Monday, May 20, 2013

I Have Way Too Many Pictures

     It's been a long time since I've done a picture post. I still had pictures waiting from last time, but to top it all off, I had over 150 pictures on my phone and about half of those were things I saw and thought, "hahaha I gotta blog about that". I'm just going to blame the A-Z Challenge on this one, instead of the fact that transferring pictures from my phone to my laptop is a pain so I hardly ever do it.

Look at the end of the road. Those are cars from like  the 1920's.
This picture is so old, that I took it when I was drugged on medication from my concussion.
I remember because there was a line of like 30 of them and I thought I was hallucinating.

That's my mom's phone. The spider was named Spiffy before it fell off.
But I took the picture because of the WiFi names.

Apparently, he's king.

I parked the car and I was like, "Wow I did a bad job parking".
Then I saw that.

This is too dark for me to see but I took this picture for a reason.

Oh, I guess that's why?
Wait. I think that's a coffin.
I am like 90% sure that is a coffin.

That was my new friend at a pet store.
I named it but I don't remember what.

Sissi had a presentation at school.
I could flip the picture but I'm lazy, sorry.

My mom hates her hair being straightened because she says it makes her look bald.

Mom got an umbrella that looks like The Little Dog.

Mom's bacon pants.

Despite the bacon pants, she wanted that, but it wouldn't fit her.

That is doggy nail polish.

Bacon bandaid.
Every time I saw her hand, I thought she was gushing blood.

The dogs destroyed my camera box, where I stored the extra memory card and the charger and shit.
Since then, I have lost EVERYTHING but the camera.

Before the drama, Mr Fix-It picked me up from work and Shorty was there.
She demanded to go pick up Chinese food.
She picked the nastiest restaurant that I have ever seen.

That's all inside of the restaurant.

But they kicked out some lady with a dog, even though the dog was clearly cleaner.

Redneck Christmas.
That means this picture was all the way back in December.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


     This isn't going to be a long post because I have been working every single day this week (well, since last Friday) and I have to keep working until Sunday, unless Momma needs me at the office on Monday. But there is good news with all of that! I have officially started my training as a server so maybe I'll be making more money than as a runner/hostess and I might even be able to buy something more expensive than a pack of gum.. like maybe a soda or something.

     I've basically been trained completely out of order. I wasn't even supposed to talk to the table until my second full night of training, but I was given my own table the very first day. Which considering I had help and wasn't even training the entire shift, wasn't that bad... even though there were five people.

     The second day I was supposed to train (as the lady manager told me) we ended up with a party of a shitton of kids for some school thing. I showed up an hour early to train, before any families were there, but the guy manager was like "lol no go sit in the office, clock in in an hour, and run the food". Neither the lady manager or the owner were happy to hear about that, since he was also specifically told that I was to train before the restaurant got busy.

     The second day I actually trained, I got my own two tables for the entire night. I also helped with a couple others but didn't get to do much. The first one, the girl training me kept going behind me to make sure everything was okay and did all of the computer work. I didn't do everything so I don't count it as my table, but as our table.

     The other table I had kept teasing me because I'm underage and don't even want to drink, so I knew nothing about the wine they were drinking. They also decided Rachels are supposed to have dark hair so I need to go dye my hair to really be a Rachel and kept saying that I was really sweet. I sold half a bottle of wine, two glasses of another wine, and got a ten dollar tip on a fifty dollar bill. Pretty badass for a first real table.

     Tonight, I was sort of passed around the restaurant for whoever wanted to teach me what. I was lectured on the alcohol and bar, but I can't remember shit. The server (who is best friends with the girl who hates my guts) was the one who did that. He not only wrote a bunch of stuff down for me to study and remember, but he also showed me the written test I have to take and basically told me all the answers and every time I passed him, quizzed me on whatever he thought of. Another server showed me how to carry two glasses in one hand, but I can only do that when they're empty so I need practice. I was also shown side work, what to do when cleaning up at the end of the night, and other things.

     I had two tables. The first one, they were nice and told me that I didn't need to be training anymore. They left a pretty good tip too, but since they didn't directly hand it to me, restaurant policy is that the server who dose the training gets to keep it. Which kind of sucks, but my check is more while in training, so whatever. The second table seemed to like me enough but I don't know if they left a decent tip. I only got to pick it up and hand it to my trainer. Then she made me show the dessert tray (with about seven desserts on it) to a table. Including naming and describing each of them. They were not impressed with all the stuttering I did and I forgot half of what I was supposed to say. Oops.

