Monday, October 26, 2015

Just A Reminder

     I am working with a lovely trans-girl for an interview post. Do you have any questions for her? Comment here, tweet me @whenalionsleeps, or send me an email at to be included! I'll give you full credit for the questions!

     Don't lie to anybody. The truth will eventually come out and they will be more hurt by the lie, which will ruin their trust for you, than if you had told them the truth in the beginning.

     Don't send anyone hate, online or in real life. There are enough hateful people out there. You should be one of the nice ones that make everyone want to stick around for one more day.

     Stick around. Put down that weapon. You're here for a reason so you should make the best of your life and do some good in the world.

     Don't you dare hurt yourself. There are enough people in the world who could hurt you so you should be one to protect yourself from those people.

     Eat right. This not only means that you have to eat your veggies, but it means that you actually have to eat in general. You won't be around to see your grandkids graduate if you starve yourself.

     Tell your friends and family and pets that you love them. As sad as it is, you never know if you'll ever get the chance again. Make sure that they know you love them, even if you're angry.

     Remember to breath. Take deep breaths when you're stressed out and breath slowly when you're starting to panic.

     You are loved, by far more people than you will ever know and so much that it is impossible to describe. You are so loved. Please remember that.


  1. Breathing is very important. A number of years ago, my daughter learned in a theater class that you can't cry if you take deep breaths. Breathing deeply has gotten me through many panic attacks. Once I called my son during a bad attack. Talking to him forced me to breathe and helped me recover. I look forward to this interview. I want to learn more. The transgender character on Orange Is The New Black is especially interesting because the actress really is transgender.


    1. I breath deeply to keep myself in control because if I focus on breathing, I can't do anything else. It works when I'm going to cry or feel like I want to take a swing at someone.

      I've never seen Orange Is The New Black but I heard its very good. Laura Prepon is a good actress and I heard good things about Ruby Rose as well.

  2. I love the don't hurt yourself line. That's so true!!!

    You're interview is going to be great! Good luck. You can ask her what was the most rewarding part of her experience and if she ever doubted her choice.

    1. Thank you! :) I've sent her the questions. She's been working on some since last night but we are accepting more!