Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pretty Important Stuff

     I'll have funny things for ya'll next week, probably, but not today. I have plenty of funny shit to say but it's just not going to come out at the moment. But, before you X out of the blog, please at least read this first half if you have agreed to participate in my project of getting bloggers to write about bullying.

     I just got an email (well, actually I got it at like eight this morning, but I was still trying to sleep then) from a lady who has agreed to write about bullying. She was trying to clarify the date of Anti Bullying Week. I stated that its from November 19th through November 23rd but she found the National Bullying Prevention Center website says October is Anti Bullying Month and October 10th is Unity Day.

     I've been researching this since the middle of summer, to come up with the correct dates, and everything I've found says it takes place in November. In my searches, the NBPC (I don't know what they call it but that is a really long name) never even came up. Due to this, I'm honestly not sure which are the correct dates now. Maybe they have a month, two different days, and a week. I really don't know.

     Next year, I plan on doing this again (and maybe a few more projects, like on suicide prevention and such- if you know of any, please tell me and I'll most likely write something) and I'll be more careful about finding out the correct dates. For this year, I will still be doing my posting in November whether or not that is correct. I don't have enough time to finish my research and posting in order to get it done in time this month and I know that a lot of you won't be able to do that either.

     However, whether you post October 10th (NBPC's Unity Day) or some time in November, I will still count it as part of my project. Send me your links at or Tweet them @WhenALionSleeps so they will be posted on my blog, no matter if you post them some time in October or that week in November. If anyone else has any more questions, you can email me, Tweet me, or leave a comment and I will respond.

     On that subject, I would like to thank everyone who has agreed to participate in this project. I knew that I would have maybe three or four people agree, but I wasn't expecting so many people. It's my highest viewed post with over sixty views since Sunday at 11:30pm when I posted it half an hour early. It really means a lot that you're all so willing to post about something and to take part in it.

     I doubt I would have gotten so many views or so many people to agree to take part on my own, if The Bloggess hadn't Tweeted my link for me. Yeah. The Bloggess. Possibly the most famous blogger ever. Technically, I only spoke with Mary, her assistant/fairy godmother. The link was sent out on her secondary account @TheGoodBloggess, where she posts links to charities and stuff that help people out. Because of her, 3000+ people saw it and two retweeted it to their couple hundred followers. How cool is that?

    Anyways, onto an entirely different subject. I wasn't planning on writing so much about that today and I would have rather waited until my next post, but that didn't seem fair to you guys. I'm still on serious subjects and this one is actually fucking terrifying for me.

     Most of you know about Sissi. She's been my best friend of six years. As far as I'm concerned, she's my actual sister. When I talk about her, I very rarely say that she's my friend. It's always "My sister" or "My little sister" or "She's my sister'. You get the idea.

     A few months ago, she told me that she was going to the doctor because she'd been having heart pains that were coming more often and she wanted to get it checked out. The doctor sent her to a city a few hours away for her to see a specialist. The specialist told her that she has a hole in her heart and they don't actually know what's causing the pain but she needs surgery to have the hole fixed.

     I was supposed to be there, but we didn't have time to get the money together because we thought that she was having a presurgery appointment instead of the actual surgery. So, I'm stuck three states away from my little sister while she's having a fucking scary surgery. She's having the surgery today and I'm freaking out.

    It's not a big surgery. She won't have a massive scar and it's supposed to be a pretty routine and short surgery. Without it, she could die. But it's still heart surgery and that's scary as hell. She's having surgery at 6:45 in the morning today and I would really appreciate any prayers or good vibes or whatever you do, sent her way. I'm sure she'll appreciate it too, when she's back at home and no longer drugged up so she can read this.

     And to Sissi directly:
     I'll talk to you when you're out of the hospital tomorrow and aren't all wacky from the anesthesia. Feel better and kick ass. I love you, Sissi. Also, I still want to see videos of you being all drugged up, because you know my stories from when I had my tooth surgery. Also also, I hope you like how I made all of your font orange, since its your favorite color. Also also also, don't forget about Aunt Rachel's Story Time. Instead of scarring a kid with Rock A Bye Baby, I'll be telling my future nieces and nephews about their mommy's heart surgery when she was sixteen.


  1. I've been seeing a lot of anti-bullying stuff on TV the last couple of days. I think this is anti-bullying month.

    I will write something on 10/10 UNITY DAY.

    1. I haven't seen anything for it on TV at all. Of course, I doubt they would have things like that during all of the Halloween specials I've been watching.

      Thank you. If you send me the link, I'll still post it to my blog as well, in November.

  2. I'm glad to hear that the anti-bullying post took off! We're still kicking around some ideas, and if we can get a good enough post together, we'll put it up and e-mail you the link.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you two will come up with something hilarious.

  3. It doesn't matter when you do it, the fact that you are highlighting something important makes it something you can do any month! I'll wait for November to do mine.

    I'm glad things turned out okay with Sissi (followed twitter). Surgery is always scary, but it sounds like it was the right thing for her.

    And congrats on getting the Bloggess to tweet your link! That was very smart of you to pursue that!

    1. A very good point! Thank you Kianwi!

      So am I. It was terrifying but she's doing great now. She's already home, going places, and not even on any medication!

      Thank you! I was so excited when her assistant agreed. I freaked out so much. lol (Thanks to her, the page count for that post is 73!)