Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for Just Saying...

     Today's post is brought to you by the letter J, my annoyment, and the loss of my preplanning.

     I shared a picture of myself and one of my best friends, who I claim as my brother, on Facebook. I thought it was funny because he looked like a foot taller than me, when it's really only six or seven inches. I looked teeny.

     My aunt said how cute it was, my mom said how cute it was, Janie Junebug who will need to link herself in the comments because I'm on my phone said he was a cutie.

     My dad commented that I should stand up.

     I said I was.

     My dad said that I should kick my brother in the balls so I would be taller.

     My automatic want to respond was: Or I could just kick YOU in the balls.

     I decided to be more clever so everyone would see how much of an ass he is. Especially considering he had need even met a single friend that I currently have.

     I said, "I could just borrow a ladder from work" and made a comment about how I'm clumsy.

     He couldn't resist the bait. He said, "Considering your relationship with gravity isn't very good, it would be safer to kick him in the balls".

     Got him! I thought.

     "Except I would rather fall off a ladder than kick my best friend in the balls." I replied back.

     Don't be a bully. Don't fuck with people I love. Don't piss me off.

     Just saying.