Sunday, April 1, 2012

Horror Movies

     Yesterday, my mom and I went to see a movie in the theater. We rarely go to the movies and I've never gone to see a horror movie. I was actually pretty excited about it, mainly because I thought I could handle a horror movie again. Let me explain.

     A couple of years ago, I went to a friend's birthday party and somebody gave her a movie for her birthday. This movie is called The Unborn. It's the first movie that I have ever screamed at. It's the first movie that has ever given me nightmares and lingering fears (unless you count when I was six and watched The Twilight Zone and couldn't go near the phone for a few weeks or how I still have a fear of living dolls). Anyways, this movie scared the fucking hell out of me. I will not allow it in my house.

     Ever since then, I've had a difficult time watching anything scary. I used to watch horror movies all the time. For about three years before I saw The Unborn, horror/scary movies were about the only thing I wanted to watch. Nothing bothered me. But after I saw it, anything remotely scary or involving demons (especially the ones that crawl on all fours with their heads upside down) or angry ghosts is not something I enjoy. (I do watch Ghost Adventures just about every week, but there was one episode with a shadow figure that was like that demon and it gave me nightmares.)

     Anyways, after a couple of years, I figured that it was about time to go watch a new horror movie. I really, really wanted to see this one because Daniel Radcliff was staring in it. Since Harry Potter was about ten years of my childhood, I really wanted to see how well he did and everything. (Not to mention I wanted the movie theater popcorn and a giant pretzel with nacho cheese.)

     The movie was actually really awesome. The thing is, it was either too awesome which made it super scary or I'm still scarred for life from The Unborn. I'm going to say it was a little bit of both. Being the only people in the actual theater, my mom and I were able to talk the entire time. This meant, she got to laugh as loudly as she wanted at me.

     Considering I screamed twice, hyperventilated while laughing, and hid behind a napkin while closing my eyes countless times, she had every right to laugh at me. (The first time I screamed, it wasn't my fault. A face appeared in the window and screamed, just as my phone went off in my lap.)

     Even though it freaked me out, I would watch it again. My mom is already looking to buy it. I'm willing to bet that she just wants to make me watch it to see if I'll scream and hyperventilate again. (Sadly, there were a lot of toys that moved and like I stated earlier, I do not like moving dolls or toys. Or clowns, but I left that part out.)

     Over all, I really wasn't scared when we left the movie. I knew it would sink in at night, mainly when I was alone. Except with The Unborn. That movie had me shaking and avoiding anything so much as mentioned in the movie for weeks. (I'm not kidding. I wouldn't open the medicine cabinet to get my toothbrush out for three weeks. I made my mom do it.)

     What I didn't expect, was that it would hit while I was babysitting. While I was rocking The Youngest in the rocking chair last night, to put her to sleep, I couldn't help but think, "The rocking chair played a big role in the movie." Then I looked out the window and couldn't help but think, "This window looks oddly like the one in the movie where the face appeared and screamed."

     Then I spent the next fifteen minutes, unable to look away from the window, in case I saw a little ghost child rise from the ground and start walking towards the house. Or a face appearing and screaming. Either way, I was pretty nervous about it. And in a dark room full of toys, which did not help.

     If I didn't watch a car pull up to drop Boss Man off, I would have completely flipped out, because he walked across the lawn very slowly but was clearly heading towards the door. It was too dark to make out any features, so I'm just happy the headlights made it obvious that I actually knew he was a living, breathing person.

     When I got home, everything was fine again. I wasn't scared or anything. Then my mom went to bed and left me all alone. All I could do was stare into the back room, which was completely dark, and wait for The Woman in Black to come and get me. (I woke up at 4:30 in the moving and couldn't fall back asleep until the sun came up for the same reason.)

P.S. My mom and I both found a few things hilarious about the movie.
-Daniel on a train and didn't want to be late, which reminded us of Harry Potter departing on the Hogwart's Express.
-There was a little red haired boy and a little girl with poofy brown hair that made us point and scream, "RON AND HERMIONE" (good thing we were alone in the theater).
-Daniel's character was originally played by the guy who played Harry Potter's dad, but named Arthur, who was basically Harry's other father throughout the books and movies.

P.S. #2 Momma and I also got into a popcorn fight. I don't know who won. She kept getting it down my shirt and I kept getting it in her super-thick hair (so despite washing it, some might still be there).


  1. I've heard that the Daniel Radcliff movie is REALLY scary. I like scary movies, but I have a wild imagination, so I can't watch them if I'm going to be home alone.

    1. haha It was really good and really scary. But I wouldn't suggest watching it if your imagination gets the best of you (like mine did last night).