Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Crying Wallet and A Happy Baby

     Yesterday, I spent the entire day running around town. Why, you ask? Because I had to replace my bathroom sink. The first place we went is a giant warehouse building with all sorts of junk stuff that people might need (such as doors, windows, toilets, etc.). They had nice sink bowls. They had one nice sink stand. The problem? Nothing fit each other.

     After an emergency that wasn't really an emergency where my mom works, we left again. We went to a big name store but I didn't hold much hope for it, since everyone knows big name stores will break your wallet and make you cry with how much money you just spent. Go figure I got everything I needed there for a hundred bucks cheaper. I think I'm still in shock.

     Then we went to another big name store. I only planned to buy a new pair of earrings. I have my ears pierced twice in each lobe, my right ear cartilage pierced, and my nose pierced on the left side. The nose and one set of the ear lobe piercings were done right after Thanksgiving last year. I never really had any problems until recently.

     I have this skin condition called psoriasis. Basically, you make too make skin cells and it builds up. I don't actually have it that bad and I am very lucky because it's on my head and ears, where it's hidden. (As opposed to being on my arms or legs.) I also dye my hair different colors and the chemicals in the dye helps keep it under control since I'm immune to all of the shampoos/medication I've taken for it.

     This is the reason I don't have my left ear cartilage pierced. Skin grew over in one night and it got severely infected (ironically enough, around Thanksgiving about five years ago.) It took my medic aunt, my dad, half a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and two pairs of pliers to get it out of my ear. My ear actually still hurts when I think about it. But guess what? I didn't even cry.

     Why am I babbling on about this? Why, dear reader, I am simply trying to explain that my wasted money on earrings wasn't actually wasted. The newer piercings in my ear lobes are trying to overgrow the stud earrings that were put in when they were pierced. The good news is that this means they are fully healed (even though I was told six weeks). The bad news is that, to avoid infection, I needed to get something that won't be grown over as easily. Plus, I don't like how gross it is to poke the earring through skin every day.

     So, yeah, I bought pretty earrings. They're really small silver hoops. I also bought a tiny little wire rope thing, so that The Stud Dog can play outside when I take him over to Boss Lady's house. It'll also be helpful when I do yard work on my own house. I just can't leave him alone because a cat might beat him up.

     I also found one more thing. I don't really like the floor pattern that I got, but it saved me a few hundred bucks, so I'm really not complaining. I can put down rugs and stuff to make things all prettier. One thing I realized, is that I would need a vacuum in order to do this, since I don't want to live in a gross house. I found one for like forty bucks. For those of you who don't know, vacuums are usually in triple digit price ranges, which makes my wallet cry.

     Well, despite my best efforts, my wallet is still crying. Especially because I have to buy new windows for my house and I've already mentioned that in front of the poor, empty wallet.

     On the bright side, The Youngest actually likes me now! Yesterday evening, the entire family picked me up on their way to the park that her birthday party was at. They even brought me a soda, which is really nice. Anyways, we went to the park with a plan.

     Boss Man and The Middle Child would walk with me and The Youngest, who I would be carrying. Then when I had her distracted by the swings, they would sneak off and see how long I could last. Boss Man had his phone for if I needed to call him because I couldn't calm her down.

     For a while, The Youngest was content on the swing. Too content, actually. She was falling asleep. While this would be great on a normal day, I needed her awake so that I could play with her to teach her that I'm not going to steal all her toys while she's sleeping or something. So I took her out of the swing contraption and over to this whale thing. I don't know what it's called. You sit on it and rock back and forth.

     Well, The Youngest didn't like that idea at all. I dropped my soda and her bottle on the ground so that I could put her down, and she decided to cling onto me and do this quiet "Put me down and I will never forgive you" screech. After a few minutes, I discovered she only wanted me to hold her and that I would not be able to coax her onto the whale, even to pick up the drinks. That was a difficulty all on it's own.

     All of the benches surrounding the playground were full and I couldn't take her across the parking lot to the volleyball area, because that's where her family was. Instead, I took her to the picnic area by the bathrooms that nearly made me vomit from the smell. (Note to self: Never, ever go in those bathrooms again. No matter how badly you have to pee. The smell may put you into a coma.)

     The Youngest was very happy and content just sitting in my lap. Boss Man called to check in, just when I felt something on my leg. "How are things going, Rachel?" "Pretty well. She hasn't started cry-... We need a diaper change." Would you like to guess who's diaper leaked and who the diaper-leaker was sitting on when it leaked? Yep. I got peed on.

     After getting a new diaper and getting all cleaned up, Boss Man and I took her back to the playground. Things went pretty well. She was happy just running (or attempting to) around in the grass and I was able to rest my arms from carrying around a thirty pound baby, a soda, and a bottle. Once Boss Man was able to sneak off, things continued to get better.

     The Youngest was absolutely fascinated by the gate that surrounds the park. The fence would move when she pushed it but she got very upset when the gate-part wouldn't. She wanted to make it open and close like everyone who walked through it. She also enjoyed painting the ground with the juice in her bottle. She accidentally dropped it and was very interested in how the juice would change the color of the concrete.

     A few times, she even reached up for me to pick her up. This was pretty freaking awesome, especially considering that she wouldn't even go near me two weeks ago. She even hugged me, drooled on my shirt, put my hair over my lip like a mustache, and tried to eat my hair.

     Boss Lady and the boys joined us not long after that. They played on the playground and I was put on picture duty since I was the only one who had brought any form of camera (my phone- her's was in the truck). When it was time to go, The Youngest started off holding my hand and Boss Lady's hand. Then she jerked away because she only wanted me.

     Then, in the truck, she spilled some of her juice on me. But hey, at least it wasn't pee.

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