Friday, November 16, 2012

Bacon And Bacon Related Things

     Okay, I wasn't going to post about this because I just didn't really want to, but I'm going to anyways because I don't have anything else to say. (Well, Wolfy suggested that I post about my favorite Disney movies but there are so many I loved when I was little that I haven't seen in years so I don't know if my opinion would have changed so I'm going to save that post until I complete my collection of Disney movies and can watch them all. Hey, if you want to send me Disney movies, just ask which ones I don't have yet and I'll be happy to tell you.) So, Momma, here is your post.

     Bacon. Momma's favorite thing ever.

     I got a debit card a few weeks ago and Momma has sense learned that she can order bacon related products online. That was really my fault. I realized that she never buys anything for herself (other than actual food- mainly bacon) so I decided to look on Amazon for bacon related clothing since she once wanted to jet a bacon jacket from Hot Topic but didn't have the money on her. We've been getting bacon things in the mail for the past week:

They only had men's pants so she got the smallest one and it shrunk in the dryer so now they fit.
Must have been boy's clothing, not men's...

I can't believe she actually got this.
It's a patch to iron onto your biker jacket or something.

She hasn't had a chance to use these yet.

It's a Christmas ornament but since we don't have a tree up, it's hanging from a kitchen cabinet handle.

Admittedly, I was curious how you could come up with 101 things to do with bacon.

That pretty much disgusted me.

Then we opened it up.

Well played, person she bought this from, well played.
     She is still waiting for a bacon car air freshener to come in the mail. It has until November 19th (today is now November 16th) to get here on time.

     I don't really have that much to say about bacon. Bacon is good. You can do many things with bacon. Bacon comes from pigs, unless it comes from turkey. Everyone loves bacon except for vegans, vegetarians, and PETA. Momma may be the cause of the bacon shortage, except that was in Europe, and we're in America so I'm not sure how that would be possible but she really does like bacon a lot.

P.S. Just thought I would clarify, Momma is not using my money to buy her bacon things. She's been giving me the money for it and has just been using my card to order it. She better quit though or I won't have anything to get her for Christmas.


  1. Yes. Yes I like bacon very much, it goes with anything.

    I promise I am not the cause of the bacon shortage. Which is a very sad sad thing.

    1. You love bacon. You want to marry it.

      I'm not so sure. I'd like to see some proof please.

  2. You know that potato chip chocolate bar I posted? They have a chocolate bar with bacon in it! Click on the link below the photo and go check out their web site :)

    I had no idea they had bacon christmas ornaments, and those bandages are pretty crazy! You'll have to take a picture if your mom uses one.

    The book thing? Do you mean they made a bacon cover for it, but it was actually about dutch ovens? That's crazy!!

    1. My mom doesn't like chocolate (the weirdo) but she does like white chocolate so maybe that can be something I can get for her...

      haha Will do! I didn't know that they made them either. If we set up a tree this year, I expect her to buy more (and pictures will follow).

      That's exactly what I mean! I can't believe it. That was total false advertising but it was pretty genius at the same time.

  3. I didn't know there was so many non-bacon items

  4. I have to challenge the "unless it comes from turkey" comment.

    It most certainly DOES NOT come from turkey and the people who label turkey products as bacon should be deported.

    I love bacon myself and wrote a whole post about it.

    1. I knew somebody was going to comment on that, whether I added it or not. Either it would be "Bacon does not come from turkey!" or "You forgot that it comes from turkey!" It may be cooked the same way but that does not technically make it the same thing, in the same way that you can make anything out of tofu, but it's still tofu.

      I believe Momma will enjoy that post. I'm sending her the link.