Thursday, February 23, 2017

How To Prepare For A Business Trip

Apparently, my new job requires random business trips to shoes. We were supposed to go to California this weekend, but the weather made it far too dangerous so it's been canceled.

Here's exactly how I got ready for California.
  • Realize it'll be 12-15 hours in the car, depending on traffic, how heavy the trailer is, potty breaks, and weather.
  • Panic because you don't know how you're gonna listen to music without wifi during that time.
  • Download Spotify and pray the free trial won't somehow destroy your data.
  • Realize you have lost your suitcase.
  • Realize you have literally no clean clothes.
  • Remember you own a washing machine and clothes dryer. Well, rent. They belong to the landlord.
  • Spend four hours making a playlist on Spotify to listen to in the car.
  • Remember your boss doesn't like country music and that's half the list.
  • Text your mom to find out what music you like.
  • Your mom questions your sanity and sends all the music she likes because she's super helpful.
  • Get distracted and forget everything because your best friend from childhood made contact after eight years without talking.
  • Cry.
  • Spend the next three days forgetting you're about to leave the state because you're catching up.
  • Remember the trip the day before.
  • Die a little inside.
  • Panic because you don't have time to do anything because you just got called into work.
  • Find out the trip is canceled.
  • Then find out you're going to Denver the following weekend instead and that's an even longer drive.

Today's positive thought: I was reunited with my very best friend from when I was a kid. And I'm so proud of the person she's become.

Also, I can cross off Colorado to places I've been to, as of next week, as well as either Utah or New Mexico, depending on where we drive through.


  1. Where do you live, that Denver is a longer road trip than California? Also, if weather was a factor, I'm guessing you were originally slated for NorCal, not SoCal? If you ever make it out to LaLaLand/Hollyweird, let's get together IRL!

    I can't believe I've known #TheBloggessTribe for a year now (according to June on Twitter), and I still haven't met any IRL!

    1. We're in Arizona, but the trip would have been all the way to the top of Northern California. When we went to Denver, we took a longer drive, because it was safer. We didn't want to drive over ice, especially with a trailer, so we took a longer detour for safety purposes.

      And for sure! If you're ever in Arizona, hit me up!!!