Anti Bullying

     I've decided to continue my anti bullying posts every year and invite anyone who wants to share a story to do the same. The links will be sorted by year from newest to oldest, with mine always being at the bottom of that year's posts. I strongly urge you to read their posts, if nothing else.

Unity Day 2013:

Shannon Lawerence- Shannon shared her story of what her son went through in a religious school, despite the teacher's knowledge of his situation. Now, she's scared her daughter will become the mean girl.

Donnell Ann Bell- Donnell shared her views on how you can make a difference when it comes to somebody being bullied, or bullying.

Kianwi- Kianwi shared her perspective on how beauty really is. Something that shines from the heart, instead of something made of skin.

Things In 2013:

I wrote a post about Rebecca Sedwick's death. She was just a child who jumped off a cement silo to stop the bullying that followed her constantly.

Other Things In 2012:

I wrote a post about Mindy McCready being attacked and bullied after her suicide, after a long time suffering of depression and addictions.

Ashley from My Fight Inside saw the Amanda Todd video. She made a video inspired by it which was also featured on a guest post she did for me and on her own blog.

Anti Bullying Week 2012:

Lori Sizemore- Lori shared her story of struggles with low self-esteem from being teased about weight throughout her life. She also shares a breakthrough that she had, realizing that bullies will always find something to tease you about for the simple fact that they're bullies who will be cruel. You can click here for her blog or here for her Twitter.

Landra Graf- Landra shared her story of being of a family without money as a child and being bullied throughout her elementary school years, to the point she lost part of herself in highschool. She admitted that at first, she wasn't going to write the post, but I'm incredibly happy that she did. You can click here for her blog.

Kianwi - Kianwi shared her story of what it was like to be singled out for purely superficial reasons, while living in another country. Though she wasn't actually bullied, they treated her so differently, that it was as though they worshiped her. Instead of accepting her, they saw her appearance. It really could have been a lot different- She could have been treated in the exact opposite away. You can click here for her blog or here for her Twitter.

Ashley - Ashley shared her story of being bullied into transferring schools, self harm, being admitted to hospitals, and even attempting suicide. Her story shows the snowball effect of what one person can cause. If she had succeeded, my wonderful friend would not be here today to share her story of what she went through for far too long. You can click here for her blog.

Mercedes - Mercedes shared her story by explaining different types of bullying and even some things that people think as normal, are really just bullying. She also shares what its like to be different and be judged for it, and how much it can hurt. You can click here for her blog.

Alexandra Founda - Alex shared her story on a blog that she made just for this project. She talks about how being bullied as a child, by basically everyone, almost killed her. Eating disorders, alcohol, drugs, stealing... She did it all, in an effort to make people love her after they tormented her. You can click here for her blog, though she probably won't write other posts.

My Posts - Part One was about bullying statistics and things bullying can cause. Part Two was an exorcise to show some of what it's like to be bullied. Part Three was a list of celebrities, royalty, and presidents who were bullied and some of their stories. Part Four was the first half of my story of being bullied. Part Four and a Half was the second half of my story of being bullied.

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