Friday, September 11, 2015


     I hope this post won't be as controversial as the topic seems to be on Facebook so let's see what happens.

     Today is the 14th anniversary of 9/11, in which America was attacked and thousands of people were killed. It's known as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, national tragedies this country has ever suffered.

     Today is the day when we all think back about where we were when we heard that we were under attack. I was in school, near one of the biggest army bases in the southern states. My entire class was in a panic throughout the next few weeks, all wondering if we were going to have a plane crash through the roof of our elementary school and kill us all.

     Today, I found this on Facebook. (Credits not linked but if you find the original poster, please let me know so I can update this.)

     Today, I realized that this country doesn't seem to give a fuck that we weren't and aren't the only ones suffering because of the attack. I realized that because when I opened up the post, all I saw where thousands of hateful comments saying that nobody from Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan are innocent. All I saw were comments of hate saying that everyone in their countries deserves death and that the numbers aren't high enough and that they're getting what they deserve for attacking America.

     That is complete and utter bullshit.

     I'm not saying you have to mourn for the terrorists or the murderers. You don't have to mourn for the rapists, the kidnappers, or the otherwise evil people that literally every country in this world has. You don't have to mourn for them.

     But are you really going to sit there and tell me that civilians are evil just because of the country they were born in, literally having no choice in the matter? Is your argument literally that the newborn baby who is two days old must be the spawn of Satan because he's not a white American? Are you really telling me that an entire country is full of evil people who would like to kill you, your family, your friends, and your pets?

     Are you really that racist?

     You don't have to mourn for those who hurt us. I don't think any of you would mourn for Charles Manson or Ted Bundy or that guy who shot up the movie theater a few years ago. I know I certainly wouldn't miss them if they died and I probably wouldn't feel any sympathy if they were killed. (That is not me saying I want them to be killed either though. Don't put words in my mouth.)

     But how can anyone think "Only America suffered on 9/11"? Because of this day in history, our countries went to war. Because of that war, countless people suffered. On both sides, thousands of people have had to be buried by loved ones. On both sides, there has been comprehensible suffering.

     Mothers are burying children. Wives are burying husbands. Children are burying parents. Brothers are burying each other. Little girls and boys are left all alone with literally nobody else in the world to raise them. Young parents are suddenly all alone with three kids and being unable to take care of them without help, because they are too broken now.

     How dare you say that those people aren't victims.

     How dare you say that an innocent life being taken isn't a crime.

     How dare you be racist.

     Remember the lives our country lost, but you best remember the innocent lives that were lost around the world because of the exact same attack that hurt us. All lives matter.

     #NeverForget #AllLivesMatter


  1. More than two thousand Americans were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Almost two thousand were injured. The U.S. didn't have much choice other than going to war, but the internment of Japanese people in the U.S. was terrible. It didn't matter that many of them had been born in the U.S. They lost all their property and had to live in squalid encampments under guard. Eleanor Roosevelt begged her husband not to treat Japanese-Americans in this way. He wouldn't budge. When the men were given the chance to enlist in the U.S. military, many did so and fought bravely and with honor. The internment of the Japanese-Americans is now thought to be one of America's gravest mistakes.

    You've touched on an important point here, Rachel. Some people, a group of people, an organization, or whatever they are from a particular part of the world does something horrible. Far too many U.S. citizens immediately jump on the bandwagon of hatred. Hate everyone from Afghanistan. Hate everyone from Iraq. Dick Cheney never stopped insisting that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Which administration first indicated that this was the case? Bill Clinton's.

    Prejudice and hatred are not the sole property of Republicans, nor of Democrats, nor of Sarah Palin. It's a longstanding issue. As long as people insist that lies are the truth, and people believe the propagators of the lies (no matter how insane they are), we will continue down the same path.

    Your post is very good, Darling Blog Child.


    1. I understand why people are so angry, but they should put the anger only on the people who are actually at fault. Blaming an entire race of people for the crimes of a very small minority is ridiculous, stupid, and just gives a reason to hate people.

      Honestly, I think it's just an excuse for Americans to hate anyone who isn't the same as us. Oh, your skin is slightly darker or you don't believe our exact faith? BURN DEMON! It's not really that different from using the bible to hate anyone who isn't straight. Oh, you happen to be attracted to the same gender as you? BURN SINNER!

      There's just too much hate.

    2. When I was young, especially when I was in elementary school, a number of people said they hated me because I was Vietnamese (that was during the war, of course). I am of Norwegian ancestry for the most part, and some German. The indigenous people of Norway appear Asian. Many Norwegians have Sami blood. So I've had a taste of what it's like to be hated for my background, but those people didn't have any idea what they were talking about. It's typical of prejudice.

    3. I had a small taste of it also, but not to that extreme. I had to deal with it in 7th grade because it was assumed I was a rich white girl going to a poor black school. The only reason it was assumed I had money was because my education was overall better (because I had gone to very good schools) and my grandparents would buy my clothes really cheap when shopping at stores like Kohl's or JC Penny's. I'm sorry for what my race did (and is still doing) but I'm not apart of it and I can't change history, so it's not fair that I was harassed and bullied out of school for it.

      Everyone is created equal and should be treated as such.

  2. Well said Rachel :)

    The devisiveness in our country is so out of control. I suppose as humans we are always prone to an us vs them mentality, but man has it been exaggerated lately. So anything that is different or unknown ends up getting hated, rather than trying to understand, trying to see the other person's point of view. It really is so sad and it scares me for our future.

    1. It's horrible. If you aren't a clone of the person you're talking to, they're likely to start screaming about how you're what's wrong with the country- no matter which side you're on. Heaven forbid that anyone have their own thoughts, opinions, or feelings.

  3. Thank you for noticing that. I do feel for and care about what happened on September 11th. It was a horrific act - period. But living abroad has made it clear that this is only one tragedy among an unbelievable and sickening amount - others greatly surpass our own. The memory of Sept. 11th and those who suffered/died shouldn't be forgotten, but it pales in respect to the rest of the world.

    1. I want the country I live in to be known for caring the most about the state of the world and of all human lives. I'm tired of being known as the country full of lazy, gluttonous people, who couldn't give a damn about somebody else even if they were paid to do it.

  4. Dear Rachel, I am here to wish you a happy birthday. Mother Janie "January Jones" Junebug put together a terrific post in your honor and I know you're gonna like it. Once again, happy birthday, dear Rachel!

    1. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes! I've just been to see the surprise birthday post, and you are 100% correct in how much I love it!