Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weird Sleeping Stories

     This is yet another post Brother, sort of. He suggested I tell school stories and I thought about splitting them up by category so it wouldn't be crazy long. Then I realized I have way more crazy sleeping stories that I could tell you, besides the times I fell asleep in class. Thus, it turned into this.

Third Grade:
     The first time I fell asleep in school was third grade. My teacher was actually really nice, but everyone called her The Wicked Witch Of The West before Christmas because she didn't put up with any crap and my class was one of the really wild ones. The really cool thing was, about once a week and before any big tests, she would tell us to take a deep breath and scream as loud as we could to relieve any stress. How awesome is that?

     One day, she was teaching us about something. I want to say that it was math because I hate math and it bores me, but I could be wrong. After all, it literally bored me to the point I was falling asleep, so you can't blame me for not remembering exactly what it was.

     Our chairs were set around round tables so she would walk around them and through them when she taught us. I was really super tired that day and the only thing I wanted was to go home and go to bed. I closed my eyes and opened them really fast whenever I heard her pass behind my chair, so she wouldn't think I fell asleep and yell at me.

     Well, eventually, I put my arm on the table to support my head. That's the last thing I remember until somebody tapped my shoulder. Actually, it was more like they pushed my shoulder because I nearly face-planted the table before I jumped awake.

     The teacher had probably walked a total of five steps in between the time I fell asleep and the friend from the table behind me forced me to wake up. I still don't know if I should be mad that they woke me up because I was REALLY tired but I also hated sitting out at recess.

Fifth Grade:
     When I was in fifth grade, we had this free day at the end of every grading period. As long as you didn't get into serious trouble and passed all of your classes, then you were taken to the lunch room to sign up for something you wanted to do. One time, my friend and I got our nails done by the teachers. There were a lot of sports and movies that you could go to. There were a lot of artistic things, such as painting and making jewelry. I think you get the idea.

     My friend and I were struggling to find something good, since we had either done it or it just sucked, so we were pretty happy when we saw a Beethoven movie. Naturally, we thought it was about the Saint Bernard that always got into trouble but was completely lovable, even though he drooled every where and that was gross.


     We took our seats and the movie started up. It was about the famous musician. I was very sad and disappointed by that. Granted, I loved music and I wouldn't have minded watching that movie any other time, but I wanted to watch a funny movie about a Saint Bernard who drooled over everything.

     It took me about five minutes to put my head on the desk and completely pass out. If I couldn't watch the movie I had gotten my hopes up for, then I was going to take a nap and nobody could stop me! Actually, I didn't even know if I could get in trouble, but I didn't really care either.

     My friend woke me up when the bell rang and we walked back to class together. I felt like I had drooled all over the place (ironic, huh?) so I kept wiping at my mouth. When we got to the stairs that led to our class, we saw the cute class couple doing the Waltz on the way back and I had to wonder if I was dreaming. I wasn't.

At The Library:
     If you read my previous post, then you'll know about my psychiatrist dream. It happened about a year and a half ago. I stayed up all night, desperately trying to talk to a girl I never knew, to convince her that she shouldn't commit suicide. In the end, the cops had to be called to stop her, but she was saved and that's what matters.

     I literally never slept that night. My mom had promised to drive me to the library and to the duck pond so  I could take some pictures. (I love photography but that's never really been a dream. Eventually, I'll probably put pictures on here, but that sounds like a lot of work right now.) Well, I didn't want to leave until I was sure the girl was okay.

     After having a mental and emotional break down when I thought she had gone through with it, I was told that the cops had gotten there in time to stop her. You have no idea how happy that made me. Since she was okay, I went and took a shower so we could leave.

     We went to the duck pond first and I took a bunch of pictures. I didn't have a camera so I had to use the one on my phone but the quality came out surprisingly well, which made me even happier. But I was really tired and I wanted to go to bed.

     We went to the library and I went off on my own to look at books. That was a mistake. I'm guessing that I never found anything. One minute I was looking at books and the next, I had traveled across the library to where my mom was. I still can't remember what happened. I am convinced I fell asleep walking.

At Sissi's House:
     Last year, I got to spend an entire week at Sissi's house. It was awesome and fun and crazy. The week was also far too short. Actually, it was ten days because I stayed an extra weekend too, but it went by way too fast.

     During the day, we just hung out. Unless we were completely alone, we didn't really talk. That's probably my fault, since as I mentioned, I'm terribly shy in person. I can talk to Sissi about anything (and believe me, I have) but I guess my social abilities died when her family was around?

     At night, we could never shut up. I'm not even kidding. We would be really tired so we would lay down to go to sleep. It usually started, "This one time" or "Remember that time" or "Hey, did I tell you about" and then we would talk non-stop until we literally fell asleep talking.

     "So, Sissi, I don't think I told you about what happened a couple weeks ago. I was at the store and-" (This is where there would be snoring, but I don't snore, so there isn't.) "Yeah, I think you told me about that Rachel. I don't think I told you about when-" (Sissi doesn't snore either, but I think you get the idea.)

During Homework:
     When I was little, I think I had sleep apnea. (Stupid spell check is trying to tell me that "apnea" isn't a word, but Google said it is. Stupid spell check is stupid.)

     Like any normal kid, I would play outside while it was still light out. My curfew was to be inside before the streetlights came on so I didn't want to waste precious time doing homework when I could be out there saving animals! (Baha, another reference to my childhood dreams posts. I guess that means you should go read it, if you haven't yet.)

     After playing and trying to save any animals, I would go inside to eat dinner and do my homework. Usually, I would sit on the couch while I did the work, or even to read. I preferred to be in the main room because my room was creepy as hell.

     No matter what I was doing, reading or doing homework, I would pass out right in the middle of it. It didn't matter if I was tired or not. I would fall asleep right on the papers, pencil still in hand, if I was holding one. My mom would walk in the room, wake me up, and tell me I had to finish what I was doing. I would sit up to do it and next thing I knew, she was shaking me awake and telling me to finish my homework again.

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