Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Poetry

     I rarely write poems and its even rarer that I show them to anyone. They're usually written about things that are personal or emotional to me, if I don't know how else to vent my emotions. 

     If I had to describe my style, I would use two words: "blunt" and "emotional". I'm not the kind of person who comes up with clever phrases and metaphors. I say if like it is and if I'm upset, you can bet your ass that it's going to be dark and probably disturbing. I was going to share a poem or two today but I'm chickening out. 

     Most of you are professional writers and read as though your life depends on it. Considering I'm an angsty wreck when I write poetry, that's nerve wracking. It's scary enough to have somebody judging what you create but when what you created is raw emotion, it's absolutely terrifying. Once the Challenge is over, I'll chill out and start sharing more things I've written. I actually already have a plan for my Halloween post for this year.

     Until then, leave me links of poetry that you enjoy. Free is preferred because food and rent come before reading material right now, but if it costs money, you can totally buy it for me or send me the link anyways and I'll buy it when I can.

     Good night, ya'll.

     (I'm the only one at my new job who says "ya'll" when speaking to customers and I realized just how southern I can really sound.)


  1. Have you read Carrie's blog? She occasionally posts poetry, often refrigerator magnet poetry. Her poetry is absolutely amazing. I love her.