Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why I Want Wireless Internet

     As I mentioned before, I have many animals. I'll introduce them all in time, but  let's start with the three that are the main focus on this story. The Kitten is my little girl kitten. Some kids brought her to my house a few months ago and I bottle fed her day and night until she was strong enough to eat on her own. The Blind One is my mom's blind cat. I'm convinced she hates me because every time she's on me, she bites, scratches, and farts. The Shy One is a quiet and skittish all black cat, with incredibly psychotic moments where she runs around like a bat out of hell, for no reason.

     When I sleep, I close my laptop on the table by my bed. It's plugged into the modem. For some reason, the wiring is all weird so it blocks out any good wireless signal. I only unplug it before putting the laptop away in a drawer, when we leave the house, or if there's a bad storm because I don't want it to fry.

     Early in the morning, two days ago, the three cats I just told you about were running around like crazy. The Kitten was being chased by the other two and they were on a rampage. Some how, at least one of them, got tangled in the modem cord and completely jerked it out of my laptop. I woke up when I heard the modem go flying and bang on the floor. Wonderful wake up call, eh?

     After checking it, everything seemed to be in order. The cord was a little lose but it seemed to be working right, so I just decided to count my blessings instead of questioning my luck. Randomly, while using my computer, the internet would go out. I would move the cord a bit and get it back to where it was supposed to be and then it would work just fine again.

     Yesterday afternoon, I was playing a game on the computer (while trying to think of my next blog post) and then my internet went out again. We moved the cords around. We reset the modem. We unplugged everything and then plugged it back in. Finally, we called the cable company and they said they would send a tech guy out on Sunday (tomorrow).

     This morning, I opened my laptop so that I could shut it off. I had to leave it on last night because I charge my cell phone through the laptop, but my phone was beeping that it was fully charged. When I opened the laptop, it magically had internet again. We're still having the tech guy come out to check it though, but that is why I want wireless internet. My animals act like they're on crack-speed-caffeine-sugar. I'm pretty sure that's not a drug and it's a very bad idea to try, but hey, that's the only way to describe it.

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