Monday, July 11, 2016

Let There Be Peace

     To be honest, this could probably go into the Tough Topics series, but I'm not going to give you a bunch of statistics and research points today. Instead, I'm going to speak directly from the heart and tell you what I think and what I feel about all of the police shootings on black people and the shootings on the police officers in Dallas. It's a long post so you may want to go pee, get a snack, and a drink. But please stay until the end.

     This post will be going live on the fourth anniversary with my boyfriend. On here, he's known as Wolfy because of his obsession with wolves and that was a nickname given to him by his grandpa when he was a little boy. He'll be 30 on September 6th of this year.

     He likes to play video games, specifically story based video games. He buys them when we have extra money or I'll surprise him with a random present sometimes. When he finishes the game, he'll go trade it in to get something else. But he has about a billion games scattered around the house because he'll pick one up, go to play it, and then find another one that he wants to play even more.

     He's extremely creative. We met because we both share a love for writing and creating things. We've even worked on some book type stuff before. It was by doing that, that we became friends. Then one day, I found out somebody in my family was in the hospital and I wasn't up for being creative. So he talked to me all day. He told me stories, he asked how I was feeling, and he just generally supported me in a way I didn't really understand. Because despite having worked together for months, we hadn't really been friends.

     And then he was one of my best friends. We talked all the time. I learned his favorite colors and music and foods and things he's done and things he wants to do. I learned that he was in school to be a veterinarian because of his love for animals, but that he had to put his family and bills over finishing college. I learned that his sister's children are his Godchildren. I learned his favorite phrases. We developed inside jokes. I let him in about my struggle with depression and he talked to me for hours, just wanting to understand me, so that he would be able to help me. We learned everything about each other.

     And then I realized something terrifying.

     Not only had I fallen in love with my best friend. Not only had I fallen in love with a boy 7 years older than me. Not only was I in love with a guy that I technically hadn't even met (despite knowing him for almost two years). But I had fallen in love with a black man.

     Now don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against anyone because of race or color or religion or non-religion or sexual preference or gender identity or education or anything like that. I don't care if you're black, brown, white, orange, purple, or polka-dot. I may care if you're green, but that's only because that's the color you turn when you're about to puke.

     But I was terrified because I lived in the southern ghetto and I saw what people of color went through with my own eyes. I saw them being treated differently than I was. I saw the distrust on people's faces. I saw how people would roll up their car windows or lock their doors if a colored person needed to walk by. I heard the way some people talked (especially the older folks, but certainly not all and not limited to).

     And then he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was so ecstatic that I almost forgot to say "yes". And things were perfect. I never saw him for his race. I saw him for him. I saw him for the person he is, underneath the color of his skin. I felt the love he had/still has for me. I could feel happiness just by talking to him, which I have never felt with anyone in my entire life. I finally understood why people were mushy with their partners.

     I came to visit a few months later. And it was perfect. He introduced me to some of his friends, but never for super long times because of my anxiety around strangers. We went grocery shopping purely so I could have food I liked while staying with him. He took me on my first date with him, and ever, and even gave me my first kiss. Every single night, I fell asleep in his arms feeling safe, for the first time in my life. And when it was time to board the plane home, I cried like I was losing him. He cried with me. We held each other and cried like those annoying ass couples in movies that everyone is screaming at, "You'll see him soon! God! Just stop your blubbering!" We decided right then that I needed to move, as soon as I had been working long enough to make it look good on my resume (another six months or so).

     And when I finally moved, I knew that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with this man. That I could see us getting married, having kids, growing old together and chasing each other with canes. And not a single time since moving, has that changed.

     But there's a problem. A new problem, that came to be over the last few months. A problem that has been worldwide news every damn day for far too long.

     I'm terrified every time he walks out the door. I'm terrified every time he drives the car, because what if he accidentally speeds or has a tail light go out. I'm terrified of him walking anywhere, because what if it seems suspicious. I'm scared of him having a box cutter for work, because it could be classified as a weapon. I'm scared if he goes to a friend's birthday party, especially if there's alcohol, despite us being well over the drinking age.

