Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Don't Send (unsolicited) Dick Pics

     I, by some miracle, have never been sent a dick pic.

     (This is not an invitation to do so because I will report you because I am stating here that it is not, in any way, wanted.)

     If you send a consensual and legal picture of any part of your body, that's fine. Do your thing (provided it's legal and consensual).

     Did you know that even if you're one day before your legalized birthday (check with your location for specific ages) then it is still technically child porn? Did you know that if, for example, the legal age where you are is 18 and you send the picture at 17 years and 364 days, you have broken a law? But if somebody shares it, it's also illegal? Don't break the law, kids.

     Did you know that if you send an unsolicited sexual picture to anyone, that person you sent it to can claim sexual harassment? Did you know that if you sent a consensual sexual picture and they spread it without your permission, then you can still claim sexual harassment? Only do legal and consensual stuff, non-kids. (Kids can't legally do any of that so I'm not including y'all in the thing.)

     Do I think dick pics are wrong? No.

     Do I think porn is wrong? No.

     Do I think twat shots are wrong? No.

     What do I think is wrong? Snapping a sexual picture (with or without being underage) and sending it to somebody who does not want to receive it and/or sharing it with anyone outside of the intended person(s).

     And do not even start with the "well don't take nudes if you don't want them shared" shit. Better not have a house unless you wanna be robbed. Better not be alive unless you wanna be killed. Better not have a car unless you want it stolen and then used to drive around half the population of your city.

     Why is only "dick pic" in the title? Because my friend suggested I write a post about dicks, but we're all about equal rights here, so I had to include a little talk about vaginas too.

     What the hell is this post.


  1. Thankfully I have never received one and for that I am truly thankful, the thought of them are digesting just saying

    1. I don't think I know anyone who has actually wanted to receive one.

  2. Technology has just made it all too easy. I don't want to jump on the "well, you shouldn't have taken the picture" argument, but it is something to consider.

    If a person takes a nude and sends it out nonchalantly to someone they don't even know if they can trust, they weren't being very smart. That doesn't mean they deserved it, but people need to wise up.

    It's the kids I mostly worry about. My years in the school system showed me just how many kids (some under 10 years old) had porn on their phones. It's just too prevalent today.

    1. I think it's different if you're sending it to people you trust or not sending it out at all, but it's wrong to spread it no matter what.

      It's the same as, well, it IS dangerous to walk around outside at night but you're not asking to be attacked and you're certainly not at fault...but we should also know to protect ourselves because the sad state of the word is that we just have to.