     Now you are caught up in my life and it is 1:22 in the morning so I should probably sleep soon. But I won't because I never do. Oops.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Questions #3

     When I was doing the A to Z Challenge in April, I asked my readers for some questions so that I could do a post for Q. I didn't think I would have enough questions so I asked my friend Ashley to send me some. She sent me eight hundred so I decided I would accept the challenge and answer them all (like she also decided) but I would split it up with posts. I'll be continuing from where I left off from the previous post. You can see the other posts by going here and here.

     (For the record, this post was written when she sent me the list for the Challenge, so not all of the answers are completely up to date.)

     Also, I'm sorry for posting two questions posts in a row. I wanted to switch things up and write about my weekend or something, but I worked 9.86 hours yesterday (according to my little time thingy on the computer) with one half hour break to eat. I still feel half dead so this is the best I can do. On the bright side, my hours have been increased to every day until at least next Sunday, so yay I might be able to buy more than a pack of gum!

44) Have you ever been bungee jumping?
     Nope and I don't plan on it.

45) Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking?
     Briefly, at a school field trip. We were not good at canoeing at all but it was actually a lot of fun.

46) What types of holidays do you prefer?
     The ones without fireworks.

47) Whats the furthest you've ever been on holiday?
     For a holiday, it would be from Alabama to Louisiana. In general, from Alabama to Arizona.

48) What was your favorite holiday?
     Halloween for the fun, but Christmas for the meaning.

49) Where would your dream holiday be?
     I've always wanted to travel Europe. Does that count?

50) Can you tap dance?
     I cannot dance in any way.

51) What's your favorite zoo animal?

52) What's your favorite sport?
     To play, it would be water volleyball. I don't enjoy watching sports.

53) What's your favorite food?
     Ice cream.

54) What's your favorite pizza topping?
     Pepperoni and pineapple.

55) What's your favorite film?
     I assume you mean movie. The Lion King. It has been since I was two.

56) What's your favorite song?
     Don't Take The Girl by Tim McGraw has been one of my favorites since I was a toddler. Otherwise, it changes every few months. Skin by Sixx AM is currently one of my favorites though. I highly recommend it.

57) What's your favorite alcoholic drink?
     I don't drink alcoholic drinks.

58) What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
     Probably sweet tea, but I'll usually always drink water.

59) What's your favorite TV program?
     I don't really have one.

60) What's your favorite boyband?
     I don't listen to boybands. I have nothing against them and I can recognize talent, but I just don't prefer that kind of music.

61) What's your favorite girl group?
     Reread #60 but replace "boybands" with "girl group".

62) What would be your ideal partner?
     Somebody who always supports me and will always love me and treat me right.

63) Do you want children?
     One day, yeah.

64) Do you want a church wedding?
     One day, yeah.

65) Are you religious?

66) Do you like reality TV programs?
     Generally, no. I will not watch Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, The Kardashians, or anything like that.

67) Do you like TV talent shows?
     Some, yeah. But I also get bored with them after one or two seasons.

68) If you were gay, who would your life partner be?
     Another woman, I guess.

69) If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
     I regret a lot of things but I wouldn't change them. They brought me where I am today.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Questions #2

     When I was doing the A to Z Challenge in April, I asked my readers for some questions so that I could do a post for Q. I didn't think I would have enough questions so I asked my friend Ashley to send me some. She sent me eight hundred so I decided I would accept the challenge and answer them all (like she also decided) but I would split it up with posts. I'll be continuing from where I left off from the previous post. You can see the other post by going here.

     (For the record, this post was written when she sent me the list for the Challenge, so not all of the answers are completely up to date.)

16) What was your last dream about?
     I don't remember. I usually don't, unless its a nightmare.

17) What would you do if you won the lottery?
     Not tell a single person so that they wouldn't try to be my friend for the money.

18) Would you like to design/build your own house?
     If I ever do win the lottery, yeah. Sounds cool.

19) Which form of public transport do you prefer?
     A car. I don't like planes. I'm eh on taxis. I kind of liked the trains I was on. I've only really been on a schoolbus and that was only fun in the 5th grade.

20) What talents do you have?
     I can make almost anything sarcastic. Actually, I'm really good with animals and kids. Does that count?

21) Can you juggle?
     Not at all.

22) Can you solve a rubix cube?
     If you only moved it once or twice.

23) Do you have a cherished childhood teddybear?
     Not a teddybear. I had stuffed cats that I loved. With the move, I'm not sure where they are.

24) Are you psychic in any way?
     I wouldn't say that I am. I've seen weird things that I can't explain, but everyone has at some point or another.

25) Are you a good dancer?

26) Are you a good singer?

27) Are you a good cook?
     I sincerely hope so.

