Friday, June 7, 2013


     I know I said I wasn't going to post until Monday, but I've got something to say now that can't really wait. Well, I guess I could write this now and wait to post it, but whatever. Maybe I'll post now and Monday. We'll see.

     Let me just start off by saying, that I am truly thankful for everything that I have. I know that I'm lucky and blessed. I understand that. I also know that I could have a lot less than I do now, because I've been there before and I do not want to go back.

     That being said, I'm actually really pissed off right now.

     I've gotten a tip for $14.50 and another one for almost $19, on just two people and their bill was only like $50. Those tips completely turned that day around because holy crap, somebody was actually willing to tip me that much because they thought that I earned it. My boss told me yesterday, that somebody wrote a good review about us online because of me. Those are my examples.

     Yesterday, I got a $1.98 tip. Literally the only mistake that I made, was I put ice in her tea when she asked me not to. The tea is made fresh and comes out hot, so I did it without even realizing it until she said something. But I apologized and kept trying to fix it, but she wouldn't let me. I know that I made a mistake but she didn't even seem angry, but they still left me a $1.98 tip and the restaurant was almost empty.

     Today, I had three tables in the almost four hours that I was there. My tips were $2, $2 and $1.96 because they had separate checks, and $4. With paying the tip out for runners and hosts, I literally only made $8.75 for my entire shift. One guy, the one who left me the $1.96 tip, said that it was a good tip. My manager, the one who doesn't like me, was right there and I thought he was going to hit him for that.

     I'm not saying that I deserve a fifteen dollar tip on a thirty dollar bill, but I am saying that I deserve more than the pocket change I can fucking pick out of the couch cushions. If I wanted to buy a tic tac, I would have dug at the bottom of my purse for loose change, not spent an hour of my time catering to your every need and putting a smile on my face while dealing with your bad attitude.

     Not everyone can afford to leave good tips. However, if you tell me that you go out to eat at the restaurant once a week or you walk in wearing Kohl's clothes with designer handbags and smelling like a highend salon, then you can leave more than two dollars.

     Its not even that I'm completely mad for myself. I know some people suck and that that guy literally thought $1.96 is a good tip. But the thing is, the person serving you has bills to pay and families to feed. What about the newly wed couple who works there? Or the mothers? Or the college students who don't even have family nearby? One girl came from across the country and doesn't have any family nearby, but she's in nursing school AND has to have her wisdom teeth removed. But she doesn't make enough money so she's still in pain.

     Not every server earned or deserves a good tip. Mom and I have gone out to eat and seen our servers sitting down eating, or we haven't had anyone pay attention to us. That isn't a reason to boycott that restaurant, because you had one bad server, but its understandable not to leave them the best tip ever. We walked out on a tip for some guy who spent our entire meal, eating his meal and didn't even refill our drinks once.

     But when somebody is really trying? When your drinks stay full, you're offered everything there is to offer, you joke and laugh, you get your food while its hot and love it, you have a never ending supply of bread (or chips or whatever), all that shit... No, you need to at least leave more than two fucking dollars. Because I can guarantee you that that person is trying their hardest and they are working their ass off for something.

     And when there isn't a lot of people in the restaurant? What if you're the only tip they even get that day? We were so slow, the manager actually should have sent me home after the second table and I would have made less than five dollars today, with paying tip out. He only let me stay that extra hour because I got such bad tips from my first two tables and he wanted me to at least make enough money to cover gas. Not all managers are that nice... and he's the one I don't like.

     You don't have to leave a big tip. I'm not saying you should pay their rent or something. But at least be considerate. The "official" amount that you're supposed to leave is 20% of the bill. As long as they're trying, even if they make a small mistake, at least give them enough money to buy an entire thing of tic tacs instead of just one. Damn.

     And now all of that has been said, but I have one more important thing to say. I was ranting about this on Twitter earlier and my friend Ashley responded. I'm publicly apologizing because I was publicly a bitch to her earlier. She tried to calm me down and remind me that at least I got something instead of nothing, but I was too angry to listen and I snapped at her. I'm really sorry, Ashley.

P.S. The table that gave me the review stayed from 2:30 until closing. It pisses the servers off if you stay for hours, because we don't make money if we don't turn tables. If you hog up a table, you won't let them make any money. It also means that they can't go home unless they beg another server to take the table from them. Just so ya'll know because they'll probably spit in your food next time you come in. (I wouldn't, but there are people who would.)

P.S. #2 Seriously. Don't fuck with the bitch in charge of your food.


  1. My aunt is a lifelong waitress and she has had this happen to her many time, of course. It's definitely not a reflection of your service, just people being cheap. I always tip well, because I figure if I through in a couple of extra bucks, it won't hurt me a bit, but will mean a lot to a server. It's just part of going out to eat that you have to factor in. I agree it's rude when people don't.

    Hopefully you'll get an amazing tip on your next shift!

    1. You need to come and eat at my restaurant. haha

      But it makes me happy that you do that for the servers. A couple dollars makes a huge difference. The massive difference between a five dollar tip and an eight dollar tip amazes me. I never realized it until I started serving but it means soooo much, especially on a slow day.

      I hope so! I work basically every day so I'm hoping I'll at least get a few good tips because this last week has been crappy with that.

