Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Fish, Clown Fish

     Today, I was texting Sissi and she sent me a picture of a clown fish her boyfriend's little brother drew for her. It was a really cute gesture and a surprisingly good fish. So I texted back, "That awkward moment when a child can draw better than you (and by you, I mean me)." I was very careful to make sure she knew I wasn't insulting her prodigy-level artistic skills.

     This is Sissi's brother's fish. Her finger isn't bright red, but I had to play with the brightness level and such since it was drawn in pencil, really really lightly.

     Sissi laughed at my comment and told me that I should draw her a fish. We both know I have no ability to draw what so ever but I don't think she fully understood until I sent her back two pictures.

     Sissi replied with "LOL OMH". Then before I could really respond about her typo, she told me what it meant. "Oh my hornets." I replied with, "I thought it meant 'Oh my hagus'." (My little spell checker is telling me that I misspelled hagus but it's not giving me a similar correction, so, oh well.)

     We went back and forth with our OMH translations for a while. After "Oh my hagus", Sissi responded with "Oh my habberdashery." (The spell check says that habberdashery is also spelled wrong. It's a temperamental little thing, isn't it?) I replied to Sissi with "Oh my ham", to which she responded "Oh my horse". I finished things off with "Oh my Harry Potter".

P.S. When I was going through my pictures in my phone so I could put them on here, I came across a picture I took a few months back of a chip I pulled directly out of the bag that looked like a fish. Or an arrow. Maybe it was an arrow chip fish.

P.S. #2 Since I've been sick, it's been easier to drink with straws. My mom bought me a bunch of bendy straws and I told Sissi they were pretty. Since I'm posting a bunch of pictures I sent to Sissi, I figured I would include it.

P.S. #3 Yes, that is toothpaste next to the straws. Our bathroom sink shoots out brown water so we brush our teeth in the kitchen sink.


  1. I actually do like the little brother's "fish." He draws better than me and I am a professional...I saw it and had to comment!

    1. Thank you so much for being my first comment! You have no idea how happy you've just made me. You seriously just made my entire week.

  2. Replies
    1. hahaha I'm sure that's not true (about me, at least, I'm rather impressed with the little brother's fish). You should totally draw a fish so we can see. on