Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Past Week And A Half

     Bad things that have happened in the past week and a half:
-I have been sick in bed to the point I couldn't work.
-I went to work sick.
-I was constantly yelled at by the owner of the restaurant for not doing anything right.
-I had to deal with a week of "end of the world" posts all over the internet that made want to punch people.
-I burned the crap out of my arms under a heat lamp at work to the point an ice cube had a steady stream of water dripping off my arms because I was doing my job and the expo's job so I was under the heat lamps too much.
-My mom shoved a bunch of chips in my mouth and made me choke which made a bunch of chips fall right down my shirt in front of my boyfriend.
-My dad sent me a "Merry Christmas" text which was followed by "Sorry I can't do anything, money is tight" text instead of calling me or even getting me a card.
-The Kitten has been bleeding an unreasonable amount for going on 7 weeks of heat and its scaring the shit out of me, so she's getting fixed on January 7.

     Good things that have happened in the past week and a half:
-Wolfy got me awesome socks for Christmas. (Pictures to come later.)
-He also got me one of the most beautiful necklesses I have ever seen. (You'll see that later too.)

-I got over being sick.
-Even though the owner yelled at me for doing things wrong, when he would walk away, I would do things the right way and he praised me for doing such a good job and it was kinda my own secret "fuck you, mother fucker, I was doing it right the first time" because I couldn't actually say that.
-The world didn't actually end. (You can thank Brett Minor for that.)
-My arms are doing much better since the servers took over running and being the expo so that I could put ice on my arms and  then I put burn cream on them. Still sore from being slow roasted, but not nearly as bad.
-My boyfriend seems to think it was funny that I got chips down my shirt but I'm not entirely sure because I haven't asked him.
-My dad actually texted me "Merry Christmas".
-Christmas. (Details to come when I get the rest of my presents. Mom got me pretty awesome stuff too.)
-I got paid even though it wasn't much money at all.
-The Kitten has an appointment to be fixed so she'll be okay again.
-The Big Dog now has his own dog bed and actually (sometimes) gives me room to sleep in my own bed.
-Wolfy, Ashley, Mercedes, Sissi, Brother, and Mom all seemed to like their Christmas presents and that made me very happy.


  1. Well, I'm glad things, for the most part, turned out okay!

    Your dad, man, he's something! He reminds me sooo much of my cousin's dad. He pulls the exact same kind of stuff. He's just a grown-up child, and it sounds like your dad is the same.

    Glad the kitten is getting fixed! It's better in the long run for her health, anyway.

    Can't wait to see the presents!

    1. Some bad stuff happened, but something good came out of almost everything.

      Yeah, my dad is basically just an immature little brat. It makes me more sad to hear that somebody else has to deal with somebody like that than it does for me to deal with it.

      I'm glad too. I've wanted to get her fixed for months.

      I can't wait to show them off! lol

  2. YEAH!! I love saving the world. It gives me a high for at least 6 weeks every time.

    1. Thanks for saving the world! That was pretty cool of you to do.