Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#BeThankful Happy Kids and Good Parents

For the month of November, I’ll be posting a different thing I’m thankful for every day as a way to help share positivity and remind us to be thankful for what we have. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I am purposely skipping people I’m close to because of course the first thing everyone will say is their kids or significant other or parents. However, people who inspire me are allowed. If anyone would like to join in, let me know below and use #BeThankful in your post so I can find it.

I’m totally stealing Emelle’s idea again. Go check her out. She’s great.

Today, I’m thankful for all the little kids on the busses I take. 

Which sounds weird.

I’m thankful for all the little babies that stare at me, which allows me to make a face or play peekaboo (often with their parents unaware) so I can make them laugh.

I’m thankful for the tiny babies I wave at and dance at, who reach out to wave back, often to tiny I’m amazed they are able to.

I’m thankful for those kids on that one bus ride who asked me to play Pokémon with them, then the 4 year old and 7 year old girl kept forcing their 11 year old brother to let me win because “she’s new at this, you have to be nice to her”. 

I’m thankful for all these innocent small humans who can just bring joy to the lives of others by just being themselves. By being so innocent and happy that it’s just contagious.

Sometimes you just need one of those kids to unknowingly cheer you up because they can turn your whole day around without even trying.

Also, shout out to their parents. The ones who catch you making silly faces or dancing around and who smile at you or thank you for making their kid laugh. Props to them for sharing their thanks instead of thinking you’re crazy or weird. 

As somebody who had done retail and customer service my entire adult life, I will be the first one to go out of my way to make a well behaved kid laugh and thank their parents for raising them so well. Because Lord knows we need more of that.


  1. We all should be thankful for small children they are amazing and usually so easy to make them smile

  2. You're not STEALING anything from me! :)

    I'm grateful to be a little source of inspiration for you. I'm grateful you let me comment here, if only so that I may inspire you. You may call me "Madam Muse" from now on (or, ya know, "emelle" still works, too)!

    But yes, please send people to read my blog! And PLEASE continue to play with the babies. That Pokémon story made me smile. :D