Thursday, November 29, 2012

Somebody Asked Me Questions

     That somebody was Brett Minor of The Transformed Non-Conformist. He wrote a post inviting all of his readers to ask him questions. In my crap-tastic post yesterday, I invited my readers to do the same thing since I am seriously struggling with what to write about (the offer still stands- I'm out of topics to write about). Brett stopped by and asked me two questions that I thought I would answer tonight.

"What makes you laugh? Every one's sense of humor is unique, so tell us what you find to be funny?"

     I actually tend to laugh a lot. I like laughing. Despite that, I don't really know what makes me laugh and I can't really describe my sense of humor, so I guess I can just name a few things that I can think of.

     Honestly, going back to read a lot of my old posts makes me laugh. It makes me thinks of all the stupid shit that Momma and I have gotten ourselves into. I don't even find the posts themselves that funny- It's the memories that make me laugh, I guess.

     My boyfriend, Wolfy. He probably makes me laugh the most out of anyone. Most of the time when we're talking, we're just being smartasses to each other. Even more often, he's trying to make me laugh because he says it's his job to keep me happy.

     Sissi and Brother have a lot of inside jokes with me that never fail to make me start laughing. It's mainly just stupid things that nobody would even understand, so I'm not going to bother explaining, but they deserve to be on this list.

     Jeff Dunham. I'm not a big fan of comedians or anything like that, but he is just fucking hilarious. I watched one of his shows with an old friend of mine, while we were laying on her bed. Her stepmom came running and told us to change the channel so we did. I laughed so hard that I had to run to the bathroom so I wouldn't pee myself and I almost fell off the bed several times.

     Ironic things and puns almost always make me laugh. Most of the time, it's at some sort of ironic thing that nobody else understand so everyone looks at me like I've lost my mind. As for puns, most people don't think they're funny. I was at Red Lobster with Sissi last year and she picked up her crab and had me pull her jacket sleeve over her hand. She said, "I'm feeling a little.....crabby." And I almost died.

     Children and animals. I'm not talking about brats that  punch their parents (which I saw at the restaurant, by the way). I'm talking about cute adorable little kids that are just cute and silly. A grandma at the restaurant was holding her grandson and he reached out for me so I offered my hand and he gave me a highfive, which made me laugh. When animals are playing and being cute, but being good, they made me laugh. My animals do that a lot because they're kind of weirdos.

     Jenna Marbles, Allie Brosh, and basically everyone else listed on my page of blogs that I read make me laugh. I love reading blogs that make me laugh (though, Jenna Marbles makes videos instead). Chances are, if I follow you (whether now or later), you have made me laugh at one point or another. Either that or I just think you're awesome so you win either way.

     A lot of times, when I fall, I laugh unreasonably hard. Once, I was playing with The Big Dog (back when he was about 30 pounds) and an old dog we had. One of them moved behind me and the other jumped on me. I lost balance, fell over the other one, and laughed so hard that my mom wanted to take me to the emergency room because she thought I had a concussion. I laughed for about ten minutes. (I didn't laugh when I actually did get a concussion.)

"Also, what makes you cry? There are some obvious things that bring tears to most peoples eyes, so I am not talking about the death of a family member or losing a pet. Smaller things that might even be embarrassing. Is there a commercial that brings tears to your eyes or do you choke up at the sight of a new baby?"

     I really don't cry that often, but I do cry easily. It's a weird combination. I don't really know how else to explain it, so I'll list some of those things now too.

     I am extremely sensitive to what Brother, Sissi, and Wolfy say. It's a little pathetic, actually. None of them have ever tried to make me cry and they probably don't even know when they did (um, surprise?). But something stupid can set me off.

     When somebody does something extremely nice for me, I will cry. Brother is the one who got me the plane ticket to go see Sissi last year (for reasons that I can't mention because its not my place). He told me that and I cried my fucking eyes out for about three hours. (I also had to fight tears when I saw her and I cried when I got on the plane to leave.)

     When somebody gives me compliments, I have to fight tears. For example, Kianwi wrote a post for Anti Bullying Week (well, she used the post that originally caught my eye and made me ask her). In the first two paragraphs, she explained what she was doing and she called me sweet and said that I poured my heart into my posts and had done an amazing job. I literally had to stop for a minute so I wouldn't start crying.

     If I'm mad enough, my eyes will start watering and I have to fight back tears. This happens less now than it did a few years ago, but if I'm mad enough, I will end up screaming and crying. Before you think it's a temper tantrum, it's not. It's literally something I cannot control.

     The movie Stand By Me made me cry unreasonably hard. I'm still not sure if its the movie itself or the way it ends or the fact that I was going through a rough patch or what. All I know, is the first time I saw it, I started crying and kind of freaked my mom out because movies don't typically make me cry. It still depresses me when I see it so I don't watch it.

     Math makes me cry. I'm not even kidding, as pathetic as it is. I get so frustrated and angry, that I can't deal with it. I will never be a math teacher, which is pretty obvious.

     Well, I hope I answered your questions, Brett. I wasn't really sure how to go about this. Thank you for giving me something to write about today. If anyone has any questions for me though, just comment some where and I'll use them in a future blog post.


  1. Oh, good job. I have those same questions from Brett that I'll be answering next week sometime. It's harder to define than you expect, isn't it?

    I'm happy that I made you cry. Well, not that you cried, but that I made you happy enough to cry :) You are just great, Rachel.

    1. Thank you! I didn't think they would be so hard to answer until I actually sat down to write it. It was kind of a shock.

      hahaha Thank you, Kianwi! I'm glad you made me cry too... which is something I have never said before.

  2. You did answer them. We think we know ourselves so well and then we are asked a question about ourselves and get stumped. Thanks for taking the time to work with the questions.

    Did you enjoy NaBloPoMo? It's over. What to do now?

    1. Thank you for asking them. I enjoyed writing this post because I really had to stop and think about it. It made me realize that most people just don't know themselves as well as they probably think they do. Or that's at least true for me.

      I've really had a lot of fun with this challenge but I plan on writing about that tomorrow, actually, so I'll cover that later. (Well, later today, for my last post of NaBloPoMo).

  3. I cried at Stand By Me too. And, I've been known to cry at sappy long-distance commercials (which I don't think they even play anymore). I love to laugh too. I've enjoyed being rowmies on the yeah write NaBloPoMo grid! One more to go!

    1. You did too? I'm glad I'm not the only one! I mean, I'm sorry you cried, but I feel less wimpy now. haha

      I don't even know what a long distance commercial is. haha

      I have gotten my last post up! I can't believe its over. I've really enjoyed being rowmies too. (=