Monday, February 13, 2012

First Night Of Babysitting

     As I have mentioned before, I work as a babysitter. Two nights ago was the first night I actually babysat for the family I'll be working for. Let's just say, I've never had a babysitting experience like it before, but I mean that in the 'awesome I can't wait to do it again' way.

     Since it was my first time babysitting for them and it was really late at night (I'm talking leaving the house at 7:30 pm and staying until 2:30 am), my mom's friend (who got me the job in the first place) offered to stay with me. Upon arriving, I met the two older boys and greeted the baby girl, but their mom was still in the shower.

     I also noticed that they were watching the end of The Lion King, which is my favorite movie. It was a proud moment to know that kids of this generation haven't all succumbed to the crap that's on TV now, that teaches bad habits and that you can't live without a boyfriend (for example, Twilight).

     Mom's friend was their babysitter before she took a new job, so she knew the kids. I've only babysat younger kids so I really didn't know what to do, plus I have almost zero social skills and I'm shy anyways. We did have a nice conversation about how I wrap all presents in duct tape because my family has a tradition of making presents as hard to open as possible. Some years, even super glue is involved- Anything to keep the gift receiver from peeking at their present.

     Eventually, their mom came out from her shower, to talk to us while trying to get ready. Boss Lady, as I will call her, is incredibly nice. She and her husband, Boss Man, are possibly the nicest people you could ever work for. I'm not even kidding. You'd have to meet them to fully understand, but I will do my best to explain it.

     She was still trying to get ready so she straightened her hair in the living room, while talking to Mom's friend and I. She asked how I was, so I told her that I was nervous. I'm not the type of person to lie unless there's absolutely no choice and I didn't see any point in it anyways. She looked all confused and asked why I was nervous, so I told her, "Well, The Youngest has been with you since birth and never really had a babysitter, so I'm expecting a lot of crying."

     Boss Lady then told me, "This isn't a make or break deal. I don't expect you to work some miracle and have her go to you tonight. She probably won't go to you for a while, which is why I want you to hang out here when you have the time before I go back to work. The Oldest can put her to bed and The Middle Child can make her bottles. You're just here for adult supervision. We probably won't even leave until she's in bed around 10:30."

     Boss Man called her not too long after that, for her to go pick him up from work. She had to leave in sweats, hair not even half done and still pretty wet, even though it was around twenty-two degrees outside. Mom's friend told me that Boss Lady wouldn't be back with Boss Man for at least an hour and she was absolutely positive that they wouldn't even leave for their date until 11:30.

     After Boss Lady left, the older kids continued to play with The Youngest. Every time The Middle Child tried to put her down to leave the room, she would start crying and crawl after him as fast as she possibly could. When she would catch up to him, she would desperately grab onto his pants (to the point that they would almost fall down) while pulling herself up. It was both sad and sweet.

     There was a lot of horsing around, but nothing else really happened. The Oldest tried to put The Youngest to bed, but she just wasn't willing to sleep. Other than that, we just watched horrible TV. Horrible TV, as in, Mom's friend picked reality shows. Actually, it's probably a good thing she did, because I saw that Whitney Houston died and I was able to warn my mom so she wouldn't have to hear it from the news.

     Just like Mom's friend predicted, Boss Lady and Boss Man didn't get back for over an hour. Boss Lady had gotten out to get gas. Since nobody (I hope) is stupid enough to leave the car running, she shut the engine off, but she left the heater running so Boss Man wouldn't freeze. Unfortunately, their car takes so long to fill up, that they killed the battery of the car.

     Boss Lady explained, "When Boss Man got out to ask for somebody to give us a jump, he might as well have been asking for a kidney. Nobody was willing to help us." Nice to know such awesome people are in this world, right?

     Since both Boss Man and Boss Lady had to get ready to go, Mom's friend and I left to go get pizza. In the time it took me to walk out the door, across the yard, and get into the car, I was shivering so bad that my hands looked like I was unable to control severe muscle spasms that could possibly end in punching myself in the nose. Luckily, that didn't happen.

     When we got to the pizza place, I went to open the door, but a guy walked out of the joined gas station next door and said they wouldn't let me in. Apparently, after a certain time, they only use the drive-thru. He then started cackling and rushed to his car saying, "I'm gonna beat you there! I'm gonna be in line before you!" He very well could have been high as a kite, or just crazy. I'm not really sure.

     I went into the gas station and got our drinks before getting back into the car. Like the strange guy guessed, he was indeed in line before us. We were the last people in line and once our order was taken by a guy, a women went to the window. She had a rather rude attitude and basically demanded us to repeat the process of taking the order.

     Mom's friend called her a bitch as she walked away and it took nearly ten minutes for our pizzas to finish cooking. We ended up with a free pizza. The women passed it through the window and said, "The beef isn't that great but we were going to throw it out." Mom's friend said that she probably spit in it. I'm almost positive that she's right.

     The drive back to the house couldn't have been longer than ten minutes, but my legs felt like the skin was slowly being burned away from how hot the pizza was. The cold air from getting out was actually a relief, though I was shivering when we got back into the house.

     Since I was attempting to balance three large pizzas, I felt like a pizza delivery girl and now have a new found respect for all pizza delivery people out there. Thank you, pizza delivery people, for braving the cold, hot, rainy, and just plain yucky weather to deliver our greasy, fattening, and unhealthy so-called vegetables to us. You deserve more than what I can imagine you get paid.

     Again, just like Mom's friend predicted, Boss Man and Boss Lady didn't leave until 11:30. Luckily, like Boss Lady predicted, The Youngest was already fast asleep in bed. The Middle Child was already falling asleep too, but managed to stay awake long enough to eat pizza before going to his room for sleep.

     The rest of the night was spent doing basically nothing. Since The Oldest didn't take long to fall asleep and Mom's friend and I had run out of things to talk about, we continued to watch bad TV and I texted my nocturnal friends. I could have used the computer but I was falling asleep and knew that I would write a crap-blog-post and lose whatever reader(s) I have. You're welcome!

     I also found out what a Chupacabra is because Mom's friend put it on this show called Lost Tapes. (My spell check says that I spelled it wrong, but you know what? The closest suggestions are "Churchwoman" and "Copacabana". Brother says I'm right anyways so that's what we're going to go with.)

     Apparently it's this creature that looks like a coyote. It leave three puncture wounds in the neck and drains the victim of blood and sometimes, internal organs. Other things I learned is that it could possibly be a science experiment gone wrong, an alien, a coyote with mange, or distantly related to a raccoon. So, my best conclusion is that it's a vampire-dog made in a lab in outer space but related to a raccoon. But I could be wrong, since Boss Man and Boss Lady returned home before it was over.

     Boss Lady went to her room almost right away and Boss Man stayed in the living room with us. He started the car for us, so it would be all nice and warm, then offered us any jackets or sweaters that we wanted to stay warm. He offered to let me take clothing home, even though I had only met him one time prior. How nice is that?

     Eventually, the car was warm enough to leave, so we left. It was 2:31, according to the time on my phone. You know what? I was exhausted. I felt like I was going to pass out in the car and I think I almost did. If the ride lasted longer than fifteen minutes, I'm certain I would have.

     When I got home, I went to my mom and shook her until she was awake enough to tell her that I was home. I told her that her friend was going to take me to the store so I could get her flowers for Valentine's Day (You can say it, I am forever alone! Actually, I just wanted to do something to make her smile.) But it was okay that I told her, because she was asleep, so I told her that too.

     Her response was, "Oh, okay." Cue dramatic pause. "RACHEL. YOU'RE HOME. RACHEL'S HOME." Then she snored.

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