Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Le Blog

     So, like I knew I would, I managed to run out of things to post about for a few days. I could always write about something that happened a while ago, but that would require certain inspiration and less laziness. Considering the fact that I only really did something yesterday (I bought four movies at the store; does that even count?), I don't really have anything to say. I did go to lunch with my mom and we ended up with four plates of food between the two of us, but that's not really, "I can make a whole post out of that" material.

     Anyways, since I don't have anything else to talk about today (well, there is one thing, but that will come towards the end), I figured I would talk about the blog. Why did I call it "Le Blog"? Am I French? I don't think so, but I cold possibly be. It's just because Brother and I replace the word "the" with "le"... for no real reason what so ever. For example, "Rachel, I need le sleeps." or "Brother, I am le hungry." Yes, I am aware that we are weird.

     After playing around with the layout, completely screwing it up, and playing around some more, I finally decided I like the way my blog looks. It took me a few hours (if you put the amount of both times together) and a pretty big headache (since I had no idea what I was really doing), but it was well worth it.

     If you look under a little section called "Check These Out!", you will find many links. You should click those links. If I like a blog, I will add the link to it. Brother and Sissi also have their websites on there, but those aren't actually blogs. If you like writing (which I'm assuming you do, since you probably have a blog of your own), you should totally check it out though. Feel free to ask any questions about them and I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

     You should also keep an eye on that little section of my blog, because I've been updating it quite often. When a blog I read gets an award, they usually have to link to several other blogs, which I then go check out. Like I said, if I like it, I'll add it to the list.

     If you just so happen to be one of the blogs I linked to, I can't believe you're here! A lot of the people on that list have a bunch of followers and I think they're kind of famous, so I can't believe any of them would check out my little blog. Anyways, if you are one of those people and you would like the credit changed, feel free to ask me. I tried to put everyone's name with their respective website, but I just didn't know everyone's name.

     Onto a different topic now. I have noticed that I seem the be the youngest person running a blog. Don't get me wrong, I know there are a bunch of people out there who are younger than me, but I have only found two blogs run by somebody younger than their twenties. These two blogs may have actually been the same person, due to the similar layouts and names. But hey, whatever. I just hope you don't see my age and think, "Oh gosh, this is just a kid!" or something, since I really am trying to be an adult.

     Last night, I discovered, I have basically no idea how to use Twitter. I set up an account and was even able to hook it up to this blog. I posted status updates (which I'm pretty proud of because I at least vaguely remembered I had the account). Then I was playing around with it and realized I had messages from people, which I should have gotten an email about but didn't. Only one person proved not to be a spambot. I know I apologized already and he might not ever see this, but to the nice guy who sent me the link about ear infection symptoms: I am very sorry for ignoring you; I honestly didn't know that anyone knew my Twitter account even existed.

     I think that about covers everything, except for one little topic today. Today, is my big Sis's twentieth birthday. I don't think she'll see this for a while because her internet connection is very bad, plus her computers have a serious case of PMS, but I just wanted to take the time to post this anyways. (Warning, if you do not like family/friend mushy stuff, you may not want to read the following few sentences.)

     Sis, I know we can't celebrate your birthday together, but I still hope you have an amazing day anyways. I love you to death, even though you're a teensy bit crazy. Happy Birthday. <3

     That's about it for now, but maybe I'll have something new to talk about later. After all, I am going paint/furniture/other junk I need shopping today. Plus, I'm supposed to go to Boss Lady's house tomorrow morning. If all else fails, I'll try to write about the old lady who nearly ran Momma over in a parking lot.

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