Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Week I Gave Darth Vader a Bubble Bath


Not shown: We got back around lunch time, we unpacked at the store, and then I was dropped off at home. I was asleep on the couch by 6pm and put in bed by 8. I did not move at all until 7:30 the next morning, because I had to pee.

That's the shoe store I used to manage. I was called in to show a maintenance crew where the lights were, how to open the doors, and where to find all of the fancy things like the breaker box. The notes I had hung up everywhere in the back room were still there and all I could think was, "Whoever rents this place next is gonna think I was a massive bitch. I mean...they're not wrong."

Yes. I gave Darth Vader a bubble bath.




Today's positive thought: I made it home from Denver and I accidentally got myself promoted. 


  1. So, oh, yeah, besides it being the TITLE of my post, I also gave Darth Vader a bubble bath, but I'ma just show you one pic of that with no explanation... ;)

    What was that all over the floor of your pantry?

    Congrats on the promotion - is that the Executive Road Show Vice President of Conventions? And is the product still shoes? Or what?

    1. The explanation is boring. He got dirty so he needed a bubble bath! ahaha

      Tooth picks. The box fell and exploded.

      The product is no longer Shoes. It's collectibles and other expensive type things. Also, we haven't decided my title, but I like your suggestion. I may use that!

    2. So, the Dark Side doesn't keep one perma-clean, huh? HUH. Who'da guessed THAT?

      243 toothpicks. 243. 243.
      I'm an excellent driver. My dad lets me drive in the driveway sometimes.
      Ten minutes to Wapner!
      This is definitely not my underwear. Definitely not my underwear.

      And you should ABSOFUCKINLUTELY request that as your title!

  2. Cheers and congrats on your accidental promotion! Now if only the universe would be so kind as to promote your luck so that you can stop having so many bathroom related issues (and encountering so many gross people there).

    1. Thanks!

      And for real- Just a tiny little promotion so I can just pee in peace.

  3. I really enjoy your picture week in reviews! Congratulations on the promotion :)