and forth, shaking his hips. Like, strutting down a catwalk to the extreme type of thing.

     Like last time, I took a page from Misty of Misty's Laws. Weird license plates tend to stand out so I've been collecting pictures. There were about a million in the parking garage at the mall, but it was too dark, so these will have to do.

We couldn't even figure out what this one means... but they're #2?

Sounds like a teen saying "Ack" from pain. It's okay, I understand.

I wasn't aware that my old cat got a car and a driver's license.

Brad? Are you, in fact, #01? How do you know?

Do you make pipes out of sand or...?

Okay, honestly, I fucking love this one so much.

Can you see why?
     Next up, we have a group of pictures that I took at a store that's supposed to have super healthy food but costs a shitton of money. It's where all the snobby rich folks shop so I'm honestly surprised I'm even allowed in there. Like the bistro, but not quite as extreme.

The top one on the left.
It's shaped like a heart.

That is a pig, shaped out of raw meat.
(And bacon, for you Wolfy. =P  )

Red Dog Rub.

Far Out Feather Duster.

Wow-a Chihuahua

Brown Dog Riba-Riba Rub.

This is just a cupcake I got from there.
(Somebody who saw a certain video should recognize it. lol)
     And now, we have a shitton of random pictures that don't really fit a category or have enough to make one, so I'm just going to throw them all together. Well, except for one, but that's because of a story I have that goes with it and is just too awesome.

I don't remember if I put this on here before.
But this thing scared the fucking shit out of me.
My mom had to save me since somebody has yet to protect me from spiders, like he promised.

These are my mom's lighters. (Feel free to lecture her about how smoking is bad and stuff in the comments.)
The Stud Dog stole them all and we found them under the couch.

Ashley from My Fight Inside drew this for me, after deciding I am her kitten so I said she's my turtle.

Ashley also drew this for me and I thought it was pretty bad ass.
Who else things she was bored at work?

Can you find the branch imitating a dead snake?

I saw a rainbow so I parked the car in a parking lot to take a picture.

And while I was taking a better one, which parked in the parking space, some homeless guy tried to call me over to him.

I don't know why I find food shaped like fish all the time. For instance, here and here.

This is the food court in the mall.

Subway, Massage Therapy, Greek Gyros Healthy & Fresh.

The way they set up the signs was great, okay?

Ashley sent me this too.
Momma wants it but Wolfy agrees that that's just gross, okay?

"You took 2 parking places ___ ride!"
I couldn't stop laughing at this.
     And finally, I have a little story for you guys. It involves last year, when I got to go see Sissi. Ironically enough, since half these pictures were taken at/around the mall, we were walking from the mall to somewhere (I don't remember, we went to Target where I got the purse that weighs too much that I mentioned earlier, a sports store that had cute shoes, the movie theater, and like four other places) since everything is on that road.

     We moved off the road and up a small hill, when a truck came down the road. They honked at us (probably Sissi- she's fucking gorgeous, okay?) and she got totally freaked out because she is from a small town where everyone is nice. I'm from all over the place and currently live in a big city where guys who think you're a hooker will honk at you. So I turned around with my hand raised to flip them off, except that I realized it might be her mom and that would be bad. It wasn't her mom but I missed my chance. While in Target, Sissi went to the bathroom and I actually did see her mom and sister, but that's besides the point.

     Soon, we were going somewhere else, and another truck sped passed us and to the stop light at the end of the road. There was a couch in the back of the truck, very similar to a picture that a friend sent me because he thought it was funny.

Like this, only it was a real couch.
     As the truck slowed towards the stop sign, a guy in the back of the truck raised his beer and shouted "EEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY", in a weird sort of salute thing. He has since been known as Couch Guy and any mention of him, causes Sissi and I to laugh our asses off.


  1. Well all I can say is nice pics even though I seen most of them but now I want a cupcake but not like before when you eat that cupcake lol which by the way was funny xP

  2. Your random posts always make me giggle! You turn things that should be funny into a great laugh :)

    1. Awwww. x3 Thank you. I'm happy I can make you laugh!

  3. I especially love the video - and the thought of you running through the mall after this guy to try and take it! Also, the cupcake? Want! I haven't had breakfast yet but now I have to lol

    1. hahaha Well, I had to chase after him for you guys!

      And the cupcake was really good. It was chocolate with peanutbutter frosting and filling.

    2. That *does* sound good!