Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Jennifer

     Warning to new readers: This post is going to be ranty, angry, and probably full of curse words. Proceed with caution or check out my super sappy F post.

     Ohhh! I am name dropping now! No, not Jennifer Lopez or anybody famous. I'm just talking about the crazy bitch who's causing hell in my mom's life right now.

     Let's start at the beginning, when I was fifteen (keep in mind, I will be 21 later this year). I used to babysit for Jennifer. She has four daughters, but only three live with her because the oldest realizes what a crazy bitch she is. Her house was always filthy and her kids were never bathed properly, so while I was there, I always did what I could to help, for the sake of the girls.

     I stopped helping on the day that I did the dishes, per her request and promise of extra money, but found a lot of rice in the sink. Was it rice? No. It was maggots. Maggots that crawled up my arms and caused me to hyperventilate and have a panic attack, call my next door neighbor (we lived down the street from Jennifer), and then have her occupy the girls while I tried to disinfect the baby bottle that the maggots came out of. When I told her what happened, she wasn't even surprised.

     The laundry room was right behind our trailer, so my mom and I went to get laundry one day. If its in your backyard, why bring an ID, right? Wrong. A cop stopped her and said, "Excuse me, do you live in trailer 13?" At the time we did, so we nodded. "Jennifer, I'm going to need you to come with me." He said, as he reached for his handcuffs.

     Hold the fuck up. "Um, that's not her name. Her name is -withheld because she is my mother and doesn't need a creepy person contacting her-." The cop looked over at me. "Do you have ID?" He asked. "No. Our trailer is ten feet away. We can get it right now and prove it though." My mom told him. He looked at his paper and sighed. "Ma'am, can I have your social security number?" She recited it and he typed it into his computer. "Young lady, can you tell me her birthday?" I did and he seemed satisfied with that.

     "Do you know why Jennifer -last name I won't post even though I want to because of legal shit- is using your address as her own?" He asked us. He showed us the picture and I blinked. My babysitting boss? The mother of three girls? If she needed to go to jail, then I was scared she abused the girls. "Her lot is 133 and she lives down that street. I babysit for her." I told him. The idea that my mother almost got arrested was pretty terrifying to me, especially because that meant I would be taken by the state and then sent to live with my dad's family, until the mess was straightened out.

     Jennifer was arrested for doing illegal drug things but got out on bail and took a bunch of classes that seemed to turn her life around. Key word? Seemed.

     Fast forward five years.

     Jennifer's husband started working in the office with my mom, Mr Fix-It, and their boss. Within three months, he had the park owner (the paranoid, money hungry, guy with Alzheimer's) in a money hungry craze from over spending on the budget without permission. Mr Fix-It was fired and within the week of me moving, and knowing that I was moving, so was my mom.

     But it gets even worse.

     Now, Mr Greedy is trying to bribe my mom to move even though she does not have a job, because he believes that she's turning the tenants against him. Actually, when you charge a quarter per gallon of water instead of the standard nickle, that sort of takes care of it for you. Jennifer is still feeding lies into the office and has the new girl happily sending out violations that The Big Dog is outside.

     The Big Dog is outside two to three times a day, for no more than an hour at a time. His chain is about twenty feet long. Since he was poisoned by somebody before, he won't eat or drink anything outside. He just knocks over the bowls. He is only outside now for about ten minutes at a time, because Jennifer is a crazy bitch.

     She called animal services on him and he was almost taken away. The animals were just coming up on shot updates so Mom had to pay for three dogs and two cats to get that and new tags, plus invest in super heavy bowls that The Big Dog will knock over anyways just to not have them taken away. But it doesn't stop there, since now The Big Dog is basically always inside, he's becoming a brat and won't listen because he has too much energy. Even though he's not outside anymore, my mom is still getting violations saying that he is. Each violation is $100.

     Why is all this happening?

     Well, apparently, Jennifer is going around telling everyone, "I knew I would get payback for when she didn't get arrested for me. It took time but I finally got her back."

     Crazy. Fucking. Bitch.

     I hope she has child service's catch her with a sink full of maggots again. She doesn't deserve to be a parent. She's too fucking insane.


  1. Oh, how awful. Maggots! I wouldn't have known they were maggots. Hideous woman.


    1. It was bad. After that, I think it was that night to take my mind off of it, my neighbor lent me the 1980's Lost Boys with "the two Corey's" and Kiefer Sutherland. It had a scene where rice turned into maggots and back again. I was completely off rice for at least six months, maybe longer.

    2. I'm shocked you could ever eat rice again.

    3. It's much easier when the rice has a sauce or gravy on it, even now. If its just butter and salt, I still struggle because of what it looks like though. It's not too bad though, since I cannot make rice without blowing it up- even instant rice.