Thursday, November 8, 2012

Words And Phrases That Make Me Laugh

     I'm still having a little trouble coming up with something to post today and then I saw something online with the first word listed below and I started laughing. Since I laugh at incredibly stupid things, I decided to make a list of some of them. (There are probably a bunch more but these are what I can think of.) Since I didn't even know what to write until like 7 pm and that's not a lot of time to make a decent list, I also asked people to help.

     Wolfy (my boyfriend, for those of you who are new to my blog), Brother, Sissi, and Mercedes were of basically no help what so ever. Ashley never answered my text so she probably either needs to find her phone or go charge it. But I love them anyways so it's okay.

Idgit. - An idiot, typically said by those with southern accents or those imitating southern accents. Not to be confused with "midget" which is both politically incorrect but not really funny at all.

Twang. - I have no idea what this even means. I have been trying to find out for the past two years and nobody knows.

Apalachicola. - A place in Florida. Brought to attention by the country song "Southern Voice" by Tim McGraw.

Bazinga. - Something you say after you've pranked somebody. Became especially famous from The Big Bang Theory's character Sheldon Cooper (who my mom often imitates).

Get in the choppa. - An imitation of The Terminator that Wolfy does randomly. He says other things but this is the most common phrase.

Concussion by dog. - A true phrase that my mom came up with when my dog jumped on my head and gave me a concussion four weeks ago (as of Saturday), three hours after I was hired to work at the restaurant.

Sassafras. - A tree or root to make good root beer. Momma's favorite word because "it says 'ass' twice".

You're as pretty as a prune. - The first thing that Momma said besides "sassafras" when I asked what words make her giggle.

Oyster. - Shellfish that most people don't  really like (unless they're fried).

Pudding. - A food that everyone likes.

Crash. - When something or somebody collides into something else. Usually funnier to watch than to hear about. Also, a replacement for her friend, who gets into trouble for cursing.


  1. The only definition I know of twang is typically a southern accent, as in, "they speak with a twang."

    I love your mom's 'concussion by dog'...too bad it was a real experience!

    I like 'crazy cuckoo bird' which is what my cousin and I call nutty people.
    I also like to say, 'muchas smooches' which is bastardized spanish/english to say, 'lots of kisses.'

    1. Is that what it means? Huh. That seems to fit.

      I think it's hilarious, even though the concussion sucked. I kind of think it's more funny than anything... and a little annoying because my own blog had to tell me stuff once I was off of the medication and then I was like "when the hell did that happen!?" xD

      hahahahhahahaha I love those. I call nutty people "wackadoos" but I've stopped giggling at that.