Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Poll

     Ashley and I started having polls on here, as a competition. We'll pick a topic where our opinions are different and then I'll put the poll up, without saying which one of us picked what. Then we let anyone who stops by my blog decide who will win.

This is our first poll. I picked "bitch" and she picked "whore".

These were the comments that were posted on the poll.

     I won the first poll that we had. It started off with us just wanting to see what people would really prefer to be called but then we decided it was fun so we set up a second one.

I picked "The Lion King" and Ashley picked "The Little Mermaid". I threw in "Dumbo" because it's my mom's favorite and "Snow White" because it's the original Disney movie.
One of the "Lion King" votes is not valid because I asked Brother to vote for his favorite, but he wasn't sure how and ended up doing both commenting and actually voting. So its 7 votes for "The Lion King", not 8 like it would be with the comment.
     In honor of yesterday's post, I decided that I would do a Harry Potter themed poll. I actually don't even know what Ashley's favorite is and I actually announced my favorite in yesterday's post. But since people have had no problem disagreeing with that in the comments, I decided it wouldn't make it unfair.

     Now, tell me your favorite Harry Potter books by voting in the poll! (Its located in the top right corner of my blog, for those of you who missed it.)

P.S. Momma, if you need to ask which one is which for the movie, I'll tell you. But its not fair since you haven't seen all of the movies or read the books. What are you waiting for? A bacon bribe?

P.S. #2 VERY IMPORTANT. For tomorrow's Q post, I thought about doing a questions post. You can ask me any questions that you want and I'll answer them tomorrow! (This might change if I don't get enough questions, but I would like to do this because Q is a REALLY hard letter.) I NEED YOU TO ASK ME THINGS PEOPLE.


  1. Replies
    1. That little winky face is terrifying coming from you.

  2. Darn, I missed the questions! I go really behind in commenting again. I won't be sad to see May, just sayin' :)

    I just don't know if I can pick one favorite book. I liked all of them for different reasons. I'll have to think on it :)

    1. You can still ask me anything you want to! I keep getting behind though too. Its crazy! May will be nice to see.

      Ohh, it is a tough decision! I just know I read the last over and over and over. haha

  3. It depends. Who's cooking the bacon