Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Family

     This is actually a topic that I picked by myself! With all the shit happening lately, I've been trying to remember to be thankful for what I have. Specifically, my family. So I thought I would list some people who deserve a thank you. Don't even get me started with extended family like aunts and uncles and cousins or my phone will probably break.

Momma: She raised me, basically on her own. There were times we didn't know where we would be or what we would eat the next day. And she always made sure that I was taken care of.

Daddy: I am not close with him now, nor have I ever been, and I doubt I will ever be. But I know he does love me in his single cell of a heart and he may not have raised me, but he forced me to be strong and to learn fast, just to survive. I can be angry or I can be thankful, and I am tired of being angry.

Grandma and Grandpa: Mom's mom and stepdad, but I have never once doubted they would be there for me. We've gotten closer recently, now that I understand we were raised by different generations, and I'm happy for that.

Memaw and Pawpaw: Dad's parents, who I haven't been close with since I was a toddler, but I know they would be there if I needed them. They helped get me through the loss of my uncle when I was a teenager, when nobody seemed to understand.

Sissi: Not actually my sister, but she's been there for me since I was 13. That's 7 years as of this summer. She has no problem telling me when I'm wrong, she's teaching me math, and she has supported me through my worst years.

Brother: Also my friend since I was 13. He's younger than I am but he looks out for me like he's the older brother. If I mess up, I'm willing to bet that he'll fix the problem and then make fun of me.

Ashley: One of my best friends for years who can't get a common cold but needs Dr House to fix her. Out of everyone I know, she is the worst texter, but the first person willing to be my cell mate in prison, which I think says a lot.

Mercedes: Another of my best friends for the past few years. She always as something going on in her life that doesn't give her peace but she jumps at the chance to help me and others.

Emily: Boy crazy, caffeine addicted, crazy girl with the attention span of a gnat. But probably the sweetest person I have ever met, despite knowing everything that goes on in the real world.

Wolfe: I saved him for last because I figured I would have trouble ending at just one paragraph. He's been my roommate for nearly six months, my boyfriend for nearly two years, and my best friend for going on four years. He can read me better than anyone and can make me smile faster than everyone. Since I've been here, he's taken care of me more than himself and if I'm not smiling enough, he stops what he's doing to change that. He holds the door but won't hold my purse again. He puts the toilet seat down but says he'll laugh if I fall in. Normally, I tell my friends that their boyfriend acts like their Prince Charming. I won't say that for my boyfriend because I think I get to say, "Ha my boyfriend is better than yours!"

     If I wanted to add other friends to this list, I would never sleep. In November, I plan to do NaBloPoMo with a theme of what I'm thankful for, so you will most likely get a full friends list then.

     Just... Thank you. I've been through hell and back and had life turned every which way. And thank you.


  1. Families can be such a mixed up bag, can't they? Mostly I have the kind I can count as blessings. Mostly.

    1. I try to look at the ones I don't particularly like as blessings in disguise. Without them, I probably wouldn't be the person I am today. Wether that's good or bad, I may never know, but I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything.

  2. Ah yes, families. Seems I recognize some of mine in your post. I treasure those members I connect with and let go those that I can't understand or who can't understand me. Aren't we luck to be able to choose our friends!

    1. We are! It took me a few years of not understanding what a good friendship is to realize that I can just say goodbye if I'm hurt by them. I never cut off my family, but they rarely ever contact me (its been years since speaking to my dad's parents). I figure, if they want me, they'll find me.

  3. Willy Dunne Wooters, my children, and my dogs are my family. I have my blogging family, too. The other people are just relatives.


    1. I completely understand that. Normally, I don't even remember my dad's said of the family or anyone besides my mom and her parents. I only really included them because I'm trying to let go of the negativity and forgive them. Not for their sake, but for mine, so I won't always be angry. I want to be more positive, even if that means being thankful people I don't like are related to me because I've learned how to fight to survive.