Thursday, March 1, 2012

Every Six Years

     When I was six, I got a terrible, horrible, awful ear infection. The result was my little self sitting in my mom's lap and crying in pain while waiting to be seen in the emergency room. Then my left eardrum exploded. Doesn't that sound fun? Yeah, I didn't think so. I couldn't make it sound any better than "Oh hey, a part of my body once went kaboom".

     I had to have a surgery to reconstruct my eardrum and for tubes to be put in both ears, to help prevent any future ear infections. I don't remember a whole lot during that time, partially because I was heavily sedated and partially because that was so long ago. I do remember eating the best ice chips ever while I was in the hospital and water and ice has never tasted as good since.

     Eventually, the tubes came out of my ears. The doctor said that wasn't was a big deal, so it didn't really matter. Sadly, my ears would always have slight hearing damage so I will most likely never become a singer. I thought all of the ear infection stuff was behind me.


     Right after my mom and I moved to the state we live in now, I turned twelve. Almost right away, I was in this severe pain that I couldn't explain. If I had ever been stabbed in the ear with an electric knife (you know, the kind used to cut turkeys) that was short circuiting, I would probably say the pain was pretty darn close.

     Needless to say, I went to the emergency room that night. Since I was crying and screaming in pain, they got to me pretty quickly. But of course, it felt like forever before I was finally given medication that numbed the pain, even in the slightest. Then I was given a prescription and we were sent on our way.

     I made a stupid choice. When I was asked if I wanted the medication in liquid or pill form, I chose liquid. Guess what? It looked like chunky milk, smelled like a garbage dump full of rotting skunk bodies, and tasted even worse. The smell made me gag and you can guess how I reacted to the taste.

     Eventually, I recovered from the ear infection. The thing is, I had already realized something. "Hey, Momma, didn't I get an infection when I was six? Does that mean I'll get an infection when I turn eighteen because it's every six years?"

     Yes, little me, yes it did.

     I was really sick earlier this month. Perhaps you remember me writing about it here? I was stuck in bed and felt absolutely horrid. It was not the most fun I have ever had. About half way through being sick, I woke up to my left ear popping and then the hearing going all weird. Put a finger in your left ear and then talk. That is what I have heard the entire week. A dull pain has randomly appeared, but other than that, no pain at all.

     Since the beginning, I just knew it was an ear infection. I told my mom that I needed to go to the hospital. Due to things being different (i.e. no screaming and writhing in pain, no fever), she thought that it could just be water in the ear. I tried ear drops and there was no affect, so she took me to the doctor today.

     Guess who has a double ear infection? Anyone? Ah, yes, that answer is correct, my dear reader. I am the one who has the double ear infection.

     I'm on three different medications that the doctor gave me, plus an allergy medication. I have to take it all for a week. Since I have no idea how it will affect me, I will potentially have some wacky and strange things to say. I don't know if I should apologize for this so I'll get back to you in a week.

     Wish me luck the year I turn twenty-four.


  1. Well, I guess in six years I will be looking for this same post! I feel so special to be your best commmenter!

    Yay me!

    Actually, I only get a lot of comments on mine because I comment all over the place. I am a commenter person!

    Anyway, your poor ears! Don't move to another climate in 6 years and I think you will be OK!

    1. haha Most likely! Six years from now, I'll probably have to scroll through all my old posts until I find this one so I can update it or something.

      I'm really excited that you commented again! I mean, not only do I have a comment, but it's a comment from somebody who's commented before. I can't stop grinning.

      I have no plans on moving (besides next door but I'm pretty sure that's the same climate) so hopefully I'll be wrong and break the cycle. haha