28) Are you a good artist?
     My best attempt at art is coloring in a coloring book and hoping for the best.

29) Are you a good listener?
     I'd like to think so.

30) Are you a good public speaker?
     No. I'm too quiet and when I feel like I'm not being listened to, I stop talking and give the person interrupting me this look that says, "Are you done yet? Because I'm not." (Not kidding. That happened the last time I had to read something I wrote out loud. He apologized and it was great.)

31) Are you a good babysitter?
     Yes. That is one thing I can say I'm actually good at.

32) Are you a good mechanic?
     I know what sound a starter makes when it stops working. That is the extent of my knowledge.

33) Are you a good diplomat?
     My mom said, "Not yet but you can be." I don't know what that means so I'll just go with it.

34) Are you a good employee?
     My bosses love me and my coworkers hate me. Take what you will from that.

35) Are you a good dresser?
     When I'm not being lazy.

36) Are you a good swimmer?
     I can swim but I'm not a strong swimmer.

37) Are you a good skier?
     I'll let you know if I ever go.

38) Are you a good lover? (Top or bottom wink wink)
     Only you would ask me that. Why do you want to know? Are you trying to tell me something...? Do you need to tell Gino something...?

39) Are you a good musician?
     I own two guitars but I can't play either of them.

40) Are you a good comedian?
     Probably not. The whole public speaking thing...

41) Are you a good cleaner?
     I'm a little OCD about it.

42) Are you a good actor?
     I'd like to believe so but I have almost no acting experience. I was good in the play in the 3rd grade though.

43) Are you a good writer?
     If you're reading this, you read my blog. You tell me.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A to Z Follow-Up 2013

     I really can't believe that I survived the Challenge this year. It was not only my first year entering, but it was the second blog challenge I've ever done. (I feel like I cheated a little on last year's NaBloPoMo, however, because a bunch of my posts were poor quality and asking for topics to write about...)

     To top it all off, I went to visit my boyfriend April 6th-April 15th, and I was a complete fucking mess when I got home. While I was there, I never would have kept up with it if Wolfy didn't make sure that I did, and when I got home I didn't want to give up because I put so much time into it already.

     There was drama at both of my jobs, with the person who works with me. I'm afraid that drama still isn't over yet, but I'm staying out of it the best that I can. It's too stressful and has nothing to do with me, so I refuse to let everyone keep trying to drag me back into it. That actually ended up being two of my topics for the Challenge this year, but my goal is to make them all happier next year.

     I plan on entering the Challenge again in 2014, but with a theme. I didn't do one this year because my blog topics are typically random to begin with, and I didn't want to make it even more difficult than it was supposed to already be. But next year, since I already know that I can write 26 posts according to the alphabet, I'm going to pick a theme. (Feel free to suggest some ideas. I have a few but its a whole year away.)

     Next year, I want to be able to visit more blogs and follow them. With my trip and then all of the drama over the past couple weeks, I just did not have enough time to visit all the blogs that I wanted to. In the comments, I want you to suggest your three favorite blogs from the A-Z Challenge for me to check out (not including super famous ones, like The Bloggess or Hyperbole And A Half).

     From the Challenge this year, my absolute three favorite blogs to read were The Warrior Muse who had a theme of History's Mysteries, Diary Of A Square Toothed Girl who had a theme of things that bring her joy, and The Daily Dose who had a theme of things that inspired her. I discovered them because I signed up for the Challenge and I'm incredibly happy with that. Go check them out. Right now. Or after you leave me a comment.

     I barely kept up with reading and I hardly commented on everything, even though my goal was to comment back on every blog and comment on every post I read. Sometimes I just didn't know what to say, but more often than not, I didn't comment because the person doesn't reply to comments. It makes it seem like the comments aren't read or cared about, which I know isn't true, but still. If you reply, I am much more likely to leave you a comment. I am fully aware of how unfair that is.

     Brett Minor of The Transformed Non-Conformist is the one who told me about the Challenge, after last year's NaBloPoMo. Then he actually reminded me when it was time to actually sign up for it. Thank you, Brett. I wouldn't have even known about it until April first if you hadn't told me.

     Let's be honest though. The only reason I even got through the Challenge this year, is because my boyfriend sort of forced me to keep up with it while I was at his house. As badly as I wanted to keep up with it, there's a two hour time difference that really fucked me up, so I kept falling asleep before it was time to post. (If you'll notice, the posts written from Wolfy's house say that they're posted after midnight, but that's because I didn't change the time zone thingy on my blog to match his house's time.)

