Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm Probably A Really Bad Role Model

     Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to encourage the idea to play with fire (like my mom did, which probably explains why I love matches so much) or let a kid play with a knife (of course my mom never, ever taught me to eat off of one.. psh, that's crazy!) or encourage playing with snakes (actually, that's the one thing both my parents taught me not to do).

     However, I have come to the conclusion that either I am an awesome and fun babysitter or a really bad role model. Since I don't really know, I figured I would leave it up to you guys to decide. That means you have to tell me in the comments, just because I want to know what you think.

     For example, the other night, The Middle Child was going to make dinner. After being unable to find anything, I went into the kitchen and found some hot dogs in the deep freezer. Unfortunately, I don't think their microwave works for anything except the timer, their sink was too full to run water over it, and they were so frozen my hand hurt from holding them for thirty seconds. And it was already 6:30, so The Youngest really had to eat dinner soon.

     The oldest got his water gun, filled it up with hot water from the bathtub, and asked if he could spray the inside of the hot dog package to melt them enough so that I could break off enough for dinner. Naturally, not thinking that it would splash back at me, I said, "Sure. Why not?" And that's how I ended up getting sprayed with water, in the kitchen, while holding an open package of hot dogs so The Oldest could spray them with hot water.
     Another example is that we had a stuffed animal fight that turned into a wrestling match. Well, the boys and I did. The Youngest was running around giggling and attacking The Middle Child, because he was smacking me and The Oldest with stuffed animals more than we were doing to him.

     Several times, The Middle Child fell so The Youngest would tackle and bite him. I know she's not supposed to bite and so do the boys. But you know what? It was way to fucking funny for me to scold her. She was only trying to protect us, after all.
     However, I always make sure that their homework is done and that dinner is made and The Youngest is being attempted to be put to sleep at nine o'clock. I guess that's pretty good, for me? I'm not entirely sure though. I don't know if that makes me a good role model or not.

     Throughout all of this, I have been the only one to end up with an injury. I went into the kitchen to check on dinner and the babygate set up to keep The Youngest away from hot stoves, poisonous cleaning supplies, and knives decided to be a bitch and fall on my leg. On Thursday. It's still swollen.

P.S. Like all the other pictures on here, you can see a larger version by clicking on them.


  1. I am rarely asked to babysit anymore. I tend to teach kids things their parents don't like them to know.

    Click link here.

    1. hahaha So far, I haven't taught them anything, but The Middle Child asks a lot of questions and I'm running out of things to say to change the subject.

      You're daughter is really pretty. And I like the snake. haha

  2. Yeah i think I may have you stay away from my kids JK. Reading this post made me laugh and in turn made the start of my day better ^.^

    My oldest has often done things to my family members that normally I would scold her but at the time it's just too funny lol. I love how she can easily beat u someone three times her size haha

    1. LOL I'm glad you liked my post so much. =3 And I'm really glad it made the start of your day better! =D

      bahahahah That's exactly why I couldn't scold The Youngest. Besides being too funny, I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even breath, let alone talk.

  3. Ha! The mental image of the little biter cracked me up.

    1. lol Yay! I should suggest to her parents that she should be a vampire for Halloween.

  4. Very funny post there Rachel....I do think that your over reacting to the bite...I have been a trained medical professional (with my trips to the er as you know) and I didn't even see a bite mark. I really think you wanted to take a picture of your leg.

    Or it could be there I read your post at 715am and I'm not awake enough to see it.

    On another note I think I have found your job for Bozo party of the year...

    1. lol Thanks.

      Oh, haha. I wasn't bitten at all. The Youngest only bit her brother. That picture is from where the baby gate crashed down and hit me. It didn't leave much of a visible mark, but it was very swollen. That just didn't want to show up on camera though.

      Oh, cool! What's my job?