     He has never done anything wrong to deserve jail time or prison time or any sort of charges. To my knowledge, he's never even gotten a traffic ticket.

     And I'm absolutely terrified that if he has a headlight out, he's going to get pulled over and I'll never see him again.

     I'm not bashing cops. I think what happened in Dallas is a tragedy. Innocent people were killed for the crimes that other people committed, for no reason at all. I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement, our fire departments, our paramedics, and all other first respondents. I think anyone who puts their life on the front line to help others is a hero.

     But you can't deny that there is absolute terror. You can't deny that black people are killed at a much larger rate, while in police custody, than white people are. You can't deny that most, if not all, of that people were murdered and did not deserve to be killed or that another method of restraint was out of the question. If you try to deny it, you are wrong and you need to look up the statistics, the video footage, and imagine that the color of the people on video are switched around.

     My boyfriend's sister shouldn't be scared for her children to leave the house to play with friends. My boyfriend shouldn't be scared to go grocery shopping because something might happen to him. I shouldn't have an anxiety attack if my boyfriend is five minutes late. Nobody should be terrified of having a child, because that child will be a few shades darker, because they're watching grieving black mothers bury their innocent black babies on national news every other day.

     What we need is peace. We won't get peace by being angry. People are already saying that we may cause a race war, but I feel like we're in the middle of one already. What needs to happen is for people to open their minds, put their heart on their sleeve, and choose love instead of hate.

     Please, God, don't take the love of my life from me.

     Please, God, let this hatred end so I never have to have that thought in my head again.


  1. You have to keep in mind that millions of transactions happen with police every day. And most of what we see on the news were precipitated by the person being approached doing some douchebaggery that they know better than to do, but do it anyway to give the finger to "the man", a term I am sick to death of. It sounds like your guy is far from being a douchebag, and would know how NOT to be one when approached. There are cops like the a-wipe in Minnesota, but they are a lot fewer and farther between than one might think. Unless you live in Oakland or Ferguson, apparently.

    1. One of the men killed last week was reaching for his ID, like the officer had told him to, and then was shot and killed in front of his daughter. Another was already pinned to the ground and when he tried to move at all, instead of using physical force to hold him down or using a non-lethal method, he was shot six times in the chest.

      Black people are roughly 2.5 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a white person is. When the majority of black people and cops are good, that's alarming. Here's a link with all the math broken down:

    2. I realize in both those cases. But like I said, two cases out of how many that just happened to happen that close together. And the one guy was pinned down because of douchebaggery, namely threatening a begger with a gun. Does that mean he then needed shot MULTIPLE times? Heck no. But, he put himself in the position. The other case, like I said, the cop did wrong, end of story.

      I also realize that there are more good than bad on both sides. In fact we were discussing that very thing on a friend's blog a few days back. But if you point out, say on facebook, that there is a problem within the black culture- even when you make the point that we must all work together to make a positive result- you get jumped on by people who call you racist the moment you say the word black, and then they cease to hear you. Trust me, I went through it. A lot of white people think if you say something against one, you've said it against all. They think they are helping, but they just make it worse. And they are the ones that get the press, not the good people on both sides of the fence that would like to see it be a world where you didn't have to worry for your bf's safety.

    3. It happens way too often. Too many people are dying. There are too many trigger happy people- not just cops, mind you. People are too eager to pull the trigger when there are better, non-lethal ways to stop things.

      I've seen the main argument of you can't support the police and the blm, but that's bullshit. You can support both and you should support both.

  2. Yes yes yes you are so right no one should be scared to go shopping or to drive a nice car because of the colour of their skin, it is terrible that things are like that the world has changed but still has a long way to go before more change comes about.

    1. We've made so much progress but we are so far away from where we should be that it's sad. I hope we see true equality in my life time.

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