Saturday, March 17, 2012

Introductions To Work

     As I have mentioned about a billion times, I work as a babysitter. This job is still so new that The Youngest, who turns one this month, hasn't even been left alone with me for more than a few minutes. That is because she has never really had a babysitter before and has spent her entire life with Boss Lady. She does not like it when her mommy leaves, even just leaving the room.

     I was supposed to go to their house to get to know The Youngest over the past month, but I wasn't able to until Thursday, because Boss Man had been so sick. But I was finally able to go over there Thursday and Friday (yesterday).

     On Thursday, Boss Lady texted me and said that she was waiting outside of my mom's office, where she was going to pick me up and also meet my mom. They got to meet and I got to show Boss Lady my new home, which she said she was very impressed by. We (read: she, since I couldn't get the bug spray to work) killed a wasp that had wandered in.

     We hung out in the office with Momma and Shorty for a few minutes after that, so they could all talk more. Once it was decided that Boss Lady is not an ax-murderer who had plans on eating me for dinner and that Momma was not a psychopath who had recently escaped prison to teach me the ways of doing bad things to good people, Boss Lady and I went to her house.

     Boss Man was back on his feet and it was actually his birthday, even though I only found out on the way to her house. When we got their, Boss Lady and I had lunch (sandwiches and yogurt, in case you were wondering) and she showed me how she feeds The Youngest. (Basically, she just says certain things to get The Youngest to pay attention and understand that it is time to eat.)

     After that, Boss Lady and I tried to get her to warm up to me. I played with her, tickled her, and stuff like that. Unfortunately, she had missed her afternoon nap because she refused to go down, so she was super-cranky. Every time I tried to pick her up, she started screaming.

     On Friday, the routine happened very similarly. Boss Lady picked me up at the office. We couldn't leave because Mom's Boss was bringing her dogs to the office. Why in the world would she do that, you ask? I don't have any fucking clue. What I can tell you is that she brought my new puppy, The Stud Dog. (I haven't had him a whole day yet, so I can't say anything based on his personality, but I'm going to eventually breed him.)

     I got to play with the puppy and the other dogs for a while before Boss Lady and I really had to go. Things went much, much better with The Youngest. I had her giggling and laughing and running and playing and all that stuff. Peek-a-Boo, tag, tickle monster, and stuffed animals were all involved. Plus, she let me feed her some of her sandwich. And she actually asked me for some of my chips, which is pretty freaking awesome.

     We played outside for a little while and the only time that The Youngest started crying was because she fell down. Even when I had her in my lap with a bottle, she just crawled out of it instead. That may not seem like much but it's awesome. Instead of screaming and trying to squirm, she gave it a few seconds before getting up. It's a huge improvement.

     Boss Lady and I left when it was time to pick The Middle Child up from school, so we swung by to get him on the way to my house. I guess he must have told his friends about me because one of the boys he was sitting with stood up and yelled, "HEY RACHEL!" just as The Middle Child was getting into the car.

     On the way back, it was discovered that he is too shy to really talk to me unless I speak to him directly first. (Which can be a problem considering I suck at starting conversations, but we'll figure it out.) He kept asking Boss Lady why we were going to my house (answer: Because Rachel doesn't live with us and she does need to go home.) or what Shorty's husband was doing to my house (answer: Fixing everything.) or if I would be at The Youngest's birthday party tomorrow (answer: Sweetie, you do know that I won't bite you if you talk to me, right? You don't need to ask your mom to ask me.)

     We stopped at a store across the street from where I live (where some creeper tried to pick me up as a hooker last week) and got some sodas. As we were leaving, some guy kept waving and grinning. We're not sure what exactly what was happening, but we think he may have been a couple cards shy of a full deck, so I'll be nice to the guy.

     We got back just as Momma was locking up the office. She got all happy that I was back because she didn't want to introduce The Stud Dog to The Little Dog and The Big Dog without some help. Momma got to meet The Middle Child and speak with Boss Lady again. Then I was told a few things I did not expect from Boss Lady.

     "You can bring The Stud Dog with you when you babysit. To stay, not to live. As long as he's potty-trained, he can come. To stay, not to live."

     "Right before I start back full time, I'm going to pick you up and take you grocery shopping. You can help with The Youngest and I can judge by your face if you like something or not. And if you don't speak up, you'll be eating shit you don't like, but I'm going to try and get you stuff you actually want to eat."

     The next one was actually a conversation, which I really didn't know how to handle. I was invited to the birthday party tomorrow and even got The Youngest a singing toy thing and a couple of cute summer dresses. I was going to go to celebrate the party, not to be paid.

Boss Lady: If you can play with her for about half an hour like you did today, then I'll pay you for your time.
Me: I'm not taking money for playing with her at her party.
Boss Lady: Yes you are.
Me: But it's her birthday party! I'm not going to-
Boss Lady: You will take the damn extra money and you will be happy about it!
Me: ...
Momma: When your boss tells you to take the money, you should say yes.
Me: ...(in a tiny little voice) okay.

     That's basically how things have gone the past two day and why I have been too busy/tired to post.  By the way, Momma was right to be worried about introducing the new puppy to the other two. On site out of fear, The Stud Dog pissed everywhere outside. Then The Big Dog tried to attack him inside. I was up half the night trying to keep them all calm. The Stud Dog wouldn't even go on the floor this morning, except to use the puppy pads really fast and then cry and run back to me. Poor thing; as soon as he set foot on the floor this morning, The Little Dog barked at something outside and he got so scared he pissed everywhere again. I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of cleaning up to do until he mans up or I move out.

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