Tough Topics

     Hello! Before going any further, I would like to thank the lovely Sherry Ellis for suggesting the name of this series. You can visit her at her blog, Mama Diaries, for goofy stories of her every day life.

     I would like it to be noted as a disclaimer that I am not a professional on any of these topics. I don't have any degrees, any special knowledge, nor am I qualified to give out professional advice. All I know is what I researched online and my personal experiences. If you have any problems with any of the topics listed below (including but not limited to: depression, self harming, eating disorders, etc.) then I encourage you to seek professional help because, unfortunately, that is not something that I can offer you.

     If you have anything that you would like to write a guest post for, even if its a topic that's already been discussed, please contact me via email at so we can discuss it. I will keep it as anonymous as you like. I have a couple people lined up, who I won't even be mentioning the gender of.


1) My blog is going to be a judge-free zone for all topics. Much like grade school, you get one warning to correct any rude or cruel behavior. After that, any hate will have a screenshot taken of it and used for one of my many bullying awareness posts, before the comments are deleted. That being said, you are more than welcome to your own opinions and to express those opinions. All I ask is that you do so nicely. We are going to be discussing extremely sensitive topics that can be triggering to some people. Have consideration, be nice, and discuss without judging. Or don't comment if you can't be nice. It's very simple.

2) I don't actually have a second rule at this point in time but that can be changed later on, if I decide it is needed or if somebody suggests it because they notice something that I don't.


  • Birth Control- Addressing the recent controversy on the different forms of birth control.
  • Rape Culture- Teaching not to rape, instead of not to be raped.
  • Photo Leak- Why it makes you a sex offender, not just a hacker. (Suggested by Lola.)
  • Military Unemployment- Facts and statistics about military unemployment being extremely high.
  • Rude Customers- Explaining why the person you deal with when you spend money probably isn't at fault for your problem and shouldn't be verbally abused for it.
  • Abortion- A guest post by a young woman who had one a year ago, at the time of posting, and how she feels.
  • Flirting- And why "'EY HOW YOU DOIN'!?" is not flattering at all.
  • Transgender Discussion- An interview with a transgender woman, to give answers on some huge questions.
  • Transgender Guest Post- A transgender woman tells us her perspective on everything that she's been through.

Coming Soon!

  • Dyslexia- History and where we are today with it.
  • Child Beauty Pageants- Why I want to punch their parents in the throat. (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Thigh Gaps- The unhealthy obsession that girls have with it. (Suggested by Emily.)
  • Equalism vs Feminism- My argument why feminism can be taken the wrong way.
  • Polygamy- Multiple partners and sharing partners. (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Slut Shaming- Why it's wrong and trying to understand why it still happens.
  • Stem Cell Research- The stigma behind it. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Immigration- The good and the bad behind it.
  • Treatment of Animals in Food- Basically summed up in the title. (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • LGBT and Racial Stereotypes in Media- Because it's still happening.
  • Video Games and Children- Are they exposed to too much sex and violence? (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Eating Disorders- A hopeful inside look with somebody recovering from one.
  • Sex Ed- Teaching not to do it, instead of not how to be safe or smart. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Gun Control- The age old question of who kills people, guns or other people?
  • Tattoos for Marketing Purposes- I guess this is a thing? (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Insecurity- How it feels and how I started feeling better.
  • Transgendered Children- Parents who raise them as the sex they identify. (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • The Stigma of Depression- It's labeled as "cool", "fake", and other things. (Suggested by Tony.)
  • PTSD- A hopeful look inside with somebody who has been diagnosed with it.
  • Culture Obsessions- Bronies, weeaboos, and England as a whole. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Anxiety- A hopeful look inside with somebody who has been diagnosed with it.
  • TV GMO- No idea what this is but it sounds important. (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Vaccines- Why has it become common to opt out of it?
  • Stereotypes in Restaurants- Things I've heard from working in two restaurants.
  • Forced Birth Control- Is it right to force it on parents who lost their rights? (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Fat Shaming- Society claims that your weight determines your worth. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Religion- One day, people will learn to get along, but until then, I'm going to discuss it.
  • Prostitution- I think this may have subtopics because I can't describe it in one sentence.
  • Legalization Of Prostitution- Some countries actually have this already. (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Porn- This is going to be uncomfortable to discuss. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Twilight- Why am I so against the books and the movies of this popular franchise?
  • Alcohol- The good and the bad, mostly trying to just understand it.
  • Men Can Be Raped Too- They actually can. (Suggested by Tony.)
  • Body Decoration- Tattoos, piercings, makeup, etc.
  • Portrayal in Media- Gender, appearance, race, etc. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Self Harm- A hopeful look inside with somebody who is recovering from it.
  • Politics- Because nobody can get along, so why not talk about it in the meantime?
  • Alternative Medicine- Such as aroma and music therapy. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Police- Why are so many people against those who are supposed to protect us?
  • Celebrity Idolization- Is this helpful or harmful to people? (Suggested by Kianwi.)
  • Pot- I almost couldn't decide what name to call it, which just about explains my feelings to it.
  • School- The good and the bad and the gray areas of both.
  • Bees- Apparently, they're super important to everyone. (Suggested by Sissi.)
  • Funding For Arts- Creativity, athletics, and which is being paid attention to.
  • Assisted Suicide- Should this be legalized or is it still murder? (Suggested by Kianwi.)