Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween: Part Two

     I already posted part one and you can find that post here. As I said in the last post, Momma and I thought it would be fun to go to supposedly haunted places and take pictures/videos. We're not saying ghosts exist and we're not saying they don't. That is for you to decide. We only went because Halloween is coming up and we had nothing else to do.

     Like last time, I'm going to give you the history of the places that we went to now.

The Playground:
     All I could find was that a nine year old little boy died in the park on a summer day, from an accidental fall, so the park was dedicated to him. People say that you can specifically hear him in the forest around the park but he's never been seen. We couldn't go over there because of all the wasps.

     In the video, it's basically Mom and I goofing off. For the record, when I was on the monkey bars, I had already been hanging from them before she took the video and kind of swinging back and forth. I must have grabbed them the wrong way during the video because they tore up my hands (the left one so bad, blood was almost drawn) as you can see by the second picture of hands (the first was Mom's).

     The parking lot is technically kind of part of the park. Mostly, we thought it was weird that they have an old parking lot by a park (complete with sports fields) across the street, an indoor pool next door, and the parking lot had a no trespassing sign.

The House:
     The house was actually on the same street as the park, maybe about half a mile apart. We noticed it on the way and thought it was really creepy looking. On the way back, I saw a for sale sign, and we decided to go up and check it out.

     As much searching as I did, I found basically nothing on the history of the house. It's in a good neighborhood (unless you count a shitton of thefts good, because there are a lot of thefts there) and it's pricing was an average of the houses around it. I could not find good details on the inside though. I found everything from two bedrooms to five bedrooms and one bathroom to two bathrooms. The only other thing I found, was that it was built in the 60's.

     Mom didn't join me on the porch because a roach ran out, fell of the step, and landed on it's head. I didn't see it so it must have been close to the bushes. That's the scariest thing I've found, history wise and everything. You know what? Still looks like a horror movie house.

The Mill...Kind Of:
     We got lost on the way to the mill. We're pretty sure that we never found it, just the water tower to it. What matched the address was just an empty lot. The history of the mill is very simple. It was built in 1891 and burned down in 1991. It is supposedly haunted by a man who died cleaning the smoke stacks shortly after it was built and by a homeless man who lived there before the mill burned down. People claim to hear them walking around, especially at night.

     To be more clear about the whole cop thing, we had been driving around that neighborhood for about five minutes, just going in circles, before the video even started. It's the type of neighborhood with crazy neighborhood watch who will call the cops on weird vehicles driving around. Not only that, but the cop was following us around. We kept seeing him randomly through the streets. Mom said since she had money in her pocket, she would have been arrested for trying to buy drugs, and since I was in a dress, I would have been a hooker. My mom called me a hooker. Awesome.

P.S. If you want to see something truly horrifying, take a look at this picture.
That was when I was getting my hair done. That was how long my roots were.
Also, that is my natural hair color for anyone who asks, since I didn't really know.
P.S. #2 Now it's much less scary but also very Halloween-y.
It's not as red as we planned, but I like it.
P.S. #3 Momma did her own version of Brother's constantly flying ghost. You can read the story here or see the pictures here.


  1. Ooh, I like the hair! That looks really fun. I need to do something different with mine like that. I am bored...I've had mine the same for months, now!

    1. Thank you! I really like it and it's still easy to see the streaks when I put my hair up (as required at work) because they're on the sides too. You should totally do something fun with your hair and post pictures too!