Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Really Sleepy

     Guys, I am really tired today. Like, I woke up two hours ago and I'm still so tired that I may or may not pass out while writing this post. I'm hoping I don't because that would defeat the purpose of sitting down and thinking, "I am going to write a post right now, just like I said I would yesterday." But if I do fall asleep, I'm sure a jumbled mess of letters from where my face hit the keyboard would be fairly amusing for you.

     Also, I'm listening to music right now. That means that this post is going to take me forever to write. Even though I cannot sing, I still love it. By listening to music, I slow myself down because I have to sing along with it. I also have to skip the songs I don't know well even to sing along to. I don't know why.

     I'm sure nobody is wondering why I haven't posted in a couple days, but I'm going to tell you anyways. I have been working. Actually, that's only part of the reason why I haven't posted. The kids have been great. (Well, The Youngest was really grouchy on Monday. I got kicked in the knee, bitten three times, and listened to at least four temper tantrums that were so terrible that it sounded like somebody was torturing her.)

     Monday, my mom, Mom's boss, and I went to a small town near here. We were looking at a trailer that they were going to tow that was jam packed full of stuff. It was locked by a chain from the inside and there were too many wasps to get in. However, I was promised first dibs on anything good and useful for my house. That meant I had to go back with them and two people that work for them, to claim stuff.

     Yesterday morning, I had to get up at eight in the morning. Now, I know that doesn't seem so early, but I don't get up before noon unless I have to. My brain doesn't fully function if I have to get up early, no matter what time I go to sleep. I also get grouchy and short(er)-tempered. That's just not a good combo and usually makes me a little reckless.

     Well, we all went to look at the trailer. I regret not getting pictures. The trailer had two big bedrooms, a huge bathroom with a spa tub, and an added room half the size of the trailer. All full of windows. Want to know why that is fantastic? I have to replace my windows and there's little to no chance I won't find at least one to fit. There was no floor, between all of the furniture and rolled up carpet (and windows).

     I said, "With all this junk, I wouldn't be surprised if we ran into a snake." Not even thirty seconds later, one of the employees called from another room (the same room I had just exited), "I found a snake skin!" At this point, I began to get a teensy bit freaked out.

     My dad used to keep a bunch of little black snakes that looked a lot like worms. Since we knew a bunch of people who lived out in the country, my mom was always being called to shoot the heads off of copperheads. (Disclaimer: I do not encourage or endorse the harm of animals. These are very poisonous snakes and with three little kids [me and two girls younger than me] running around in the yard, it was not a good idea to let them roam free but they were too dangerous to risk catching.) Other than that, trips to the zoo, and a few animal handlers showing up at school/camp over the years, my experience with them is limited, even though I actually do know a lot about snakes in general.

     Well, I got out of the trailer and waited as they started to bring stuff out. I ended up getting two really nice tables, an ugly lamp that will work until I can get it replaced, and the possibility of windows. Even so, I kept myself outside because I didn't know what kind of snake had left its skin behind nor where it had gone.

     Eventually, my mom made me go back inside because she heard her boss say something. I got halfway through the living room when I got a leaf stuck to my shoe. I looked down to get it off and guess what I saw? Another snake skin. Yet again, I was out of that trailer before anyone could stop me.

     I did learn that it was a small snake, which is good because it wasn't a boa or something. However, that's also bad because younger snakes cannot control their venom and are usually more likely to kill you if they bite you. (Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on snakes. I'm only repeating what I've been told my whole life. I do not encourage you to mess with a snake of any size. Size doesn't always matter in the danger of snakes. If you find one, get away from it and call animal control so it can be safely removed without you getting hurt.)

    By the time we left, the bed of a truck and a transport trailer had been entirely filled and not even half the trailer was empty. We got home, then we had to run errands when Momma got off of work, and then I was supposed to go to work but Boss Lady canceled because The Youngest had just fallen asleep and nobody wanted to wake up the banshee.

     Oh, I'm not done yet! I have one more reason why I haven't been posting lately! I bet you can't believe that, can you? Well, it's true. There is one more reason and I think I've mostly fixed it, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

     There are two version of roleplaying. The first version is a perverted thing, where people pretend to be other people/things to uh... make their bedroom life more interesting. The second version is when two or more people make up story characters and write a story, post by post. I am not a pervert. I do the second version; making up stories with different characters. (And no, creepers, they are not perverted stories. Get your head out of the gutter.)

     I'm almost positive you've never heard of the second type of roleplaying, but if you have (or want to try it out), then you should check out two different websites. The first is Brother's roleplaying forum. You can find people to roleplay with there, in groups and one on one. The second is a site that Sissi is an admin on. It's specifically to help people find other people partners, to do a one on one roleplay.

     Well, I used to roleplay on a different website, but I don't think I can advertise the name on here. Anyways, I spent the last couple of days apologizing to the people I accidentally ditched (it just means that I haven't replied and they probably thought I had abandoned them) and telling them that I had to move everything over to email so that I wouldn't lose replies and could access it from Boss Lady's house.

     So yeah, that's why I have been MIA lately. I plan on getting at least one more post up by tomorrow, but maybe I'll get a few more done if I'm inspired by comments. (Wasn't that a subtle hint?)

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