Monday, November 5, 2012

More Halloween Stuff

     I wrote about stuff that Momma and I did the first weekend of October and the second weekend of October, but I never wrote about what we actually did on Halloween. Why? Because we didn't get to do a damn thing. I never even got to dress up because I wasn't going to spend that much time and energy on make up and hair, not to go out.

     The only thing around here is a fake haunted house that costs $40 per person. That's a crap load of money to spend on something that would probably result in my arrest if somebody jumped out of no where and I ended up punching them in the face (which is pretty likely). I would kind of need that money to go towards my bail, so that would kind of defeat the purpose.

     But, Momma and I went places the Sunday after I got my concussion (on Friday night- 3 hours after I got hired). We were actually buying my uniform that day and discovered two different Halloween stores. One sucks compared to last year and the other involved me flipping off cardboard cutouts of the presidential candidates. So, to keep with the theme, I took the pictures and videos and made it into a longer video (but it's only like 5 minutes and 46 seconds).

     Please note, with the reading I was doing, it was hard to keep my eyes focused on the words and I was heavily medicated and my dog literally knocked me stupid for that week. I'm just happy I could still read at all.

     Please also note, it wasn't my idea to dress up the dogs. Mom was going to do it anyways and I thought it was pretty hilarious that we had a 120 pound pumpkin, an 11 pound caterpillar, and Sparky from Frankenweenie. (I would blame the concussion for that but I'm really just easily entertained.)


  1. Okay, you talking about punching someone out at the haunted house made me think of this:

    A haunted house that took pictures of people getting the crap scared out of them. It made me giggle.

    1. That... That was just great. I'm sharing that with everyone I know now. xD Thank you.

  2. Halloween stores creep me out! We had Halloween on Monday, thanks to Sandy.

    1. The Halloween stores were actually very disappointing. Almost everything they had were costumes. Last year, the first one was full of different toys and settings, but it sucked this year.

      What did you do for Halloween?