Friday, April 11, 2014

I is for Irritating Things

     You can thank Mercedes for this topic.

     There are plenty of things in the world that are irritating but these are some of the fastest ways to irritate me and make me want to sick my little dog on you. He's loud and he's very bitey.

Sunburn Poking- Not funny, just painful. Chances are, I will actually punch you if you ever do this to me.

Bad Tipping- If I mess up, I expect a bad tip, but when I know I gave you the best service possible, a bad tip is basically you saying "sorry, your time and energy isn't good enough for me".

My Phone- It's deleted all my contacts multiple times, spontaneously restarts itself, dies like four times a day, and just generally does everything possible to make me want to throw it out the window.

Bugs- I like butterflies and ladybugs, outside and not in swarms (except the butterfly tents). Nowhere else please. It just means me getting a shoe and murdering something with lots of legs.

Stairs- I live on the third floor. Grocery shopping has become very unpleasant, very quickly.

Grocery Shopping- Actually, I never enjoyed this to begin with. I'm not good at it and please.

Brats- There is a huge difference between the 'terrible two' stage where the kids are frustrated about being unable to communicate than the kid being a straight out terror of a brat. Learn it.

Jeans Shopping- Where can I buy jeans that fit? I've been all over the place and none of them fit me. The closest I found were too tight at a size 5, but didn't have a size up until like size 14. I would like to clothe the lower half of my body.

Dress Shoe Shopping- Basically the same as above. Plus, they can possibly be cute and comfy? No? Figures.

Constant Negativity- Ha. Coming from me, right? I actually do try to stay positive and happy most of the time. Right now, I'm sunburned and grouchy though. Also, I'm bitchy. Ironic, huh?

Styrofoam Squeaking- That sound makes me want to punch somebody in the throat. Don't do it. Ever.

Here, Smell This- And then it stinks.

Here, Taste This- And it tastes horrible or its something gross you did not want to eat. (Mom.)

Job Assessment Tests- I completely understand why these exist but I had to take two for my mom, via phone, on the laptop hooked to the TV set up today. It took two hours. I did a lot of math.

Math- I'm learning though, thanks to Sissi and Tina. (Tina from the A-Z Challenge who I want to link to but I can't because I'm on my phone.)

It's 12:06- I haven't gone to bed yet so this post is not late by my standards.

     Tomorrow will be a super ranty angry personal update post that should help explain some of my angsty attitude lately. See you then!


  1. I'm with you on the phone, the brats and the phone. Oh, I said that, but I guess I really mean it. Darned thing does not behave and it bugs me when I don't want to be bugged. Like, "I haven't been backed in xxxxx years, dummy!" Back off, phone.

    1. I love having a phone but I hate my phone. It barely works. Thank goodness the upgrade is next month but my grandmother (who I'm on the plan with) wants me to get another $1 phone. They work great for about 6-10 months, but then they start acting up and if you're on a two year plan, it's pointless because you can't get it fixed.

  2. Willy Dunne Wooters was shocked to learn that I kill lizards that enter my humble abode. He said, Why don't you just put them outside? Because they'll come right back in––isn't it obvious?


    1. When I was little, our water tasted HORRIBLE. To save money, my mom would boil water, cool it, pour it into reusable bottles, and put it in the freezer. After that, we would take it from the freezer or move it to the fridge. One day, I opened my water to take a drink and found a baby gecko floating at the top. I wanted to cry. I checked our water very carefully after that.

    2. Coke used to come in these returnable glass bottles. That was about a million years ago. One day I poured myself a coke and a worm came out of the bottle. My mom got rid of it outside. If I had been the adult, I would have been outraged, but my mom grew up on a farm so I guess she thought it was normal to find a worm in a drink.

    3. I would have legit cried. Soda and juice was a special treat when I was little. We almost never had it because of money. If I would have had to give up a soda because of a worm, I would have been heartbroken.