Tuesday, April 29, 2014

X is for X-Rays

     Almost 2 days late, but you'll understand why in my Y post (which I should have up tomorrow morning). Mercedes suggested this one too, by the way.

     I've actually had a surprisingly large amount of x-rays considering I've only ever broken one bone. But I've actually had very few x-rays in my life time.

     When I was four, my kitten and my mom's dog were at the top of the stairs in the townhouse we lived in. One bad round of tag later, I was at the bottom of the stairs crying because I bumped my head, my dad had thrown the remote and come running, and my mom burned the blueberry muffins that she was making and practically knocked him out of the way. When I was told to stand up, it was decided I should go to the hospital.

     Like most young children, I was scared of the dark and I was scared of the pain, so I did not like being left alone in a dark room in pain for the x-ray. But I did like the bright yellow teddy bear cast I had, with the teddy bears each holding into three balloons. Red, blue, and green if I remember right?

     I don't think I had more (non dental related) x-rays until I was in 7th grade when the stress stomachaches that I mentioned before. In between piss tests and blood tests, I was taken for an x-ray and the nurse asked, "Is there any chance that you're pregnant?" And I was like "I just turned thirteen and I've never even had my first kiss yet, of course I'm not."

     After that, it was really only ever dental x-rays. Those are my least favorite because of the thing you have to bite down on. I always feel like I'm choking and can't breath. But thankfully I haven't had to have many of those since I got my braces off.

     I think the very last one I had was a scan of my head for my concussion but that's a story all on its own.

     In conclusion: X-rays are not scary and are needed for medical safety reasons so stop worrying about what might happen. It's just a picture of your bones.


  1. I hate those dental x-ray things which go in your mouth, too. They hurt. Not as much as your head concussion, though, I bet. Oh dear.

    1. When I was little, I think they had a one size "fits" all thing for the dental x-rays because my mouth never fit around it. The concussion was worse though. It was a funny story in the long run. I'll have to repost it one day.