Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Other "Kid" Stories

     The quotation marks are because this is not a kid friendly story. It happened when I was fourteen, almost fifteen, but I didn't have anything for this post and I promised a few people that I would tell this story (and then I forgot). Improvisation! If you want kid-friendly stories about me as a kid, you can check my K post over in the archives since I get to type this masterpiece from my phone. I know it's long and people are short on time, so feel free to bookmark this and come back. It's like an action movie. My order may be a bit off but my mom said it sounds about right and its 100% true.

     It started when my mom and I got home from the store on a Friday afternoon. She drove around the trailer park to make sure all was quiet and on the way to our trailer, we saw a pregnant woman charging her phone on the outdoor office outlet. Naturally, we stopped with a sort of "Um... Who the heck are you...?" sort of approach.

     "I'm sorry! My phone is dead. My roommates are supposed to be here but they were delayed and I don't have any power in our trailer yet. They were supposed to get it but my bus came in late so I couldn't go get it myself." She was maybe three or four months pregnant, it was about 100 degrees outside, and we felt bad for her.

     I don't remember all of the details but we let her sleep on the couch that night. The next morning, I was woken by a phone call from a male friend who I never really talked to, telling me our mutual friend seriously needed to talk to me without her dad overhearing. I went across the street and used the neighbor's computer. It turned out, the mutual friend claimed something very bad happened to her and I insisted that she go to the police. She said that she did but we were still terrified for her safety.

     Our houseguest spent the day back and forth between her trailer and ours. She said that she was cleaning and waiting to hear back from the roommates, a call that never came. It seemed like she was being stuck with a trailer that she didn't have a job to pay for, even though she had random twenty dollar bills to chip in when she went grocery shopping with Mom as a "thank you".

     Saturday night, while still trying to handle the news that one of my best friends could be attacked again, we heard sirens. Mom was on-site manager so she had to check it out. Imagine our surprise when my mom disappeared with the only cell phone, right into the midst of the action, while the houseguest, my neighbor (from my J post), and I were left trying to get around the cops to make sure that she was okay.

     I decided that no, fuck that shit, that was my mother and they could shoot my if they wanted to but I was going to make sure that she was okay. Then I had cops start screaming at me to get back because there was a drug raid going on and they didn't know if things would get violent. "Excuse me, but I'm trying to find my mother." I retorted. (I'm such a badass, huh?) The cop pointed and I looked behind me. My mom was walking away from the trailer, carrying The Big Dog who only weighed 30 pounds at the time.

     With The Big Dog safely rescued, since Mom had been the one to give him to the drug dealer (I had a bad feeling about him- she didn't), we went home. We fed The Big Dog half a package of hotdogs (slowly), gave him three bowls of water, and had to treat a crack pipe burn (identified by the houseguest) in between his shoulder blades.

     The next morning, Sunday, we hoped things were calm. The houseguest spent a lot of time going back and forth between her trailer and ours (where it was upwards of 100 degrees inside). Mom went to check on her and said that she heard noises coming from inside.

     That night, the fun continued. By "fun", I mean our houseguest, my mom, a local druggie, and me were involved in a car chase.

     It started by the houseguest and I taking Mom's car to make sure the park was quiet. It wasn't. I'm still not sure what exactly happened. One second, we saw a drug deal going down and I said to just drive away and Mom agreed from the phone (where we were updating her). The next second, she was screaming at them and the driver was reaching into his door. The houseguest slammed her foot on the gas and we saw my mom running down the street, holding on to the local nice guy do-gooder who was hooked on prescriptions after being hurt.

     The truck pulled up next to us and my mom started screaming, "Back the fuck off my daughter" and various other similar things. Nice guy drug user shoved my mom into the car in such a way it was practically kidnapping and the truck driver looked me dead in the eye, "Your momma is a bitch". I wasn't bad ass enough to say that he was too, that I knew, or anything at all. I just got into the car and houseguest started driving again. The truck followed us around the park so we left.

     Both cell phones were used to call the police and the houseguest started driving to the closest police station. At one point, we were stopped at a red light with cars in front of us and as it turned green, the we watched the truck doors start to open. I was slammed back into my seat with how fast the car started moving. We turned into the police station and they kept driving. One of the cops from the drug busts was pulling out as we were pulling in.

     "Did you just call?"

     "Yeah. That truck. In the parking lot across the street. Hurry the fuck up."

     We saw flashing lights swarm around the vehicle while we drove in a different direction. When we got home, I was still shaking but I dialed Sissi's number, since I couldn't make sense of what had just happened.

     "Sissi? You are not going to believe this shit. I hope you're sitting down."

     After that, the houseguest was kindly asked to leave and she went to the opposite side of the state to the beach. Nobody ever took the trailer so Mom had to check the condition of it. She found a list of at least twenty men from the park and we realized the houseguest was prostituting herself. I also found out about three months later, that the friend who had been attacked, had lied for attention and retracted everything but that resulted in her dad accusing me of lying and screaming at me so bad that I cried for three days and ended up emotionally numb for about two weeks. We aren't friends anymore, to say the least.

     So basically? That's a bunch of bullshit when we were trying to do a good deed. Right?

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