Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pet Peeves (Part One: Questions)

     Brother suggested this post for me to write about but I haven't been inspired or angry, thus, it has gone unused. But tonight, I am annoyed and irritated because somebody keeps hitting some of my pet peeves.

     I have a pretty short temper when it comes to the pet peeves and there are a lot of them, but I'm also rather forgiving and patient (unless I'm hungry; then I just want food). There will probably be several posts about my pet peeves or things that angered me, but I hope you don't think, "That girl is psycho!" because I'm actually not. I'm kind of bitchy, but that's almost always provoked.

     Despite what you might believe after reading this, I welcome you to ask me anything you want to know. I don't bite and I'm really not a mean person. There are just certain things that bother me. I will not snap at you or turn into a Chupacabra because you asked me something.

Excessive Questions:
     This one doesn't always drive me crazy. I usually don't mind answering questions. I'm a very honest person and I don't mind telling people what they would like to know. The thing that bothers me are when the questions are repetitive to the point you have given the same answer ninety-two times and the person still doesn't understand anything.

     Then the person will asked you another question and continue to ask it while you give the same answer ninety-eight times, just to make sure that they know that, "Yes, I have a job, because I searched for one and am willing to work." or "Yes, I will be able to pay my bills, because I have a job and that is a source of financial income."

     I have been dealing with this all day long. It would seem that the person needed to know every single aspect of my life. I'm pretty sure that the only question I wasn't asked was when the last time I had to pee was. I think I gave my entire life story otherwise.

     Even though I desperately wanted to scream and hit something, I continued to answer the questions. Admittedly, I did have a few snappy moments, but I think I behaved myself pretty well. Why? Because this person could not be more oblivious to my, "I do not wish to continue this conversation any further" signals.

Stupid Questions:
     "How do you make friends?"

     I was literally asked this. I was not asked this question today nor was I asked this question by a young child. On the contrary, I was asked this by somebody older than I am. Not all questions are stupid. There are many questions that you may think sound stupid, but are actually very good questions. This post-rant-thing should not discourage you from asking questions that you have, to me or anyone else, but hear me out.

     The thing is, today, I was asked many more stupid questions. Along with the millions of questions this one person felt the need to interrogate me with, at least seventy percent of them were just dumb. There is no reason to ask me, "Why do you make a different amount of money every week?" First of all, it is none of your fucking business how much money I will make, nor does it make any sense for you not to realize that by doing different things each week, I will have a different profit.

Overly Nosy Questions:
     As I just mentioned, there are certain questions that people should not ask other people. These questions include anything financially related (such as: How much money do you make?) or anything of a private nature (such as: When was your last period?)

     There are many people who can get away with asking such questions. Doctors need to be nosy to discover your ailment. Therapists need to be nosy so that they can help you feel better. Lawyers need to be nosy so they can throw the bad guy in jail. All of this is understandable. I have no problem with any of this.

     Some people ask nosy questions because they are concerned for you. I am one of these people, even though I try to respect boundaries. Sissi, Brother, and Sis all ask me questions to make sure that I am okay. This is perfectly okay. It makes me feel very loved, and not at all awkward, because we are family who trust each other 100% and are looking out for each other.

     Then there are people who you never talk to, the people who don't even know your favorite color, and the people who feel the need to pop up out of no where despite being unwanted. These are the people who have no right to ask about your finances or other intimate details of your life (such as: Are you on birth control?)

     To all of this, I only have one more thing to say: Thank you for the interest in my life, but seriously, please learn how to socially interact with people. For the sake of my sanity. Please.

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