Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Broken Window Mystery

This is going to be a story that gives more questions than answers, but I still can't figure out what the actual fuck happened.

Early this week, I was in bed around 11pm because I'm an old fart now and can't seem to stay awake until midnight. (Just three years ago, I would go to sleep at the crack of dawn. It's still weird to me.)

My boyfriend was in the living room, passed out on the couch and I heard somebody walking around on the gravel outside. Our apartment is on the second floor so I didn't think much of it- nobody can get in through a window so I didn't pay much attention until


My apartment shook from them hitting the window of our downstairs neighbors so hard. Then I heard them walking to the front door. I listened and waited, wanting to know if they were going to the stairs as I grabbed my knife.


They beat on the downstairs door so hard that the water in my cup rippled.

More gravel, back to the window.


More gravel, back to the door.


What the actual fuck is happening? I pay way too much damn money to be dealing with this ghetto ass shit in this nice ass neighborhood. Fuck this. I could be paying a third of the rent to tolerate this bullshit. 

Then I realized, the apartment they were banging on is the ones of my neighbors who seem high every time I see them. Yellow, blood shot eyes. Sniffly noses. Always seeming spaced out.

Nope. Fuck this. I ain't trying to get shot.

I put up with the banging for about five minutes before I realized it stopped, but I could still hear somebody walking around on the gravel. Then I heard glass shatter and a screen being removed.

God damnit. This is not how I wanted to die. I ain't trying to have this lame ass story. Fuck this shit. I'm gonna fucking move.

I crawled from my bed to my window and looked out. I couldn't see anybody. I didn't see glass. The cars all looked okay. Nobody was screaming that they were being murdered.

Now here is where I struggled- My boyfriend was asleep on the couch, the only point of entrance. There's a baby in the apartment behind us. There's a family to the left. There's a pregnant lady across. They could all be potential victims of a stray bullet if whoever was downstairs starting shooting because he heard police sirens. Those are all lives I couldn't bring myself to risk.

If I can hear them walking, cutting a screen, and breaking a window, they can hear me on the phone. Most of you will probably disagree with that decision and I understand that, but what's done is done and it was my choice to make, so let's move on.

By about midnight, I hadn't heard anybody being murdered so I went to sleep.

Around 2 am, Boyfriend and I were woken up to a LOUD car alarm. So loud that it sounded like it was in the bedroom. He mentioned where the car alarm could go and we heard the little beep when somebody shuts it off with their keys.

So, the next morning, as I was leaving for work I stopped to see what was going on. I wanted to know if the window was patched up or what was happening so I could report it to the lobby if needed, since I was pretty safe nobody might get shot.

This is where it gets weird...

The window was broken from the inside out. All the glass was on the ground and some big shards were still sticking out of the window frame.

I'm gonna ask some questions.

1) If you're trying to rob a place, will you make your presence known or try to be as sneaky as possible?

2) Would you go for a highly populated area like an apartment complex or to an actual home where you're less likely to be spotted?

3) Why would you break a window from the inside out?

4) Why would you leave large glass shards in the window, if you're trying to enter through it?

And to answer some questions my friends have asked...

1) At no point did I hear them arguing. If I can hear a key beep and a screen being cut, I can hear arguing.

2) At no point was I seriously concerned for their well-being, because I knew they weren't home. I had seen them both leave that morning with a suitcase.

3) The window was patched up sometime before Wednesday.

Today's positive thought: Nobody got murdered!


  1. IDK, if it were me, I'd have had BF yell a quite loud KNOCK IT THE F OFF! But, if it were me, there'd be no BF, lol!

    1. As somebody who has been in this situation before and who's mother's boyfriend started screaming, that's not the best move... They got our window open as the neighbors came out with a rifle and saved us. We weren't even the original targets. He was high off his ass on meth and didn't care who he shot as long as somebody gave him money.

  2. What the bloody hell, I would have well and truly freaked out, but good thing no one was murdered and you were not hurt in any way

    1. Agreed! I was actually pretty calm through everything, but to be fair, I grew up in the ghetto so this was a common experience of my teenage life lol.

  3. That's weird. They left with a suitcase. Did someone break in and then smash the window from the inside as some kind of warning to the perpetually high people? I guess we'll never know.


    1. I have no clue. I haven't seen or heard them since, but the window was fixed. I've no clue if they're back and I don't want to get involved by going to see.