Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Feet Still Hurt

     As I mentioned here, Boss Man has been really sick and is in the hospital. He has pleurisy and double pneumonia, so the house needed to be scrubbed from top to bottom just so he could go home. Don't get me wrong, their house is crazy clean, but it was cluttered and they needed to be positive that there wasn't any dust left in the house at all.

     Boss Lady asked me to help clean, which I was glad to do. She also asked Mom's friend (the one who got me the job and the one who has helped me clean my house and the one who works with my mom... from now on, I'll call her Shorty [she laughs at her own height]). Since Shorty can drive and I can't, it was decided that she would drive me the next morning.

     Upon arriving, we discovered the living room was half done and both boys had been excused from school so that they could help clean too. I was sent to organize and clean The Youngest's nursery because I'll be spending a lot of time in there when I start full time on April 1st. The Oldest was sent to the bathroom to clean and The Middle Child was put on laundry duty. Shorty stayed in the living room to clean and we basically kicked Boss Lady out of her own house, with The Youngest, so she could go visit Boss Man in the hospital.

     The nursery was a disaster. There were clothes in there from when The Youngest (who turns one this month) was still three months old. Boss Lady also buys clothes on sale, so she has clothes ready for when The Youngest is four and five. I had to go through everything and pack up the clothes that were too small, while hanging or folding the ones that fit and the ones that will fit within the next couple of months. Meanwhile, I kept finding toys that had to be put away. It took me roughly five hours. I only sat down three times, for about ten minutes each. My feet hurt so bad already that I took my shoes off.

     The Middle Child and I were then sent to the kitchen/dining room. This room was probably the worst one, but that's because Boss Lady had bought more food and it was also a storage area for things that either didn't have a place or Boss Man was supposed to put away, before he got so sick. Other than that and some dust on the dishes hutch (you know, like a display case for fancy stuff?), it was rather clean.

     Despite how clean it was, I took bleach wipes (I don't know if I can drop brand names on here with my AdSense account- if anyone knows, I would love for you to tell me haha) to the table, counters, stove, and basically everything else I could reach. Then I dusted the hutch. With everything that had to be put away and the boys running all around to help Shorty and I, it took me roughly another five hours.

     During all of this, Shorty and The Oldest cleaned the living room. Unfortunately, The Oldest didn't know that you have to mix bleach with water or it'll be too strong. Shorty didn't even realize she was using bleach (I still don't know how she didn't know) when she mopped the walls to make sure there was no bleach. I was called in to rescue them by dumping out the bleach, rinsing the bucket, and refilling it with a different cleaner and water. Everyone who arrived after that staggered back at the front door, from the smell alone.

     I spent ten hours on my feet, cleaning and organizing. I had my shoes on (heeled sandals) for about seven of those hours. I did not eat until I was finished. I only had six hours of sleep the night before. I was loopy from bleach when I got home, after spending two hours in the living room. It's two days later and my feet still hurt, along with my arms and the back of my legs. I didn't get paid. But you know what? I still feel good about it. I got to help bring Boss Man home to be with his wife and kids. That's something to be proud of, I think.

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