Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Human Hamster Ball

     A human hamster ball is basically a giant, inflatable hamster ball for humans that doesn't close.

     My brother Tony came to visit for the day. We got books (well, I did- The Diary of Anne Frank and Thirteen Reasons Why- both of which I'm super excited about, despite the depressing nature).

     We found this:

     We ate food. So much food.

     First, we ate at Chipotle. Then we got ice cream from Dairy Queen, then we had candy and popcorn in the movie theater.

     Well, in between the ice cream and the movie, we decided to become giant hamsters.

      Basically, the goal is to roll around in the gated area and hit each other as hard as you possibly can to knock the other person flying. Note to future self- You will go flying face-first into the hamster ball so taking your glasses off is probably the best idea.

      I'm not sure who won. I think we both just got so overheated and exhausted that we called it a tie. I was able to get out much easier though, since I'm much shorter (as demonstrated by this picture):

     I just slid out through the hole in the hamster ball and landed in the grass. I only needed about half of the hole to get out so it didn't matter that most of it was on the ground. He needed it all, but he couldn't hear me so his struggle became even more real.

     Then we went to the movie. We saw Get Hard. I had to tell them he was my actual little brother and become his legal guardian to get him into the film because it's rated R and he's only 17.

     Don't go see this movie with your family or a nun or anyone who is offended easily. It's funny, but it would be awkward to see with your mother or somebody who can't take a joke.

     See you tomorrow for the I post.

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