Monday, April 4, 2016

C is for Cats

     Why does everyone say that cats are evil or compare them to Satan?

     I've had many cats over my life time. They've all been very cuddly and soft. Some of them liked to play. They all loved tuna. One would arrange some combs on our bathroom counter so she could pet herself. One even liked water.

     Is it because they don't greet you at the door like dogs do? Because I had cats that would do that too. One would jump into my arms every time I got home from school.

     Is it because you think you can't train them? Excuse me, but, litter box. And if you think you can't train them for that, you are wrong. My grandparents (the bad ones on my dad's side) think that. When they got their cats declawed (which I am so not going to have a debate about here), they used the rock litter. Of course the cats wouldn't want to use that. I wouldn't want to walk on rocks if I had surgery on my toes. Try cleaning the box or using different litter (or torn up news paper).

     Is it because they don't do tricks? Use an electric can opener to open some tuna and watch how magically fast your cat appears. That is a trick all on its own.

     Is it because, like snakes, they always seem to belong to the villains in movies? Because cats are pretty chill creatures. They don't care if their human is murdering people or feeding the homeless, as long as they're getting their food and chin scratches too.

     Is it because they don't like their stomachs being pet? Do you like your stomach being pet? No? Me neither.

     There, now you have to like cats. Unless you're allergic. If you're allergic, I strongly suggest that you do not like cats, for your own safety.


  1. I like cats, but I don't like them as house cats. They are such great jumpers that the can get on my counters and sniff at things. And the cat boxes are always an issue. But the good thing would be being able to leave them for longer periods of time than a dog. So pros and cons. I love their cuddliness (is that a word?)

  2. You've got to give cats credit; they are clean, cute & cuddly!!

  3. I am allergic to cats, but i still like them from a distance. Usually with a computer screen in between us, because if they touch me I get a rash. That's really cute that your cat would arrange the combs so she could pet herself.

    1. Let's keep a computer screen between you. I'll do all the cat cuddling for you, so you don't get all rashy.

  4. I thought it was because cats would steal your breath in your sleep.

    I'm actually allergic to cats, so it never comes up in our house. I have a snake, but he really isn't into cuddling.

    If you haven't seen the 1980's movie Cat's Eye, you should check it out. That was a pretty cool cat.

    1. My hamster isn't much into cuddling either. I don't think my hamster and your snake could be friends.

      I've never seen it but I'll try to find it. Thanks for the suggestion!