     But I also kept forgetting about it, just because I was there and I was happy and I was more focused on him. Even so, he woke me up several times and handed his laptop to me and told me that I needed to post before it was too late. So he deserves a huge thank you for making me keep up with it long enough for me to get to the point of, "I put too much time in this to give it up now" and suggesting about half of the posts that I wrote. I never would have completed the A-Z Challenge otherwise.

     I just read that back and it sounded like an acceptance speech for a special award. Oops. Even my acceptance post for the two awards I got during the Challenge was less acceptance-y.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm Not Sure What Happened

     I'm really not. I was lucky enough to get three different awards (here, here, and here) last year. Every time I get an award, I'm shocked by it. Before I get too excited, I check to make sure that it's not some spam comment trying to get me to go to their site or whatever. But then I freak out for the next week because ohmygosh somebody likes my blog enough to pass an award on to me.

   On my C post, I was surprised that I was given the Liebster Blog Award by Michelle from Things I See And Know. Originally, I wanted to accept it right away, like I normally do. I wasn't really sure how to work it into the A-Z Challenge until the letter L, but that fell on Ashley's birthday, so her birthday post had to come first. But that does not change how excited I am about it.

     Then, I was even more shocked, because I got another award! This one was another Liebster Blog Award, on my X post and came from Shawn Yankey from Laughing At Life, 2. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw it. Not only did one person give me the award, but I was given the same award by an entirely different person in the same month. Ohmygosh.

     I never thought the day would come when I would have to accept two awards on the same post. I'm not even kidding. Thank you guys. I'm not going to write a sappy speech because I'm not good with sap, but seriously, thank you.

     As every other award I've gotten, there are rules that have to be followed:
1) You can only pass the award on to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
2) Post eleven facts about yourself.
3) Answer the eleven questions asked by the blogger who awarded you.
4) Choose and link to eleven new bloggers to give the award to.
5) Create eleven new questions to the bloggers you chose.
6) Go back to their blogs and tell them they've won the award.
7) No tag backs.

     I'm going to follow the rules the best that I can, which basically means doubling them. I'm not going to do is pass the award on to twenty-two people. Honestly, I just don't read enough blogs to have twenty-two blogs that have less than two hundred followers to pass it on to. But if you have less than two hundred followers and aren't on my list, consider yourself a winner. Congrats.

     Let's start with Michelle's questions for me.
1) Who is the most famous person you've ever met?
     I met all of the guys from the country group Alabama. My grandma is obsessed with them and took me to some thing they were doing a few years ago. She went back the next year and they all remembered her and had a nice conversation about restaurants in the city Grandma lives in.

2) Why did you start blogging?
     I actually answered this in my B post. Long story short, I have something that I need to say, even if I don't always know what it is.

3) What is your most likable quality?
     My mom says its, "I don't know about most likable to range everything, like 1-400, but I would say a big one would be your quick comebacks, when she makes someone laugh." I would like it noted that she had a really long pause while she thought about that and then followed up with, "And she's funny but she gets that from me."

4) What is one item you should throw away, but probably never will?
     Old jewelry (not even expensive stuff, mind you) that I was given by old friends or whatever. I keep it for the memories, even if its not the memory of receiving it.

5) If you could be anywhere in the world this New Year's Eve, where would you choose and why?
     Any place without fireworks. I hate being anywhere around them. I'll write a post on it one day (if I remember) but long story short, my dad and his redneck friends got drunk when I was 17 and we all went out to a field one of those friends owned. The cheap fireworks kept backfiring and going towards me. A few ended up under the gas tanks of the cars and had to be kicked out before anything could happen. I still have burn marks on the leather jacket I was wearing that night.

6) Summarize your outlook on life in six words.
     Stay strong and always keep fighting.
     I want a tattoo that basically says that, but I'm not sure on the actual wording or design. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

7) What event in the next few months are you looking forward to most?
     I don't have an answer because I don't know how long 'the next few months' is.

8) If you had a $100 gift card to spend in any store, where would you choose to spend it?
     I was going to say Hot Topic, because my closet is completely full but I buy clothes almost every time I go there. But I would probably buy CDs instead. (Yes, I still buy CDs, because iTunes is a fucking bitch that literally gives me a migraine and makes my iPod useless.)

9) What cheers you up when you are having a bad day?
     My boyfriend. He's almost always the first one to get me to smile when I'm having a bad day.

10) What one piece of advice would you give to a new blogger?
     Don't give up writing if you really have something that you really want to say and only write for yourself, not anyone else.

11) If you could create a memorial to yourself in a city park, what and where would that memorial be?
     It would be a memorial to say that I am awesome and it would be in New York, for the simple fact that I don't know any other well maintained city park.

