Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Very Very Angry

     I'm going to give you guys a heads up right now. This will be a very angry, drama-filled rant about things that have been happening in the past couple weeks (mainly focusing on the last few days) that have made me very, very angry. I need to vent (again) and I want to make sure that you guys know that this will be angry and probably contain a lot of curse words. I recently started following a lot of very positive, upbeat, happy blogs who comment back and I don't want anyone getting offended or anything because those nice blogs have really nice people that I like and don't want to upset. (Longest sentence ever. Not even sorry.)

     For those of you who don't know, Mr Fix-It is (was?) my friend. I work with him a the restaurant and he works for my mom as a maintenance man. He's the one who did all of the work fixing up the trailer I was going to move in to, before I realized I'm too broke so both my mom and I moved in. (That's how he got his name on here because he can fix anything.)

     My mom nicknamed his (now ex) girlfriend, Shorty. She was the translator for a while but she started sticking her nose where it didn't belong so she was fired. Even so, she was there for me when I got my concussion and needed an emergency ride to the hospital at midnight. But she likes to spread rumors and talk about people and just generally demand everyone to do things for her. (More than once, she called Mr Fix-It in from working outside for the Park and told him to go to the store for her, to the house, to give her a ride, to go fill up her gas tank, etc, when Mom told her she could go do whatever, not him.)

     He got tired of all of that and broke up with her, which we were all honestly just waiting for. I barely knew him before I started at the restaurant in October but we actually became pretty good friends since he always took me home. The restaurant is half an hour just to get there and another half an hour just to get home. I don't have a license. My mom is night blind. Most the people I work with are bitches and nobody lives on this side of town anyways. He became pretty good friends with my mom because he works for her.

     Since breaking up with her, multiple times since she does not seem to get the message, neither of them has moved out of the trailer they share. She is jobless and he promised to take care of her financially until she figures something out. She has threatened to kill herself. She has scratched her arms up, but only in front of people. She has choked him, which caused him to leave a bruise on her arm in self defense. She has gotten with a new guy to make him jealous and told said new guy, that Mr Fix-It was beating her. She has told everyone she knows that he's trying to be with I-don't-even-know how many people. I'm sure there's more but you get the idea.

     Tuesday, he got drunk and left the Park in his truck. He called Mom and we're still not sure what happened but he kept saying vaguely suicidal things. He said he's poison, he said he can't have friends because he ruins their lives, he said that he's a bad person and he just wanted to go away. Then the asshole hung up on her and disappeared. Not one word from him Wednesday. I was ready to start calling the hospital and morgues because he doesn't have family here to do that.

     This morning, Mom went to the office to find that he gave back the spare key to our house (he's the only one we trusted with it). He won't look at us. He won't talk to us. He got into some sort of argument with Mom's boss. And, after questioning him for five minutes, he finally told Mom that he won't give me a ride home anymore, despite the fact that I can walk to his house in less than two minutes so its not like he's going out of his way.

     I don't even know where to fucking begin with this. I just... I want to punch every jerk involved in this. Shorty, for being a selfish, whiny, needy bitch who needs to grow the fuck up and act like the 30-something year old that she is.

     Not only that, but its because of bitches like her that depression and self harm aren't taken seriously. She's doing it for attention, to get him back and guilt him into staying. That is what every person who actually suffers is accused with because of bitches like her. (I would like it to be noted that she never once said anything vaguely depressed until he broke up with her and she only scratches herself in front of him and she can turn her tears on and off like a switch.)

     Mr Fix-It. Where can I start? Well, I would like to kick his ass because he completely fucked me over with my job. Let's forget the fact that he was the best friend I had who actually lived in this damn state and he's acting like that. Never mind that fact for a minute.

     Let's just focus on the fact that he wasn't even going to tell me that I wasn't going to have a ride home, that I was just going to find out when I got off work and that I had no way to get home. I make five dollars an hour, plus tips. I am lucky to work three hours a night, three nights a week. I don't make enough money to cover gas for my mom to drive all the way to the restaurant and all the way back home, then all the way back again. If she stays, I'll be the first one sent home, within the hour.

     You know what that means? I am losing my job because of their bullshit. I don't make enough money and I will not get enough hours to pay for everything. The only way I would make enough is if I get the big parties that have huge tips, but I'm not even trained as a server yet, so that isn't going to happen any time soon. Its a waste of gas, time, and money for me to stay there. Where my bosses love me, the customers (usually) love me, where I know what I'm doing, where I know the restaurant and the food and how everything works. Because of shit that has nothing to do with me.

     I'm already applying for other jobs and as soon as I get one, I have to quit the job I have now. I know I complain about it and the people I work with, but I actually like working there. I'm good at it and I know how things work. I have to relearn everything, some place else, where I might not be lucky to have bosses that like me.

     I don't want to hear "it'll all work out" and "things happen for a reason". I know all of that. Its not easy to always remember that but I know it. That does not change the fact that I am straight out pissed right now and those two bitches better avoid me or there is no telling what I'm going to say, but I can basically guarantee I'll regret saying it later.

P.S. I started filling out job applications today. One restaurant set up an interview for Monday right away, so that looks pretty good. I also know a couple people who work in the restaurant next door to it so that could also be promising.


  1. I'm sorry, that's a crappy situation, and he certainly left you in the lurch. I hope he either comes around or you find a good job you have a means to get to.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. Thank you. I can't believe that things turned out like this. I knew I would need a new job but I thought I would leave on totally different terms, that actually had something to do with me.

  2. First of all here's another hug. -huggggg-
    Second lets go put the hurt on both those idiots.

    Third and last. Think if this as a good thing. You might get a way better job close by.

    I think we should go beat up Shorty though. It would be fun.

    1. -huuuuuuuuuugs- Thank you Mercedes. You always have hugs for me!

      I'll see you in ten minutes. Bring the snacks because I know some people who are gonna wanna watch.

  3. Tomorrow is a good day to start anew...Good luck in your future endeavors...

    1. Thank you. Good luck to you as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be better than the past two days.

  4. Aw, that's crap. I can never understand how people can be so selfish. I get he has his issues, but why is he giving up driving you home? It doesn't even make sense. I hope you get the job you are interviewing for. Is that one a lot closer?

    So sorry. Big hug!

    1. I don't even understand it. I told him that today. It has nothing to do with me! The job I have the interview with is about two or three miles away.