Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tough Topics: The Photo Leak

     Before I go any further, I'd like to thank Lola (I tried to link you, but the link wouldn't go through!) for suggesting this as the topic for today's post. I'd also like to apologize that it's late, since it was supposed to be up yesterday.

     Apparently, a lot of lady celebrities had their phones hacked in to this past week. I haven't seen a single article that lists all of the women who had their phones hacked, but I think it's upwards of a dozen. While it's bad enough to hack somebody's phone, it's even worse to take their pictures- their naked pictures- out of the phone and then share it on the internet.

     Like, what the fuck is wrong with you?

     Don't pull the, "Well, if they didn't want the world to see it, they shouldn't have taken it!"

     Don't even try the, "Well, they just did it so they could get more attention!"

     Don't start with the, "Well, it was only a joke!"

     If you're thinking, "Well, they deserved it for taking the pictures in the first place!" then get off my website.

     Every single line of that is the rape culture we discussed last week. No, these women weren't raped by the culprit, but they were sexually violated nonetheless. Not only by the hacker, but by the thousands, if not millions, of people who have seen the pictures that they never wanted to go public.

     I'm proud that these women are pressing charges, because the hacker needs to be brought to justice. It's not funny that anyone has ever had nude photos leaked and damn sure isn't funny that these women were targeted in such a way.

     Anyone who leaks a nude photo or video of another person is a sex offender, for distributing pornography without the user's consent.

     Anyone who leaks a nude photo or video of anyone underage is a pedophile.

     Anyone who copies, helps spread, or looks up the nude photo or video is just as bad as the one who originally put it out for the world to see. You are still violating their privacy if you choose to look at it or help spread it around.

     I hope the Apple company can pinpoint where it was hacked in to and I hope that they will take much better care of their customers in the future, so that this never happens again. I am pleased to see that they are working with the police to help bring the sex offender to justice- because that is what he or she is, a sex offender, not just a hacker.

     Support the victims of this attack, not because they're celebrities, but because they are people who just had their most private pictures shared with the entire world. There are too many people blaming them for this and too many people who are going to send them nasty, perverted messages.

     Think about it- How would you feel if it was you who had naked pictures leaked? How would you feel if it was your son or daughter?

     There's a reason why the FBI is investigating it.

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  1. Wow! I didn't know about that. I would not like it one bit if someone stole photos of The Hurricane, whether she was naked or clothed. One point that comes to mind, however, is that our own government spies on us. We don't have any privacy, and we should have a right to it.


    1. I didn't use any names because I didn't want somebody to learn of it from me, but still search for the pictures. You can probably google it for more information. It's so new that it's being updated every few hours, depending on the websites.

      I agree though. I agree that certain phrases and keywords should alert the government to what's going on, but reading all of our texts and things like that? My friend and I feel sorry for whoever reads all of our conversations because we get very vulgar about some things. I think she knows more about my periods than my lady parts doctor. So, a few NSA agents probably do too. Whoops.

    2. I don't think I'll Google it. I don't want to know too much. Some of the guys at NSA are probably laughing a photos of my boobs.

    3. I'm a bit surprised I haven't been locked up in a mental hospital. I've offered to kick many asses for my friends.

  2. It frustrates me when articles use the word "leaked" (not you, you're fine, but a journalists should know better). Nobody "leaked" those photos, someone stole them. Literally broke into iCloud like a creepy perverted Ocean's 11 and stole those photos. It would frustrate me to no end to have taken photos to share an intimate moment with a loved partner and have those snatched from me and presented to the world. It's really horrifying.

    1. It was actually proven that there wasn't a hack in iCloud. It has to do with direct attacks on the phones. Not sure how yet.

      I agree though. It was a theft. The victims didn't let it leak out. Wording can make such a huge difference.

  3. As a guy who's been in IT his whole life, I would never store my personal pictures to the cloud. Never. Never, ever, ever.

    With that said, that absolutely does not excuse having these kinds of pictures stolen from people, even though some folks seem to think otherwise. It's like having a really flimsy lock on your door, getting your house broken into, and then the police just shaking their heads and saying, "Well, your lock sucked, so you KINDA deserved it..."

    Besides, you can't just look at them as nothing more than nudie pics. I know in one case they were pictures that a wife took specifically for her husband. This wasn't just an invasion of privacy, it was an invasion of intimacy. And if someone stole and distributed ANYTHING intimate that was meant for my wife and I only, I would be absolutely furious.

    1. I agree that you shouldn't post nudes of yourself to the cloud...in theory. But I guarantee that these woman, like the general public, have no fucking idea how the cloud works. More likely than not, they did not know those photos were stored up in the heavens until the hacker came around and stole them.

    2. I have two points, that go against each other.

      The first is that, saying they shouldn't have used the Cloud, is like saying a girl is at fault of a rape because she was outside at night.
      However, I do feel like it wasn't the wisest move to use the Cloud or any hackable electronic, purely because of their celeb status and a lot of people want there to be leaks (actual leaks, not thefts).

      It is still inexcusable and Bryan made a great point- It's more than just naked pictures. Those are the most intimate moments only intended for the lovers.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Rachel!

    I agree with you entirely. Saying that these women shouldn't have gone tits out if they didn't want the world to see is a form of victim blaming that puts all of the shame on the women in question and none on those who are actually at fault. That's like saying that you shouldn't have worn shoes if you didn't want them stolen.

    I also think it's a shame, really. It all comes back to the question of access. Young men are now being raised on a steady diet of sexting and amateur porn, at the end of their finger tips which makes them feel entitled to the bodies of women. In this, they're losing track of what the sexiest thing about a woman is in the first place: her permission, her desire, her saying, to them, “yes.”

    1. I feel like anyone who wants to look at porn has that right (provided it's all legal, consensual, etc). But it's so easy to access and so many people have an addiction to it. Then add to the way I get wolf whistled at walking down the street...excuse me, dickhead, but I am not a dog or a piece of meat. It's ridiculous. They need to be raised with respect and taught that just because one woman took naked pictures for PlayBoy, does NOT mean that she should be treated less than a human. Not should any other normal girl, like me.

      (I tend to get very angry now. I have no problem saying that I am a person, not a dog.)

  5. I was shocked when I heard this. This sick twisted individual definitely needs to be caught and punished!

    1. I didn't realize how bad it was until Lola suggested it to me. I knew "somebody leaked pictures" which made me angry, but I looked it up, and no, somebody stole and sexually assaulted these women. I'm livid.

  6. Agreed! I can't believe how many people seem to think that because they are celebrities, that it somehow makes it okay. And I have no respect for people that immediately got online to view the pictures. Just because something is out there, doesn't mean we have to search it out and look!