     Now, onto Shawn's questions for me:
1) If you could choose to have any super power what would it be, and why?
     I answered this in my Q post. I would be able to teleport anywhere because I am terrified of planes (and my name would be "OHMYGOSHWHEREDIDYOUCOMEFROM" because that's what people would say when I would pop up out of nowhere).

2) What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
     Considering the fact that I've never had one, nothing.

3) If you could be any cartoon character which one would you choose, and why?
     Mulan. Because she is bad ass and saves all of China and she can sing. (I'm not sure if that counts because its a Disney movie, but oh well.)

4) What is your favorite movie?
     The Lion King. One would think I would have picked Nala or Kiera for #3, but no, I like having opposable thumbs.

5) If you could be granted one wish what would you wish for?
     Either more wishes or more genies, depending on if there were any rules to that wish.

6) Why did the chicken cross the road besides to get to the other side?
     To get away from people asking that question.

7) If you had the power to change laws, what would you make legal, and what would you make illegal?
     I would make gay marriage legal and I would make all bullying, in any sense of the word, illegal.

8) What is your favorite way to spend free time?
     Listening to music or writing.

9) What is your favorite quote?
     "Judge me and I'll prove you wrong. Tell me what to do and I'll tell you off. Say I'm not worth it and watch where I end up. Call me a bitch and I'll show you one. Fuck me over and I'll do it to you twice as bad. Call me crazy, but really you have no idea." - Author Unknown

10) In your opinion, do you think man has really been to the moon?

11) What is your favorite quality of the opposite sex?
     Personality. Not even kidding or trying to be wise.

     Now it's time for a list of eleven facts about myself, for each award. I'm sorry! I know this post is really long already. Next time, I'll accept the award when I actually get it.

1) The quote from Shawn's #9 is on my Facebook page.
2) I haven't updated my picture on Facebook or any of my IM's since I had long black hair, which was back in January.
3) Currently, my hair is light brown-ish and above my shoulders.
4) One of my very favorite poems ever was written by Michelle. You could say that's one of my favorite quotes as well. Read it here.
5) I have snapped at many of my coworkers, when I was either being provoked or they wouldn't listen to me.
6) I can't believe none of my managers have ever talked to me about that, despite witnessing it.
7) When I write a poem, I really like it, but if I go back the next day when I'm not an emotional wreck, I don't like it anymore.
8) I took two World Cultural Geography tests last night and I was disappointed when the first one got a 90% because it's open book.
9) On the second test, I got a 70% and got unreasonably sad because it was still open book.
10) I partially blame karma because I shouldn't have been disappointed about a good grade to begin with.
11) Last week, I had a dream where I fought with the coworker who hates my guts (who I actually posted about in the C post) and basically called her a toilet before I woke up.
12) Later that night, at work, the food expo backed into her, despite her trying to warn him, and she dumped a tray with four tea glasses on me so that it looked like I peed myself. She apologized but she did seem too happy about it. The expo only apologized to her.
13) I think that was karma too.
14) Clearly, I believe in karma.
15) I also believe in God.
16) My right shoulder really hurts right now.
17) This blog post is longer than I expected it to be.
18) Everyone tells me that I'm quiet when they realize that I don't speak.
19) I usually just say, "I know", because I'm fully aware of the fact that I don't talk.
20) Nobody is more annoyed than I am by my shyness.
21) I can't believe "shyness" is a word but "opposable" isn't, even though I triple checked the spelling.
22) I think we're all glad that this is the last fact I'm supposed to list.

     Okay, here are my eleven questions for the people I'm passing the award on to:
1) What is your favorite band or artist?
2) What moral code do you live by?
3) If you could meet any real person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be, and why?
4) List three things that you like about yourself.
5) If you could play on a crime show, would you rather play the victim or the killer, and why?
6) What is one piece of advice you want everyone of the younger generation to have?
7) What is the stupidest thing that you've ever done?
8) What is your most embarrassing moment? (I know, I'm mean.)
9) Is that your actual most embarrassing moment or are you keeping the real one a secret?
10) What is your favorite book?
11) Do you have any pets? (If yes, you must provide pictures.)

     And finally, I'm going to list the people I think deserve the award!
Simply She Goes
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Diary Of A Square Toothed Girl
Uber Random
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     I know that's no where near the amount of blogs I'm supposed to put on the list but either they've gotten the award a million times already, or they don't do the award thing, or they have more than two hundred followers. I plan on doing the A-Z Follow Up post next week so I'll be mentioning my favorite A-Z blogs on there, no matter the follower count.