Monday, December 3, 2012

Conversations #3

     Honestly, I would have used this for NaBloPoMo if it wasn't prewritten. I don't really want to use a prewritten post but I'm exhausted and I haven't been feeling that great. Plus, I've been saving some of these since August. So please enjoy funny conversations while I try to blink enough to get a little scrubby soap bead thingy out of my fucking eye.

When I sent Brother his birthday post (linked below), this is what happened.
Brother: omg
Brother: this is amazing
Brother: and thoroughly hilarious
Brother: what if we got a picture of us together and my head was cut out of the frame because I am so tall
Brother: that would be the funniest shit ever
Rachel: I'm glad you like it so much x3
Rachel: But yes, that would be the funniest shit ever
Rachel: I WANT that to happen
Brother: and then we'd be like "we have to retake this photo so brother's in it"
*next photo*
*Just my head and perhaps sissi and sis's hair*
Rachel: And then I'd be like "Wow okay don't include me at all" and I'd have to sit on your shoulders or something
Brother: *next photo*
Caption: This is us dragging Brother into the emergency room after he fell backwards and hit his head
Rachel: I'm literally crying now
Brother: xD
Rachel: so many laughter tears
Brother: gross
Rachel: You think everything is gross
Brother: yes I do
Rachel: What about pie?
Brother: I like some kinds of pie
Rachel: I'm still giggling
Brother: pie is a very serious subject
Rachel: I know Brother
Rachel: I'm sorry
Rachel: But you have to understand
Rachel: I am so not socially acceptable
Rachel: Or politically correct
Brother: oh yeah
Brother: I forgot

I was telling Brother about how I'm going to start studying the menu I was given for the restaurant I'm going to be working at.
Rachel: I'm going to start studying the menu tomorrow so that I can go through my training easily.
Brother: yay
Rachel: I think it would be easier to learn if I made the shit but I'm not cooking Italin food lolol I ain't got time for that homemade from scratch shit
Brother: lol
Brother: you almost went full gangster there
Rachel: lol Almost. I'm still learning from the master. (you, except when you say thanks)
Brother: th-
Brother: oh
Brother: shit
Rachel: Good save
Brother: th
Brother: oh
Brother: fuck you
Rachel: no fuck you

Just a random conversation between my friend Emily and myself.
Rachel: I just gagged on my sandwich.
Emily: Sorry.
Rachel: On the bright side, my stomach and every other organ food goes through must be REALLY FUCKING PRESERVED AND HEALTHY.
Emily: hahahahahahahahahahahahha
-awkward moment where nobody knows what to say-
Emily: I have to go to bed.

Pretty self explanatory.
Rachel: I'm watching Young Guns on tv and they changed "fucking" to "farking"
Rachel: It makes me giggle
Sissi: lol
Sissi: fark
Sissi: you
Rachel: OMG
Rachel: I LOVE YOU
Sissi: i love you too hahaha
Rachel: But Sissi
Rachel: fark
Rachel: you

I got a text from a number I didn't recognize, that woke me up. Then I had this conversation. I automatically assumed it was Momma, trying to play a joke on me.
Stranger: Wake uppp
Stranger: Do it do it do it
Me: Who is this?
Stranger: Somebody really really cool
Me: You have to prove how cool you are. A name would be a good start.
Stranger: Voldermort
Me: You misspelled Voldemort
Stranger: I'm so cool it doesn't matter ^.^
Me: Mercedes
Mercedes: Yes?

Wolfy and I were trying to get each other to answer a question first but we were both refusing. Then this happened..
Me: Stubborn
Wolfy: Yes you are
Me: Smartass
Wolfy: Yes I know you are. What about it?
Me: lol
Wolfy: I'm such a smartass
Me: No shit
Wolfy: Cat shit? Dog shit? Rabbit shit? Oh you mean bull shit lol
Me: lol
Wolfy: You're laughing aren't you?
Me: I might be
Wolfy: Thats a yes


  1. Fark you? That's awesome. I love on TV when they change swear words. Like 'Jesus Christ!' to 'Cheese and rice!' Or on Die Hard, when Bruce Willis says 'Yippie kai yay, Motherfucker' they change it to 'Yippie kai yay, Mr. Falcon.'

    1. That's hilarious. I think it's funny when they say "shit!" and you can clearly see them saying it, but they replace it with "shoot!" or even "poop!" It's just hilarious to watch.

  2. Replies
    1. But it really would help if you were a little less rated R. lol

  3. I haven't had a fun texting conversation in a long time! And definitely not anything like these! Pure silliness :) I'll have to step up my game!

    1. haha Thank you! We come up with some pretty random stuff but its fun. If you ever have a fun text conversation, you should totally tell me about it.