  2. *hugs* I hope things go better the next time you work.

    1. -hugs- Thank you. Things were slightly better the day after and much better today. =)

  3. I spent years waiting tables in my 20's and before I did, I assumed servers were paid like everyone else, and the tip was just extra. What a crock. It's hard, often exhausting work and those days when you get the tables who just don't get it, make it an extra frustrating day. BUT, that just means you've got some extra GOOD ones coming your way soon.
    Sorry to hear about the continued ignorance of people who dine out.

    1. I always knew that they made so much less, but it never occurred to me that other people might leave bad tips. Bad tips don't add up very fast and it makes it hard to pay or anything. Good tips add up fast and even if its still not a lot of money, at least you can leave knowing that you have something.

  4. "Not everyone can afford to leave good tips."

    If you can't afford to tip, then don't eat out. This just seems like common sense to me. I'm also just astounded at how many people don't know when a tip is "good" or not. I'm sorry to hear you had a day of crappy tips, and I hope it picks up next time you're in.

    1. I can understand it if its for a birthday or something, but honestly, that should just be factored in. You know you're on a budget so either save a little longer or cut the food budget back slightly so that you can leave a tip. There's not much common sense in this part of the country but I'm hoping that there's at least enough to know when you're the deciding factor between rent or eviction, or whatever other bills there are.

  5. I leave 20%, more if they're good, less if they're terrible. I waitressed what seems like eons ago, and I think I will forever remember the little rat bastards that sat there forever, demanding more and more from me, then left me a penny with a note on a napkin saying, "Sorry, we don't have enough money for tip." They were either lying, or they shouldn't have come out to eat. Try fast food if you can't afford where you're eating. They were awful the entire time.

    You know who always left me good tips? Bikers. I screwed up by forgetting to refill this one big scary guy's iced tea. I did realize my mistake and go get it, but I think I made another small mistake on that table. He was super nice the whole time and left me a big tip. He knew I was having a bad day, I guess (it was a REALLY bad day...I'd just found out my grandpa had died and another grandpa was in the hospital after a massive heart attack, AND I suspected my grandmother had cancer from a weird convo we had on the phone--she did). He and his friends were awesome every time they came in.

    I remember my regulars and the nice people who came through, and most of the jerks have faded over time. I hope you get more good customers than bad ones.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. That is EXACTLY what I was trying to say and what I believe should be done. If you can't afford a tip, you honestly should just go buy ramen or something instead of screwing over the person who took care of them.

      There's a place on the way to work... It has biker bars, a tattoo and piercing shop, a liquor store, an... adult store, and a strip club. All in the same little patch of land. I laugh every time I see it.

      I'm sorry about that bad day, even though that was a while ago. That's just.. really really bad.

  6. I so hear and agree with what you're saying. The Engineer has been a pizza deliver driver for something ridiculous like 12 years. At first to live, then to help put himself through school when we were first married and I was a teacher and a coach and worked at a liquor store. Then later when our kids were little, he did it again to pay off our debt faster. It's just amazing what a good tip will do for your day, and your outlook. We literally lived on those tips. ALL our regular income went to bills, so tips let us buy groceries, gas, and the occasional Dairy Queen malt if we were feeling especially splurgy.
    That's why we're rather outrageous tippers. I know that two or three extra dollars from me is really not much in my scheme of things, but if that elevates the tip from 20 to 25%, then it will mean a lot to the wait person. I love walking out of there leaving a big tip and thinking about how it will make the server smile.
    Not to brag or anything, since it was a joint effort, but last week SMK and I went out to lunch and she insisted on paying. I'd had two martinis (yes, I said LUNCH...) so I gave her a $20. She slipped it into the folder with her already signed credit card slip, which already had a tip. She said, "I wasn't expecting that $20, so might as well pay it forward." I think that waitress smiled.
    I wish you better customers. I agree with Mr. Beer, if you can't tip, don't go out. People are trying to make a living!
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. I don't think I could ever deliver pizza... Mostly because I have absolutely no sense of direction. Its sad how easily I can get lost. I would need an extra special GPS with a voice that would make me laugh to keep me entertained while driving. haha

      Two or three dollars makes a HUGE difference. Even one dollar does. Going from an eight to a nine dollar tip says a lot more than one would think, unless they're the one getting that tip.

      Today, I had some pretty decent customers. However, having a party of six when there were bratty kids, an $8 tip wasn't as nice as it normally was. Especially being double sat with two parties like that. Over all though, I made more money today than I have serving a table at any other time, so I can't complain about that. =)

  7. I understand how you feel, when I was waitressing I would basically live off my tips so it'd piss me right off if I worked my arse off and didn't get anything. I think tipping is a much bigger deal in America than in England where I'm from though, I'd regualrly only get £2 tips on a £50 meal so I kind of got used to it. I do think if you hog a table for hours though you should tip well, as you said it means you have to turn other customers away. xx

    1. In America, a paycheck for servers is usually only $2.13. Its incredibly rare that its anything higher than that, which is why tips are SO important. Because of taxes being taken out, a lot of servers don't even get paychecks at all. I'm not sure how it is in England though, since I've never been. haha