Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Burger Place Ever

     Yesterday, Momma and I went to the best burger place ever. Actually, it's a burger and taco place but I've only had their burgers. I never order anything else because it's just that amazing.. Plus, we rarely go. I have no idea why. It's not like we could get sick of food that tastes that amazing. Guys, I was actually sad when I finished my burger.

     The thing is, I'm absolutely stunned that my mom and I haven't gotten kicked out of places. I mean, she was even kicked out of churches when she was fifteen (it could potentially be because she snuck out of the church sleepover for a cigarette but she's not sure), sixteen (her mom started an argument and she fought back but when the story came out, she was allowed back and her mom wasn't), and twenty-two (for wearing holey jeans, the story is here). But some how, I have never been kicked out of any place. (I almost was once because I was accused of spilling a drink but I didn't.)

     We tend to cause trouble wherever we go. Usually, it's pretty funny. Sometimes it's embarrassing (like the time she picked me up from my CPR classes two years ago in a florescent pink and orange sweat suit, stood on the car, waved her arms, and screamed "RAAACHEEEELL. MOMMY IS HEREEEE TO PIIIIICK YOUUU UUUUPPPP." right in front of a guy I knew from my old school), but hey, I am not that easy to embarrass anymore so I guess that's a good thing.

     You're probably wondering what my point is by now, so I'll get to it. We caused trouble at the amazing burger place. They had one of those quality question card things on the table and I had a pen in my purse. I handed them to my mom.

     "I dare you to fill this out for my blog."

[It reads:
Service - Comments
Promptness - Still waiting.
Attitude - I am good.
Courtesy - Yes I did.
Follow-Up - Follow-Down.
Food - Comments
Quality - Yum.
Flavor - Yummy cooked.
Quantity - Bunches of fries and burger.
Value - Valuemart?
Is this the first time you have visited __? - Nope.
Other comments. - I'll be bach! Yummy!
EMail Address: -]

     Also while we were there, my mom decided to take some of the jams that they have. Why do they have jellies in a burger and taco place? I have no idea. I would love for you to comment and tell me, because both my mom and I are very confused. (Plus, comments make me smile. Just sayin'.)

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