Monday, September 3, 2012

Enjoy These Pictures While I Try Not To Pass Out

     Yeah, it's another one of those posts where I upload a shitton of pictures of random things and pretend like it's a high quality, well written, hilarious post that you guys absolutely love. Why? Because I see a lot of random things. And also, because I spent all of yesterday sick with headaches and nausea, while having panic attacks over the storms I have a phobia of (complete with tornado watches and warnings) and didn't fall asleep until somewhere around five in the morning and woke up like every hour until I got up at 10:30 ish. So I'm totally running on caffeine and probably going to crash any moment. Please enjoy these pictures while I hope to upload them before I fall asleep for the next two days.

Momma found this in the vet's office.

The Stud Dog likes to pee on everything when I leave, so we got some of that spray stuff that will draw him to the puppy pads.
It's a sad day, when there's a "Common Sense Caution" on the bottle.
Also, the first thing he did when he sniffed the spray was run to Mom's bed and pee on it.

Thanks for telling us... I'm guessing they're the type of person where every Facebook status is about how in love they are?

Taken in WalMart (while scaring a few people).
Please note the "Breakfast" sign over the smores supplies.

Mom drank hot tea.

And burned the shit out of her tongue.

I got an itty bitty little coffee pot so I can make tea (without melting plastic cups in the microwave).
And it is fucking tiny and cute!

That is a man.

He is playing guitar.

While walking down the highway.

I wouldn't believe it without pictures.

I actually don't know shit about them... but it made me laugh and think of Jenna Marbles (who is fucking hilarious).

Hey Sissi! This one is for you!
Even though we'll probably never go to a bar, but it applies to other places too.

"SCOT 1"
How do you know you're number one? Are you really really old to be the first person ever named Scot?

Mom loves it.

New shirt Momma got me. Entirely true.

This is a sign from my insane neighbor.
We aren't sure if he's trying to sell is trailer or trashcan.. but either way, it's for 100, 000. 00 bucks.
I had to get rid of the phone number to the phone that he doesn't even have.
     Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lay down now.

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